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Equestria, a nation that prides itself with one of the strongest militaries in the world, has enjoyed a peaceful existence for the last three-hundred years. When the benevolent princesses of such a land discover that a large port city has been overthrown by not one, but two former villains, the princesses take matters into their own hands to ensure a prosperous existence for the residents. However, as a political approach towards the situation fails to yield desired results, the royal sisters take it upon themselves to forcibly remove the two reluctant queens from their newly acquired throne. That is, until they discover a certain human who isn't too keen on a hostile take over. Soon enough, the Equestrians will learn why one should never threaten a human or the ones he calls family.

This story is rate T for implied sexual situations, strong language, and gore and blood.
Story takes place in an alternate universe where Nightmare Moon is alive and the changelings have not been reformed.

This story was featured! Yay!!!

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i hope you make more i really want to see what will happen next

keep going my friend, this is good:pinkiehappy:

I am confused. One who is Lumen, two, as far as I can understand she is bat pony, correct? Three, what does she look like? We know her eyes are yellow, but nothing else is known. Four, why did she had sex with the changeling? Five, how did she and derrick came together. Six how did he came here...and finally-- if Derrick was good at planning, wouldn't he be consider a sort of General or tactician for both queens instead of 'commoner'?

has promise, ill hold off judgement till i see a bit more. :eeyup:

8021091 All of those questions will be answered in the upcoming chapters if I decide to continue the story. By the responses so far, it looks like I will though.

8021631 Alright, although I will admit, it's a, I want to say decent start. It was just confusing really, I honestly got more questions than satisfactions of reading it.

8021091 He probably is, Luna just didn't know.

Nice start, I like it. I didn't find it confusing at all ,I may not know who exactly is Lumen or whoever he contacted are, but it'll clearly be explained later.

What I like about this... Well, it's always nice to see equestrians being shown their place. And any story with Chryssie where she's not the villain to be defeated/killed is at least decent in my opinion.

Can't wait to see what happens next.

Good story so far but my only complaint​ so far it seemed he had explosives placed​ at a hill to the east when they were predicted to attack from the north. Unless they were for something else, guess will find out. Lol


Never fuck with powerful human allies I say

Welp, Luna's fucked.

8029278 Indeed she is. I have a lot more plans for her too.

I wish for more chapters, and a backstory for why the human joined them. Would be much appreciated please.

So far I have really enjoyed this and I look forward to seeing where it goes in the future and I'd like what you did with the precieved villains a very interesting turn:moustache:

8031009 Just updated. And I will get into why the human joined with them a little later on down the road.

“You know princess, there is a saying I rather like, an eye for an eye. Or perhaps in this case, a cheek for a wing.

Oh, wow :rainbowderp:

That suddenly got dark.

Dunno about you, but I feel like she's winging it.

8033750 I was going to put a zoidberg here, can you guess why?

8033774 Don't let your memes be dreams

8033836 That is just what happens when you mess with another mare's man. I pity the poor soul who would dare cross Lumen and try to steal her man away from her. After all, all is fair in love and war, and believe me, Lumen would be prepared to go war for love lol.

I might have missed it in a previous chapter but what are everyone heights in this story.

8034205 I don't think I have really delved into that yet. I need a picture showing everyone and their heights as well as what they look like. Much easier to visualize it that way.

That's what happens when someone takes the phrase 'cut your wings' too literally.

'don’t really carry actually' - care

'above or bed or something' - our bed

The plot thickens, and I don't mean Celestia's booty.

dammit author, you better start pumping out them chapters, or i'll send lumen on you

i really need new chapters :pinkiecrazy:

Welp, they really went to town with Luna.

Wow, I wonder at which point will Sunbutt's head exclude from the sheer repressed rage.

Awww yeah, griffons!

Oooh, so Sunbutt is keeping the gryphon King's daughter hostage?

'clinging on for dear life and refusing to let go.”' - remove the quotation mark.

'though conceded to the demands of their demand' - to the demands of their human.

HAH! That's ingenious!
In one move he takes away what is probably the one reason Equestria have Gryphonia as an ally,
AND gains a personal favor from the Gryphon royalty
Not to mention the goodwill of their country that have probably been more or less ignored by Equestria in their need,
but lay down their own problems on hold whenever Equestria demanded their help.

''Ok here is your Queen back, but in exchange i get your bishop, knight and the rook. Thank you and come again!''

8053880 don't tempt me with a good time. Lumen is an animal and I love her!

Potential new allies, and new herd mate perhaps?

8054024 hehehe. Just wait till you see what I have in store.

Well from what I can guess Derrick want's the Griffons to join his cause. They either didn't because Celestia was in possession of their princess or they didn't believe in Derrick had the power to do so. Bringing back a long lost princess will demonstrate him as a powerful ally to have. Griffons will most likely join him after the trade, increasing Derrick's power and influence.

Celestia of this story may have achieve 'peace' by means of taking prisoners of important people of some nations/threats. So I assume Derrick's main goal is to dethrone Celestia.

You my good sir have me intrigued, but I'm gonna need some more chapters to read to keep me here.

Definitely gonna keep a eye on this. Can't wait to see more

Oh man, once word gets out about how the Equestrians unlawfully imprisoned a member of a royal family of a foreign nation this will quickly snowball into nothing short of a diplomatic SNAFU!


The question is, would this be before or after the Crystal Empire returns? Because if it's before, things can take a 'slight' turn especially with Luna being a wingless Alicorn. Also Changelings being the sworn enemy of Sombra's race.

Yay, we have Griffies now.

Everyone sure is cranky in the morning.

Wow, when it comes out that the charges were bogus, the diplomatic shit is going to hit the fan real good.

'we headed too' - to

'the call when out' - went out

yeah this got a follow and a thumbs up for me. Political intrigue has always been something of an interest to me. and this good sir. Has me wanting so much more.

How often do you usually update this?

Hehe :pinkiecrazy cutting Luna's wings and tongue. Oh, that's sooooo creepy, but so satisfying.

Back in Mexico, cutting of the tongue off of someone means a message. I've seen that way to many times in my young.

Awwwwwww> I love this chapter! Keep up the good work!

D'awwww, happy Griffies are best Griffies.

Something tells me that Equestria's terms with the gryphon empire might soon undergo some serious changes.

Good chapter, short, but good.

unfortunately this chapter seemed a lot to be desired an extra paragraph or tow would help wonders in bringing this chapter out a bit more. such as something like Derek inviting them to have dinner and expressing his good will and leaving room on the table for a future trade agreement or military treaty. or in the lines of "i would like us to be friends and here is my show of good faith."

D'awww, what a lovely chapter. Well worth the small wait :D

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