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When the Gardens of Equestria were activated, many ponies believed the trying times were over and Equestria would become the paradise it had once been within a few short years.

As if the wasteland would give up that easily.

Monsters still roam the wasteland. Apex predators left unchanged from before the war. Mutant horrors born of balefire. Sadistic people whose hearts went black long ago... The Gardens did not kill. They did not reform. The Gardens did the one thing they were designed to do.

The Gardens cleaned up toxic waste everywhere their light could reach. No more, no less.

With radiation all but gone in most of the wasteland, taint entirely eliminated from Equestria's heartland, and much of the old farmland fertile once more, ponies everywhere banded together to take advantage of the world Pip healed... By forming large yet isolated settlements which over time joined one of two nations: The New Canterlot Republic, or the Herd.

These two ideologically opposed nations have clashed for over a decade. Border skirmishes are frequent. Black ops have been preformed by both sides. All out war has nearly broken out several times.

You can take the waste out of the wasteland. It's much harder to take it out of the wastelanders.

It is into this politically charged world that a newcomer arrives. A zebra from a remote northern kingdom, separated from Equestria for these many years by a megaspell induced winter that is at last dying down. A pity she arrives just as the other newcomers are enacting their bid for power.

This story is based on the story Fallout Equestria written by Kkat. It has been written with permission.

Featured on: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 7:18 AM UTC :yay:

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‘Yet to be featured’ ‘Published: 1 minute ago’
I love the ambition there.

9405844 Thanks XD It's part of my template for Full descriptions. I like to record if it gets featured, and there's always a chance sooo...

courior’s bags

Pop pls

Sergeant Hydraulic “Jack” Lift
A hero and a father.

Everything after this is centered

“Ya mashina.”

omg yes

Fallout:Equestria by Meep

This's gonna be a
Cool Story, Bro

Will all the chapters be as long as the first?

I randomly decided to reread one of your older stories, and found a surprise waiting for me! I can’t wait to read this :)

9405972 No. Some will be, some will be shorter. If it's a major problem, I can split outlined segments into Chapters :3

Humm, before even reading I was quite confused, mostly by Project Starfall being a major part of FoE: Project Horizons which immediately made me think of Project Horizons instead of post-war FoE. Just something to note, will update after reading. ^~^

9406359 Crap! And I even asked people if anyone had used the word "starfall" for anything important! They told me no >.< Well, I may or may not change it later one. Howeaver, it is "operation" Starfall...

I guess I could call it Fallout Equestria: Van Buren?

Not my fault! I had to work and she impatiently posted it without me editing! :raritydespair:

Well it isn't the "main" project in Project Horizons (which is why it isn't called that in the first place, I suppose) but it is an important one in that story. Just letting ya know!

Might look into this when I can.

This isn't any relation to Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons, is it? Because in that story there were six top secret projects that are the focus of it. Project Horizons was the big one (obviously), but there was also a Project Starfall too.

9406436 Nope, No relation. I had no idea that Starfall was used by PH, I only read to chapter... 20 or so. It wasn't my cup of tea. I asked around and seem to have been told wrong when they said nothing used Starfall. I will be changing the title as soon as I can get the cover art edited (like 30 min or so tops).

9406501 It hasn't taken long since I published Dinner at Ravenloft.

Well, in gonna need a smoke after this because it was so good!
This place feels like it's modeled after the "Old world blues" DLC from NV, and I love that, also changelings and krin of FOE in a way that makes sense, yes please.
So we just have to make contact with all the major settlement/factions in the heart land, anyone wanna take bets on who gets shot first, where we end up first, and what shenanigans Gear gets up to?
Over night delivery, classic.


This place feels like it's modeled after the "Old world blues" DLC from NV

This is intentional. I've based the Empire on the same concept. It's a Crown Colony of Equestria, which durring the war did its best to provide homes for displaced Equestrian Zebras, and served as a place where Equestria's more exotic wartime tech was tested, built, and developed. Pomare itself is meant to be a combo of Big MT and Arroyo.

Old world was my favorite of the DLC locations.... now I need to pick up NV again, and I just got back into Skyrim, there are not enough hours in the day:facehoof:


I don’t follow Fallout Equestria fanfics closely, but isn’t there already a NV adaption sequel?

9408091 No idea, but it's not important to this story if there is. I'm not telling the story of New Vegas.

I'm taking influence and ideas from several Fallout games (2, Tactics, and 4) as well as the development notes for the original Fallout 3 that was canceled due to Black isle having problems. It was code named Van Berun, and New Vegas took but the smallest part of it. Gears being a Courier is a nod to NV, yes, but this isn't an adaptation of NV. She's also a Courier so we can avoid two big cliches the "my home is one fire! REVENGE!" motivation and the "I'm bored... ADVENTURE TIME!" motivation. This way our protagonist's motivation is "It's me job."

It's its own thing that slenderizes ideas from Fallout games with original storytelling, just like FO:E. Trust me, New Vegas didn't even scratch the surface of VB, and left out all the good bits of it. ESPECIALLY the location of the final battle. A dam? Realy. Lel! All that conflict over a little power generation... That was just the main quest for one location in the source material. A little side plot along the way to something bigger. Much bigger.

