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"He wakes up once a rare blue moon,
A wizened hack, a raving loon.
To stalk the roads of this here site,
And plague the users, who pray for light."

Oh, and if you haven't figured it out yet, I like Changelings.

... And occasionally I also post chapters.


Where I was the last week · 1:37am Feb 25th, 2018

Yeah, so I was pretty much offline for a solid week, not much fic progress either.

I was away for work unfortunately, and due to the nature of my job I don't really have access to the internet and electricity when I'm out. I mean, pics below are my daily work commute.

(the above is what a rainstorm looks like from the air, if you were wondering).

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Currently working on: I Come From a Land Down Under - chapter published
Divine Salvation - 1211 words as of 29/01/2018
Plan B - 2805 words as of 10/02/2018
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold - 1200 words as of 1/2/2018
A new fic to stave off the writer's block (title pending) - One chapter

"This story is stupidly magnificent"


"My body is prepared for the Aussie Shitposting to commence. :pinkiehappy:"

"What in the name of f**l did I just read?"
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It's been a whole year, and I still miss this person.

I want to believe.

And I will stand here wait with you. Goode company does make time go by faster.:pinkiesmile:

That is the worse feeling that you may ever get, the emptiness, the longing to know what comes next but never come to past. As I said I will wait still they return, this a worse thing about being sentimental.

That feeling when you notice that are really good writer disappeared from the internet. That feeling that knowing their work may never be finished. That feeling when you know that you will never know the feeling of satisfaction from a cathartic ending to a great story.

  • Viewing 521 - 525 of 525
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