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A group for the Scratchers-verse, based around a restaurant where human waiters and waitresses scratch and pet their pony clients.

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Ok, here's the next story to the name;, as it were.
A mature story about a Scratcher girl.
Even a Scratcher has a private life, as it were. Here's a tale about what can happen.

Did I just get monopoly on commenting here?

352402 I just posted a new story. (we only had Five)
352377 Yeah, exactly!
352336 Aren't these just oo adorable?

354408 hmm, maybe our Scratchers is the reverse of a Stripper, then?
Even if they are providing a clean service all the way.

352402 Small stories?
I just posted a story where scrathing is part of the event.
Just an Episode on a series of stories, but this one include the characters go there on a date.

ok, there is the second story, now I just need to get the scratching going ..

Woah, is there no second story up yet?
This certainly do need to be addressed.
An entire group, and just one story, this just can not stand.

354408 I think I see what you mean.
I'd just deine scratching to use hands and fingers.
while stripping is defined to demonstratively removing the clothes, in the teasing manner, since it would be pointless to just slip out of them?

at the Inn in my story, they are strictly limited to what to scratch.

whicgh is for both customers and scratcher.

though they are allowed to feed the customers, at least on the tables where it is included, and the pony had no magic, like an Earth poni.

Strippers only strip. Typically neither do direct touching, though the distinction becomes murky when it comes to strippers. :twilightsmile:

352543 If it is petting the Poni, you may enjoy working at the Establishment in my current story.
No worries for the waiting, you're just petting the Mares and Fillies.
If you red the story yet, you'd see what I mean.

for a comparison, does strippers do waiting, or just strip?

352543 I'd suck at the waitress stuff too.
I'd imagine scratchers would be kind of like stripperrs.
they're paid to strip, while we're paid to scratch.

Some of us are great scratchers, by instinct, others have three left hands.

Oh yeah! I'd work there if it existed. Petting ponies would become mundane eventually, but I'd have no regrets. I would still do it! I'd probably be terrible at the waitress part though, that's the only real down side. I'd try to make up for that with super awesome scratching... really gentle circular motions overall and some full-on ear rubs to go with the behind the ears petting. :raritystarry:

352427 who wouldn't go?
if only they opened this where I live.

Dude, I don't give a crap about Hooters IRL (plus in theory this kind of thing would be more like a stripper joint than that, just without the removal of clothes and a show and very little direct touching), but this concept... this concept. All of my yes! :yay:

:moustache: Now all that's left is to plan a few small stories. :eeyup:

352336 this could happen, even if I guess they rarely do in public.

How could I not join?


You're very welcome to.

Ohhh... Now i HAVE to do something on this


Huh, one of my characters broke the bellyrubbing rule...

Nothing happened, he's a fanatical armoured battle-priest belonging to a facist Empire. No one was game enough to stop him.

Oh, and the guard didn't mind too much either.

New rule:

Any group made about a particular story must include a link to that story in the group description.

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