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  • TA Moon in a Box
    Princess Luna finds herself in a box. How or why, she doesn't know. All she knows, is that it's cramped and uncomfortable. Oh and there's this human thing that knows her but won't tell her how. At least until Saturday.
    vorxil · 13k words  ·  87  2 · 1.5k views
  • TMental Gymnastics
    Thorax made it. He reached the Crystal Empire and convinced everypony he was a completely harmless changeling, who was just looking for some love and friendship. Just keep that cover story and—"We-he-hell, there's an explanation for that, Spike."
    vorxil · 3.3k words  ·  73  3 · 1.9k views
  • TCharades over Tea and Cake
    Celestia decided to visit an old acquaintance over tea and cake. Problem was, he was in Tartarus and on rehab. And he might or might not have a few hard feelings. And exceptionally-well repressed rage. All the more reason for check up, no?
    vorxil · 3.3k words · 257 views
  • TThe Celestial War
    When Cadance and Luna realized they shipped Celestia differently, there was only one way to settle their differences. Unfortunately for Spike, he was a living weapon of mass destruction in their shipping war.
    vorxil · 3k words  ·  25  5 · 691 views
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Thanks for the fave on "Cozy Glow Drives Tirek Nuts"

Glad to see that you enjoyed You Can't Eat Gold! Feedback is always appreciated!

Thank you for adding Baby Pictures to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

I appreciate the Fave for tDDGtE! Don't forget to check out the sequel. :raritywink:

Thank you for adding Soldiers of Hope to your Favorites. :twilightsmile:

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