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A Twilight Sparkle fanboy who also likes to write. The author of the Change series.


It has been nearly two hundred years since the megaspells rained fire down on the world, reducing it to a tainted wasteland. The ponies of Equestria get on by, but only just.

A lucky few survived in great underground shelters, the stables. Among these is the lost, and almost mythical, Stable 84. It was said that the stable in question was home to not ponies, but creatures who could change their faces with but a thought.

But that was just a myth, there was no way that the Equestrian Hive was real. Right?

(Be warned, spoilers for Fallout Equestria, Project Horizons and Pink Eyes may occur.)

Fallout Equestria is by Kkat, and can be found here.
TVtropes page here.
Cover art by Skijaramaz!
Edited by RC2101_Copey.
Featured on 18/03/2018.

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Are you saying that my one of my favorite authors has decided to write a story in my favorite universe about my favorite species?



That's a lot of favourites! Hope I can live up to it. :twilightblush:


I'm sure you will, there arn't too many FoE changeling fics and the one to set the standard is Fallout Equestria: Chrysalis which is one helluva high bar, but your shit is amazing and I can't wait to have more!
Any estimate on how long this story will be?

You have me intrigued, I am waiting for more :twilightsmile:

50+ chapters. Give or take.

So whens the next chatper?

Good story thusfar would like to see it continued

Who was this ‘Chrysalis’ that owned the Pipbuck before me?


Well i'm interested, looking forward to more :twilightsmile:

Interesting I'm looking forward to more chapters

My body is ready. Let's go.

Is our little bucket of rust and scrap gonna wind up falling unconscious as much as LittlePip in the original FO:E?

Once or twice maybe. :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously, Stable 84 had better be worth it.

Probably gonna depend on your opinion of "worth it" :trixieshiftright:

damn, really nice so far!. i wanna see how this turns out.

crap now i want to play new veges again

Poor boy, at least they got the Gutsy.

Hoo boy, more Raider trouble.... But who's the sniper?

Knowing FoE stories, prolly a new companion

And here I was, caught between raiders and hostile zebra with a load of firepower, with an unknown sniper picking off both sides. All while the raiders hurled their usual vulgarity, and the remnant shouted something about a traitor whenever the sniper rifle sounded.

I feel like this unknown former Remnant zebra sniper is going to be a future companion :trixieshiftright:

Hey Calamity, fancy seeing him here.

Nice work Tom. A little raider action to start us off.

I like this Zebra. Not spouting off about evil stars and what not. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of her character.

Nice work Tom. Let's hope Scrap Heap doesn't piss her off.

I like her, she reminds me somewhat of that crazy guy from metro 2033 (the book).
Loving this new series, keep it up!

Just… FUCK! Raiders. Stray military robots. And now this!? The past few days had been filled with more strife and danger than I’d normally encounter in a week of scavenging, and this was the Equestrian Wasteland!

Welcome to the life of a protagonist :twilightsmile:

Begins with the first DJ report on Littlepip, and ends with the first DJ report on Blackjack... heh. Clever.:twilightsmile:

The title is still heresy! War... war never change! But with that said nice to see that this isn't yet another "Ohh changelings snug themselves away" story, but that they were actually acknolished by at least one ministry.

Seems good so far, good pace, good descriptions, and a nice hook at the end as well. Lets see where this is going

"“Full wagon load, Derpy,”" Who are Derpy? We do only have Ditzy Muffins here!

"is there any way you could you possibly not get a warm feeling in your stomach every time she gave you that smile?" I think that one you is enough.

"I muttered freeing my foreleg and reutnring the Pipbuck to its main screen" I dare you to say that out loud 10 times quickly in a row!

"Footnote: Level 1, Scavenger" OI! Thats cheeting! We need some cheesy flavour text as well to accompany the feat, else do we not know what a scavenger is!


"“Full wagon load, Derpy,”" Who are Derpy? We do only have Ditzy Muffins here!

Derpy was an established nickname in Fallout: Equestria.

"Footnote: Level 1, Scavenger" OI! Thats cheeting! We need some cheesy flavour text as well to accompany the feat, else do we not know what a scavenger is!

You want flavour text, he starts getting perks level 2 onwards.

Its not often that I gets outnerded in FoE... My respect and hat off to you!

Ohh a Deus Ex Cameo! Those are pretty rare around these parts, should earn a fair cap if one could capture it!

"I dropped to the floor and span as another bullet flew over my head, " Maybe is it my Danish brain that dosn't get it, but span does not really seem to fit into the context of the sentence.

"And then a glass bottle of a flaming rag stuffed in it got pelted through the window and into the storeroom." With?

"though several shots from the latter’s battle saddle quickly made several knew holes in the former as the raider went down like a wet gore bag." Delete the k


Maybe is it my Danish brain that dosn't get it, but span does not really seem to fit into the context of the sentence.

'Span around' and 'Spun around' are both acceptable in the UK.

I fixed the rest.

I can see that she is a smart mare, getting one of my favourite perks early on!

She? Scrap Heap is a stallion. :rainbowlaugh:

... How the fudge have I gotten that wrong for so many chapters??? :derpyderp2:

Well a bit of background for our team of scavengers. Also i feel there will be more than just Yao-Gui on this path. Never doubt the Pip-Buck. I’m thinking raiders and possibly a hellhound.

Well, they find something alright.

Don't you think these mountains look familiar? :raritywink:

Its pains me how ppl use idiotic bethesada idea of fallout mechanics in story. Bloody mess as perk... just what.

But well gonna just pain through it and read the rest

1) It's a Fallout story so you'll see references.

2) It was an in-joke, his bullets won't render every enemy to bloody ribbons. The whole point was to have it happen, and then have them question how the hell it happened.

3) Bloody mess has been in Fallout since Fallout 1. Bethesda didn't originally make it.

Yeah but mostly I see failout references. Ironically how failout mechanics are more logical to work with magic than without it.
Just ignore my bitching, still waiting for good parts :P

Cobalt and I watched him go, a little disappointed in the outcome of our little heart-to-heart.

Shouldn't that be "Stripe and I"?
Loving the story and

she seemed like she’d been curled up so soundly that it was actually a little adorable, not that I’d say that to her face of course…

I ship it!

"They were two busy chattering amongst themselves while foolishly not paying too much attention to their surroundings. " too
"The third just watched in amusement as her fellows got drugged up and vandalised an historical figure. " Pretty sure it should be "a historical"
" I by the time I drew them I’d probably have a new hole" Delete I

Fixed the first and third, second can be either and each is correct.

Started reading the whole thing up to now an hour or so ago.

Gotta say, I'm really liking this so far. Something about your writing style really appeals to me. With most stories, I get the general gist of what's happening, but a lot of the pictures in my mind's eye are kind of murky. The way you've written this so far, it's like watching a 4k movie in comparison.

This is definitely a series I'm gonna stick with until the end.

Welp, we all saw the new party member from a mile away, but it is still a nice addition to the story.

"and then out of nowhere one of cloaked zebra and appeared brandishing a massive spear!" Had?
"He yelled something in zebra" Since it is a language should it be with a capital z
" I only had a few slugs left," Slugs are a giant shotgun bullet, I think you meant shells, which are the ammo with the many small grains of lead.

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