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A collab with KaBar41 with him writing his character Dante.

Two completely different humans. a country full of ponies and a doomsday cult. What can possibly go wrong?

A US Marine who grew up on a horse farm and an irresponsible soldier from a space-faring civ find themselves in Equestria. That's right, one of those Mondays.

Follow them as they try to survive the ponies, guards keen to arrest them for disturbing the peace and most importantly each other. Oh, and there's also a doomsday cult after them as well. Will they make it back home? Will the Marine be able to resist shooting his companion? Will Nigel be able to resist attacking everything that angers him? Will the insidious group of H.O.R.S.E bring about the end of the world?

Who knows? We sure don't.

Chapters (3)
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It may come up.

“Commander Nigel M Chalmers of the Internal Security Agency Division of the United Imperium of Planets. No relation to the Imperium of Man, those guys are arseholes.”

Are you just a prick or a heretic...:trixieshiftleft:


No, he was just getting tired of people asking him if the UIP was the IoM.


To be fair, they are arseholes. Like, they set the bar for arseholery.

4170281 You can find that out with some reading.:unsuresweetie:

Oh dear lord :rainbowlaugh:, that...that was amazing.

Have to ask, how did you divide up the workload?

4170301 Dark Eldar.

Dante looked at Nigel oddly, then replied. “Actually, no, I suck at poetry, and my parents are still alive. My sister is actually sixteen now. The farmhouse is still there as well.  I mean the farm’s pig gave birth to runt and I had to kill it, but, nothing really earth shattering. Why do you always have to be a dick about things? I mean, I’ve known you for, what, ten minutes? I’m already considering about going that way!” Dante pointed to the opposite direction that Nigel was heading in.”

At the very end.


He did most of the writing because he is much more descriptive than I, I wrote Dante's 1st person POV, he then wrote the rest. I helped him with Dante's responses and ideas.

Comment posted by KaBar42 deleted Apr 2nd, 2014


No, he told me. I was the other guy in this collab.

4170394 I appear to of misguided my self.:rainbowwild:

Is this one big April fools joke?:rainbowderp:



Totally serious.

4171229 I'm watching you.:trixieshiftleft:

4171248 I want the last word.

As soon as his pions brought him the creatures his plan would be complete.


... I do the right thing and blame KaBar41.


Assfuck. :trollestia:

You were the one who typed it.

Cool story, just once I'd like the human soldier to not be an American marine. A british soldier would be a laugh to be honest.

4173057 And why would that be funny?

4170301 4170056 Nice story, looking forward to where this goes

4173210 Well, not that I don't like this story, all of dropbears are good fun to read, and I really couldn't care less about the nationality of the soldier. But have you ever met a british soldier? I can't really word it but a squaddies mentality is just something I enjoy.

4173219 I haven't met a soldier, but I'm British, and not sure whether that was intended as an insult to Brits in general.

4173246 Top hat and monocle! What what! I'm also British, and trying to get into the army, just about every soldier I've met thus far are basically giant children. Their warped sense of humour would be well placed along Nigel M. If someone could properly imitate it. :rainbowwild:

is kinda what I meant.

4173258 Fine, we cool dude?


Maybe, but think about it. Nigel is already English, throwing another English dude in there will be kind of boring. You've got no one to act as a counterpoint to Nigel.

Instant fav and upvote because I know you won't disappoint me

this is my new favorite chapter of any story I have ever read.

Heh heh, I like the 2012 movie cover art.

Neat story by the way, pretty cool.
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dropbear, why art thou so obsessed with Changelings???
Might I suggest a fix you most likely have already read...
Without a hive.
by Phoenix_ dragon

Kabar, you brilliant slapstick humorous genius you...

This, is funny;:pinkiehappy:.
This. Is not funny;:twilightangry2:.
Now at the moment i'm not like:twilightangry2:, I'm like:pinkiehappy:.
So well done to you.

Who here likes the Master?


Most of the humor actually comes from Drop.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh... I feel that compared to your other fics, this one falls rather flat.


It's different, being a collab and all. Collabs are always a bit tricy to do, and we aren't really taking it that seriously. We spend most of the time arguing about what's going to happen next.


We're like two little kids fighting over the controller.:eeyup:

Bad words! Bad words! The universe will fudge you over man.

The epic staring contest continued, both participants not budging in their battle of wills. Nigel and Zephyr shared a look, both wondering what Nigel was working towards and whether they’d have to fight their way out of the town.

I think it might have been Dante sharing a look with Zephyr............or Nigel has more eyes to use outside of the staring contest. :applejackconfused:

Good things huts don't have windows

Hah, saying those cursed words in tandem with drinking...the following morning is sure to be quite the spectacle. :rainbowlaugh:

I enjoy this story, its funny to see experience soldiers fighting children sometimes. And even better when they work well together, in their own way.:moustache:

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