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Warning: Season Six Finale Spoilers

Queen Chrysalis has been deposed, cast out, exiled from her own country after rejecting an offer of forgiveness. She even left with a sworn threat of revenge against the primary pony responsible, Starlight Glimmer. Now she and a tiny hoof-full of her most trusted infiltrators are all that remains of the evil changeling empire, and their hate burns brightly.

However, all is not lost. Thorax, having shared his discovery of sharing love with his fellows, has ascended to a higher being and is now King of Changeling-kind. With the blessings of Princess Celestia heaped upon him, he can now lead his transformed people into a colourful age of peace and cooperation with the ponies of Equestria.

Now if it was only that simple...

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I hope Thorax dies in the end. :pinkiecrazy:


That’s a rather harsh thought.

..wtf happened to Thorax? WHAT HAPPENED TO BEST CHANGELING!?:raritycry:

7637362 I hope he lives forever immobile, in pain and with insomnia

Another Dropbear fic.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

"Queen Chrysalis has been disposed"

Just fyi, in this context the word you're looking for is deposed, not disposed. :3


Yes!!! May his blood boil in his veins and arteries as the sweet sounds of agony proliferate through the minds of all who follow him!

*Reads story*

Holy fuck now I REALLY hope he dies at the end. :twilightoops:

Sharing love instantly makes ANY changeling turn into a happy colorful bug pony... and this never ever happened once before for hundreds and hundreds of years...

Yeah, that finale was sloppy in its execution. Sloppier than the Rainbow Power. It's not merely the annoyance of the Deus Ex solutions, its that the solutions don't have any basis for their existence, nor their exceedingly generalized effect. At least with the Elements they were already present and accounted for. The latest insta-fixes just come out of the blue.

We don't even have a changeling origin story, nor know enough about their race to even guess at where they came from if we go by the show alone, nor (if the comic is to be taken as the origin) how the heck creatures created from an evil tree of death could even feel love to begin with!

I could somewhat accept Thorax transforming because, as he said himself in his first episode, he was BORN different. So right there, we know there's something odd about him. But the others? ALL the others? That's ridiculously over-simplified.

There is no revenge that you can ever conceive of that will come close to what I will exact upon you one day, Starlight Glimmer!”

And then there was that. Starlight's now openly replacing Twilight as the primary focus of the show. The alicorns are helpless in every situation and now are so pointless that they can be defeated by a far weaker foe off-screen with zero explanation to boot!

7637379 He lied.

Liars do that.

And changelings live by lying.

Soooooo... yeah. This is why the old adage "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." exists.

Liars lie about lying, then lie about being caught lying. Then they lie some more to cover up those lies. For an example, see: Hillary Clinton's email server.


Though probably not exactly what you set out to do, I believe this could be counted as the first reformed changeling story featuring what could be described as vore! As well as the fourth vore art with thorax that can be found on image sites.

Congratulations!! It's basically well written porn. Good Job!:pinkiecrazy:

Now outside of that observation that I am sure will disturb some people, this is really funny. Keep up the great work!

7637491 they give an explanation during the episode

That was dark wow. Thorax is a monster. I couldn't stop laughing though! The Elijah bit was golden as well. I'm definitely tracking this.


Sharing love instantly makes ANY changeling turn into a happy colorful bug pony... and this never ever happened once before for hundreds and hundreds of years...

Well considering Chrysalis, I think as soon as she realized what they were doing, said changelings 'disappeared from starvation' never to return and all that.. :twilightsmile:


"The fans overreacted Jim, the fans overreacted!"


Thanks for the catch.




Well, okay then. I guess.

So . . . sharing love turns changelings into baby eating monsters.

I always secretly knew love was evil.

Not quite. Notice how only Thorax is affected, and how he harboured a secret plot to eat babies long before he even returned to the Hive.

He was born different, after all.


I feel the extreme urge to call Thorax 'the little bastard', and tell him that his mother fell on her knees and spread out like a whore!

Well then, Thorax's new diet came out of left field. Glad to see the highly nefarious evil empire back though. Elijah, too.

Yes... I must read this.

After bed that is. 4+ AM is too early for me. :moustache:

“…Why? Why must you eat babies?”

Thorax stared deep into his eyes, his voice one-hundred percent serious.

“Eating babies… makes me stronger.”