I'm finding myself liking this more and more....here, have a track!

That was an entertaining first chapter. I think it sets up what will follow quite nicely, while also fleshing out the characters, and giving a nice amount of development to Pomare (I think I have that right). It set the tones, too. As of yet, the tones don't overstep each other, which is pleasant -- I hope it doesn't break from that; though, giving space when needed. More on tones later.

I'll be mint if Katydid isn't the best bugpone! I mean, she is pink! And pink is involved with best pone (my favorite pone, rather)! And my mind keeps wanting to change Odonata to Nobunaga.

I have a few (two) predictions on how I think characters will be involved. I think that Gears' father (I will remember it later...) will have ultimately survived, and, later on, will appear as either a minor or major antagonist. Otherwise, he may very well be out there, surviving the cold. But, for some reason, I just keep coming back to him being the villain. I'm not sure why, either. My second prediction is that Feature will have survived as well, and will join Gears as her first companion.

I found several things I really liked. Those time skips are really cute, in some strange way. Unique, too. I haven't seen them in any other story. I also liked the tidbits on changeling laws -- the one about 'ID's. It seems practical to have a more defining trait among all citizens. Then there was the teleportation: upon landing, Gears began to describe the room, and I found it to be really picturesque.

I also have a few (one and a half) nitpicks, sadly. For starters, I think it would be wise to wait for pop to finish editing. It really shows that he wasn't able to do too much, if any. Next, the name of the large ship is rather long. People are lazy (ponies, changebugs, and others, too), a nickname would go a long way. Something like 'Megan' could even be used for a joke.

All in all, I enjoyed reading about the different characters, the 'town', and the different things that characters did -- as well as Gears' thoughts on everything. I have two last things I wanted to cover, the first was a line I adored -- it was the line about Sassy Saddles making art. It was goofy, but well placed. With an exquisite delivery, too~!

Lastly, I wanted to talk about my favorite scene so far. The moment by Jack's headstone (though not his official grave). One can tell that Hydraulic has been... gone for some time now. There was an ever-present somber tone, yet there was also this light-hearted air about. Her jokes never lessened the somber tone, yet the somber tone never clashed with the light-hearted atmosphere in a negative light. You could tell her ease with talking with her father (sort of), yet the tragic feelings of having lost him were never pushed away or becoming unwarranted. I think it encapsulates what will be the tones moving forward; able to hold an air of somber disbelief (kinda) while still being presented with that nice, fun light-heartedness.

Until the next chapter, Desh.

9408465 Thanks for the review-type comment! I am glad I got the tones to resonate with you :3 Let me address thso enitpicks for you.

1. I promised a friend I would post this as a birthday gift and Pop couldn't do it in time. Future chapters will wait for him, but a promise is a promise.
2. Gears using a ship's full name, even if long, is a character trait. She respects ships of all kinds for... personal reasons. Rest assured others refer to it as "The Meg". (It's named for the biggest flying bugs ever, BTW)

Good start to this. Katydid is particularly interesting to me, I'm guessing either Cadance or Flurry somehow merged with a changeling when the megaspells dropped, maybe even with Chrysalis herself. Probably Flurry given the comment about giant wings.

Alright. Finally got some more reading time in!

Hm. Interesting start. I like "Flurry"did, she's silly. I think I'm going to enjoy this one... and poor Gears, I know exactly how you feel. :fluttershysad:


and poor Gears, I know exactly how you feel. :fluttershysad:

Just wait...

You don't have a romance tag, though. Which means... poor Gears... :fluttercry:

I noticed the 'new type of raiders' bit in the long description. At first I thought it Would be something like Caesar's legion, but now I think it might be the guys in combat armor. Would I be correct?

9412919 You would be. Since the Zebras in canon are allready Neoromans it feels wrong to me to just directly copy Cezar's Legion into a FO:E story, unless it's all zebras descended from Zebrican soldiers. Furthermore, that would make this story a New Vegas retelling, or close to one at least. I'm not doing that :3

I'm using a blend of things from Fallout games (2, 3, 4, Tactics, and Van Berun) and original work. These bandits share traits with The Gunners (Fallout 4), and the Jackals (Many Fallout games, mentioned in F1, Appear in , New Vegas, and Brotherhood of Steel 2).

After that discussion I'm definitely expecting a windigo fight at some point in the future.

I facehooved and groaned. Just because this was the worst woods I’d ever been in didn’t mean that the animals in it were dangerous to me.

It might mean that!

It did mean that!

That subdermal armor is pretty useful.

Wander snorted and smirked. “Ranger? I’m no ranger! Silly, zeeb. I’m a bard!” She announced as she pulled a stringed instrument of some kind from under her cloak in a dramatic flourish.

Ghoul bard, neat. I hope she's a companion.

Wander froze in place. “Y— You can guarantee I won't go feral?”

That's a pretty good deal.

Companion acquired!

