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"'Descent into madness' implies you went unwillingly." College student, stupidly into gaming, voice actor hopeful.


For seven months I've been with one of the best girls imaginable. We're living together, we're doing well in school- I'd never believe I could ever be this happy.

I also could never believe that, on the night of my 25th birthday, I would look in the mirror and see my hair and eyes turning green.

Nor would I believe that, within the next twenty-four hours I would turn into the queen of a vampiric race of insectile monsters from a cartoon.

Go home, evolution. You're drunk.

(Set in the Five Score universe. ...What do you mean there's already a Chrysalis Five Score story?!)

Fair bit of swearing.

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Interesting take on the Five Score Story, definitely a view that i haven't seen yet so i'm curious about this story for the time being. Keep it up:raritywink:

Well, looks like I beat you to it. But who said chrysalis doesn't have relatives?

Why's this getting so many downvotes? It doesn't seem too shabby to me. Lookin' forward to the next chapter.


And yes, I said the same thing on evan555alpha's story. FIGHT!

A very good start, if a bit fast. Or is the transformation going this quick meant to be a plot-point?

Either-way, have a up-vote and fav. I hope this ratings bombing won't scare you away from this story, so far it shows potential.

Another Chrysalis fan, yay! :yay:

I could argue now that I beat both you and evan555alpha to the punch with my story, but, alas, Chrissy won't turn up in that for a long couple more chapters (didn't even tag her yet...).

It's got a lot of cursing and profanity, but that's not enough to elicit a dislike from me. I don't know why that red bar is so long. This actually seems like a decent start.

This 'Chris' character, sounds a bit like me on a weekend.

Have a like and a favorite, oh, and an internet.

Anyway, I think the transformation might be going faster than usual because of Chrysalis's changeling nature, she can naturally change, so when the spell starts weakening, her changeling abilities help to wear it down quicker... Just a theory though.


I was guessing the amount of power she has as a queen of the species causing some type of interference with the curse... but that too sounds like a interesting idea.

Perhaps the two combined might be it?

Could be she's changing so quickly due to the amount of "food" she's getting from her ladyfriend, as well. Just a thought.

Good so far. I like the food/hunger aspect.

Dammit I wanted a changeling five score story.
Ah well, mines got gryphons in it.

Not bad, not bad at all. This story is really promising.

I would point out that the changes take Chris considerably less time than usually in these stories, but I guess Chrysalis always was...
*puts on sunglasses*
...quick to transform.


Ahhh... That never gets old.

ALL OF MY LIKES! TAKE THEM! TAKE THEM NOW! Also, have some mustache's!!


I can never resist a good Changeling story, they are my favorite equines (next to Luna, of course). I shall follow this story.

-You have received a Crazy Oatmeal credit, you may redeem it for a MOAR Cannon Shell.

Indeed. Chrysalis certainly seemed/seems to be a fan of dramatic entrances. Also, you beat me to it, I was going to comment about that. You'd think someone who was more receptive to change would have been a changeling... Then again, I've never spontaneously changed species from a omnivorous mammal to a psionovorous arthropod. That might be more... traumatic. Also if it had happened to me, it'd have been tempered by my... scholarly obsession with the species.

Just want to say that I think this story is moving extremely fast... but so far you've made that work.

It actually adds to the feel of panic and bewilderment.

You might want to slow things down ever so slightly.
(Wait, how would he go about doing that?)
(Yeah, maybe you should think of your advice before giving it.)
Look, just because I don't have an idea right now...
(Oh ho ho. Very clever. The lack of evidence against a certain empty advice proves that it's sound.)
I don't see you coming up with anything constructive.

This is infinitely better than the other Chrysalis Five Score fic.

Chris/Chryssy has a new favorite word. It's called *redacted*. :rainbowlaugh:

I am amused by these turn of events! And the "villain song" part made me exclaim it aloud randomly during a multi-person Skype conversation.

Which then proc'd a rather silly and amusing ten or so minute long sing along of various villain songs that we each found to be our favorite. Be prepared, This Day Aria, and something about Pretty Little Women. (Sweeney Todd I believe?)

I feel the [REDACTED] bit was a little forced. Kinda fell flat with everything going on around it.

It seems like you're rushing through the story a bit, but I like where it's heading.

I like the way you cram your jokes into the plot. It's in that balance where it interrupts the flow a little in the good way.

Also, I completely agree with Chris; "Ten minutes out of starvation-induced unconsciousness, time to go to class." :eeyup:

Can't wait to see how the first egg laying is handled.

Leaving an emotion vampire alone with no food? That's a brilliant way to make things better.:unsuresweetie:


Oh yes.

But still, I can see it from her perspective. Your loved one turning into one of the villains from a cartoon... and taking those powers for a joyride on your behalf?

Can't be easy to deal with.

Yeesh... Running all over my emotions with this chapter. :fluttershysad:

Your chapters are getting noticeably better, and they weren't bad to begin with. I still have to wonder what kind of love-metabolism Chris has. For a magical creature feeding off of emotions (s)he starves faster than a farmer waiting for his food in a fancy restaurant.

Things are looking rough for our gal Chryssy.

The drunk driving stunt was hilarious, though. I like to live vicariously through characters, and GTA antics always help.

Every action has a consequence, usually a bad consequence.
And boy is this bad. :facehoof:
Chris... you f*:fluttershbad:*d up man. You really f*:fluttershbad:*d up.
Your writing looks better than it did previously. That's good.

I personally thought that stunt was hilarious...

Also, for the ending...



This should be interesting. I wonder what stumbles the gender/species flip is going to have on their relationship. Of course, changeling can be flexible with gender. Heh Heh Heh.

The changes must have happens faster to her because she is a being that naturally transformers. I sped up my own Five Score transformation for the sake of convenience myself. I did hint at an explanation for this My human turned into Shadow Sombra and sped up the changes when he turned back.

Also, I think this might be my favorite five score side story. Its very well written and too the point.

Boy, wasn't expecting them feels this chapter. Really can't wait to see how this one terns out. I love all the originality you put into this to make this Five Score story fresh.

Just give Trixie some peanut butter crackers. That'll give Chrissy enough love for a year.

Never fear, Trixie's here!
The big question is: Can changelings feed off narcissism? :ajsmug:

And the misunderstandings just keep getting larger. Heh.

Funny enough these two characters have the same voice actress. Oh the irony.

Wheeeelp, I'm hooked. Shall continue reading! Mine's got Cadance going through some psychological hell both before and after the ponification completed :pinkiecrazy:


WELL, that can't be a good thing to wake up to! At least the shapeshifting ability is able to come in handy :eeyup:

The ending... I know how that feels. :pinkiesad2:

There are some things even magic and shapeshifting superpowers can't fix.

I look forward to reading more! :twilightsmile:

Oh, mighty comment section, I give thee a comment to abolish thy hunger!

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