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Should you decide to join this Fellowship, please introduce yourself in the Commander Introduction thread in the forum (READ OP BEFORE POSTING). It is not mandatory, but it would be appreciated.


As much fun as it is to throttle your enemies with your bare hands, don't you think it's so much more satisfying to see them crushed beneath the treads of legions upon legions of tanks, or ground to dust beneath the boots of a million loyal footsoldiers?

If you answered yes, then this is the group for you.

For Commanders, no sight is more glorious than that of worlds burning beneath the guns of our fleets. No sound is more pleasant than the march of our legions. No thought is more pleasant than that we have the power to make and break empires with but a single order.

We are the Armchair Generals, the Non-Entity Commanders, the Overwatch. We have no need to dirty our hands in combat personally, we have armies to do that for us.

So come, join us. Discuss your greatest triumphs in strategic gaming, read the very best war fiction and real-time strategy crossovers, and enjoy the company of likeminded Commanders, Generals, and Admirals.


Our Allies

The General's Battlegrounds - a group dedicated solely to war, in all of its glory, and all of its horror.

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Welp, it's official. The fimfic group system is ded (misspelling intentional).


Commander under attack

Ahhh supreme commander, such a fun an unforgiving game



Don't forget about the Commander Intro thread!

Group founded by Caledus revolving around armchair-soldiery where almost everyone will play the same RTS/4X games that I do?

Hell yes.

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