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Well, I had recently bought 3 fallout games and I had enjoyed every second, and I also like MLP, and when I had read the title and the description, I knew I was going to love this story, and I did.
What I like about the story is how theirs romance. And I just enjoyed reading it, and you made it seem 'realistic', that if that event were to occur thats how they'd react to it (Sorry, I'm not too good at explaining why I like it :/ )
As for the input. . . hmmmm, I'm not really too sure, maybe you could bring in more of the characters followers back in the wasteland and how thier reacting to it (maybe?) Other than that, I don't have much, keep up the good work :D

Dearest SpikeThePredator I would like to know what you find about my story Three Legends so intoxicated. Also if you'd like to maybe put in some input that I'll see about using. Till next chapter, yours dirtymike69

I enjoyed your dalek story, can't wait to see the fourth chapter!:pinkiesmile:

Thanks for the stal-I mean follow! May I ask why?

Why not, Is the question :scootangel:

  • Viewing 13 - 17 of 17
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