:rainbowlaugh: My sides have reached orbit! :rainbowlaugh:

Oh man, Elijah was a treat! Best part of this chapter, hands down. You write the best humans, you know that?

Life under Queen Chrysalis's rule must be looking pretty good in hindsight right about now.

‘Why didn’t we think of sharing our love before? It just seems like such a… simple solution to the whole starvation thing.’

Best line. :rainbowlaugh:

Thiiiis haas to go on

Good job, Dropbear, of course, there had to be a link to Nigel.

Elijah fitted in pretty well, and it was entertaining as always.

7637609 Yeah... the explanation was basically 'sharing love automatically turns you into a happy colorful bug pony!'.

It's that sort of flimsy story-telling children's shows were derided over in the past.

7638930 Yep. That line summarized the entire problem with the episode's resolution: given that we have zero information on the changeling race's origins and history, we must call into question why this never happened before.

As a far better example of how to handle this sort of ascension storyline, there is the Star Trek: TNG episode "Transfigurations", in which the transformation to a higher life form was going on frequently, but the ruling power on that particular world feared it and had those beginning the change imprisoned and secretly killed.

Of course Pony can't go that overtly dark with its self-imposed limitations... but they could have been exiled with the subtle implication to older audience members that the exiled changelings died. Something like, "Nobody ever saw what became of those sent away." or "No one ever saw them again." It's a simple way of getting the message in without actually saying it. It leaves the actual event nebulous, while clearly implying something bad happened to them.

Or, it could have been a much more difficult process and Thorax was the only one who could presently undergo the change... and the episode could have ended with some changelings deciding to join him and try to begin the process themselves while the rest refused and went with Chrysalis. That's quite a bit more believable.

7637716 That would have been a nice plot point... if it actually existed.

That's the central problem: the story was mostly an outline, just the most basic developments without any supporting details to form the structural integrity of the framework.

this is gonna be fun! i love it already :trollestia:

*reads chapter*



Heheheahahahahaaaa. YEEEEEEEEEEES. All of my yes! :pinkiecrazy:

7639331 I like to think the reason they transformed was a side effect of eating love from the Crystal Heart that made the changelings sick. When Thorax shard that love he infected all of the other changelings. In short, thanks to Thorax those 'changelings' are now slowly dying and they don't even realize it.

7640204 So the end result is all the chernglerngs will die... this head canon pleases me. Good work. :pinkiecrazy:


Holy shit, I've not seen a word molested that bad since.....Shadowblade *cringes in unholy terror and regret*

Look at this fic rating, all you plebs just scarfing down whatever vomit hasbro pukes infront of you.

7642302 ERMAHGERD! CHERNGELERNGS!! :pinkiecrazy:

I think Thorax has gone off the deep end for no apparent reason.


It's half expressing distaste for the change, and half taking a jab at the people treating him as the devil for what he did in the show.

oh how I love the multiverse you have created, good job on the story so far mate. keep up the good work, there may be some cheese in it for you :pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:

Sheo what are you doing away from Diaries of a mad man?
Go on, git!

7682438 ya think I haven't read that entire fic already?! :trixieshiftleft:
Hahahaha! my dear boy, you underestimate how much I am able to read :pinkiecrazy:

I question how you have the patience to read that but not of how you managed to be so, ugh, boring in your old age.

Your mother was a tuna and your father was a loaf of garlic bread.
Do say hello to Melody for me by the way.

finally someone killed the 2 most annoying stupid characters, I personally would wish a more slow and painful death, finished with the defilement of the corpse but that is well enough.

Soo, about the ending; I'm going to assume they just had a slapfest. Nothing more. That's all.

:trollestia: And that, foals, is why you should always chew before you swallow.

‘I… uh…’

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Well... that happened.

They don’t even deserve to be called changelings any more,’ she thought to herself as she glared back with distaste. ‘More like… chernglerngs.’

They do. Chernglerngs, all of em.

Well, I read it. I sorta have no idea what to think. Flurry's still evil though it seems.

Wings and a small pink body followed, and with a wet smack Flurry Heart tumbled down from her exit onto the cobblestone. Her stomach was noticeably engorged, and with a shake of her bloodstained body she got to her hooves with a smile.

Did... did Flurry Heart eat her way out after the explosion? Or (possibly worse) did she have a snack while still inside?

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