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One Shot - Celestia and the ponies of Equestria are posed to start opening conversion bureas on Earth, however they didn't count on the horror that is government workers with paperwork.

Join a low-level government inspector as he travels across universes to deliver a fine to Princess Celestia.

Will he manage to bring the right forms?
Will he avoid being gored by angry unicorn-pegasi with their sharp, shiny horns?
Will he use his brain and think outside of the box?

Probably not, he is government after all.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 148 )

Hilarious! Best case resolution to a conversion bureau story yet.

Lol so random. However, when's NC,E going to update?

silvadel #3 · Apr 9th, 2014 · · 2 ·

And thus humanity was saved from conversion by the equines.

This was ludicrously funny. I'm extremely glad I decided to follow you a half-hour before this got published and saw this story in my feed :rainbowlaugh:

Paperwork saves humanity.

I bloody love you.

Excellent, just excellent.

And once again paperwork makes the populace's daily lives better.

How unnervingly relevant to modernity. Still...funny as hell, man.

This seems fitting.

Paper Juggernaut, One, Marshmallow Peep Ponies, Nil.

So humanity was saved from complete annihilation by incompetent-yet-ruthless government agencies.


4210252 Ironic, isn't it? Since such government agencies are strangling their own countries and other countries to death in this world.


You think that's bad, try working in IT for them.

Yeah, only thing I gotta say is fuq u too government.

Looks like Twilight...

(•_•). ( •_•)>⌐□-□. (⌐□_□).

Got the D.

You Aussie son of a bitch. I love you and your story so much.

Always nice to start a day with a dose of meta humour.

This is the best. It just is. :pinkiehappy:

Also, I present my first thought when I saw this was a thing.


Thanks for making my day.

I wonder if any of the viewers are old enough to remember this::rainbowlaugh:


You've got one here. Although you don't have to be that old to like Asterix

I couldn't stop thinking about Papers Please when reading this!:rainbowlaugh:
And Libertarians want to save us from bureaucracy and big government. PFFFFT! No I'm kidding.

Haha, this is pretty gold.

The ponies are invading. We must respond with our deadliest weapon...

The lawyers

Ah Bureaucracy, don't we all love to hate it? Can't stand it but can't live without it. :derpytongue2:

Nicely done indeed. :coolphoto:

I'd love a little bit where it's subtly implied they gave her the wrong form on purpose, just to be dicks.

This was fantastic, the ending reminds me of the Asterix film 'Asterix: The Twelve Tasks of Asterix'.

Namely this part.

Edit: Saw the same video already get posted, apologies. :twilightsheepish:


Same here. :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiecrazy:This is how we do things in the Enforcement Department:pinkiecrazy:

Now I want to see a second chapter where Celestia and Luna face the system.

No one deserves to have to deal with lawyers. No one.


Imagine a version of hell where Sisyphus is no longer allowed to roll the big rock up a hill without reading the "Unhealthy and Unsafety Regulations Governing the Lifting and Moving of Large Objects" first. That is where Celestia and Luna are now.


I thought the same thing! Where is my DENY stamp?:pinkiecrazy:

Beautiful story. Very entertaining, and I have to admit, I actually really like these UIP guys. Probably because we aren't following some all-powerful overlord or some 'noble' in the government. Nope, we get the good ol' low-level guys who panic over every order and try to climb the ladder.

Very nice selection of character here. Very relateable.

GIULIO #41 · Apr 10th, 2014 · · 3 ·

Another funny deconstruction/parody of TCB. Not too well executed as this story does have quite a few of mechanical and grammatical issues.


To extend this point, can I suggest that you have the entirety of the Unicorn and Pegasus species arrested for interfering with the laws of physics without proper licensing? As to why this has not been done before, just imagine Equestria as a really, really backwater town which no one of significance has ever really cared about, until a couple of large explosions forced them to take notice.

Almost forgot, Bloody Good Story!


Did you borrow that from Sir Terry Pratchett's "Faust Eric"? If so, good on ya!


Well in that case, it could be worse, their cellmates might decide to show them their snapshots from the last time they had compassionate parole. :raritydespair: :trollestia: (take the first expression and put it on the second one)

4211168 I love Octavia, but you can get a like. :rainbowwild:

Very amusing. Good job!
The ending was kind of a bummer, as I honestly think more comedic pleasure could've been gently extracted from this story (and a possible continuation, if you are serious), but it was good while it lasted nonetheless!

Damn this is good. The governments greatest weapon, paperwork.

The story description and picture made me immediately think

Glory to Equestria; papers please.

For once the big wigs do something useful.

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