I had a feeling that while the song was shorter, it wasn’t going to answer my questions. At least Wander’s singing was really, really good.

200 years of practice.

Gear is a cyberpony, sweet!!!!
Also yes never give up your arms to random strangers, ever, if they tell you to disarm, just start shooting, we'll sort it out later.
Hi Vinel, glad to see you survived your stable trying to kill everypony, well since your a ghoul I guess it did, stupid admin mainframe.

[Wanderer had been added to your party]
[Level up]
[New perk]

Given Ive read pretty much the rest of teh top ten or twenty largest stories on teh site I really shouldve gone through FOE. I have no idea why I havent. I blame Stephen Baxters nihilistic outlook on killing humanity off every way possible instead of at least having something going for them.

I wonder just how many words Ive written in comments over the years. Id hope at least some of them were useful to someone, and Im sure Ive actually had one or two good ideas.

How many of the old crew have survived in whatever various forms or memories accross the realms, or will there be as many in memoria?

The LAER looks familiar at least in variation on a design, but given its been years and not read prior stories, cant say what came from where, only that prybars dont usually run out of ammo.:eeyup:

All sunshine and roses? Just who is pulling the Enclaves strings in order to try and use the Rainbow to take out that which stopped it the first time?

It takes two to fight, but for a really big scrap, someone sets it up for profit.

9413476 Glad you're liking things so far :3

Who said anything about her being Vinyl?

Nice catch.
It's more than just some armor, though.

The Wanderer makes me think of Lyra. Also how is gears so old? Yes we could go with the 300 year lifespan for ponies and zebras but if not then how.?Even as a cyborg her organic parts would age.

9417996 There's a good explanation for that, you'll get it soon :3 Also, FO:E seems to imply that Cyborgs have extended lifespans. It implies that Red Eye has been active in the Wasteland for a very, very long time, and yet he seems to be not all that old.

On the Fallout side of this equation, it's cannon that Fallout's Cyborgs live a stupid long time. Kellogg was 108 when the Sole Survivor killed him, and he looked and acted like he was still in his prime.

At some point, Kellogg was cybernetically enhanced by the Institute, which slowed his aging and extended his lifespan. By 2287, he is over 108 years old, but physically appears to be less than half of that, having roughly the same appearance as he did when he kidnapped Shaun, despite 60 years passing.

He DOES look a little bit older after that cut scene. But not very much. He does still age, just very slowly. We can assume that cyborgs have a much slower metabolisum, perhapse due to relying on their hardware more than their wetware, or medical implants doing their jobs, or something.

Since FO:E's cyberponies are implied to have a similar deal as Pip finds a memory orb of Red Eye killing his Stable's elders and he seems to be just a bit younger than he is at present, but the Appaloosa ponies imply he's been active as the slaver lord he is for decades, but he is not said to be middle aged, or old, and FO:Es's ponies seem to have human lifespans... and Red-Eye's accomplishments before Pip shows up would certainly take about a lifetime to achieve. Scratch build an army, construct a massive cathedral, gather enough flamer fuel to burn down the Everfree, start a religion that has actual cultural influence enough to have wandering priests out to convert people, rebuild a chunk of a city with slave labor, invent "radiation Engines" that are totally nuclear reactors, etc. TLDR; if cyberponies have a normal lifespan, then the major villen of FO:E is a bit of a plothole, so it's good that its implied he's been around for a long time.

You can therefore conclude that FO:E's Cyberponies have an extended, though non-infinite, lifespan.

First town achieved, and boy, are these guys a collection. Still think Wanfder is Vinyl, just with the Pipbuck linked back the the radio station for saves and broadcasts of updates? So many alicorns without magical powers, mutations causing all extras externally without the extra reinforcing feedback internally for the higher power flows?

Heading to the next town will be walking, trade caravan, airships are extremely rare, more rare than the Crystal Empire?

The Hazmat trick failed because of so much wings? Or just because the Megaspell worked on more than just the fabric but the infusing magic fields as well?

Is Ceaser dead? Permanently?

The cybergig is up.

I paused for a moment, then slowly shook my head. “We have two. One of them is our Queen, Her Majesty Katydid. The other is Sassy Saddles, a unicorn tailor from Canterlot.”

Canterlot ghouls, yeah, that explains a few things.

I gave her a little glare for that remark and continued. “One of them is a changeling. She thought she could shapechange into a hazard suit to save them both. They tried. It kind of worked. They lived,” I explained.

And that explains most of the rest except for who they are.

Two thousand, that's a lot of alicorns.

The blue alicorn turned to the left slightly so I could see her left flank. Her cutiemark took the shape of a double barreled shotgun with two smoking barrels. Nothing fancy, nothing elaborate. A normal pony’s mark.

The alicorn princess of shotguns, clearly.

Ahhh, so it's Flurry. Neat. I wonder who the changeling is.

And now we meet the alicorn princess of administrative assistance!

“In happier news, Stable 88 finally decided to start talking over its intercom. Yep! That’s right. There’s ponies alive in there. From the sound of things they have problems trusting outsiders. Can’t say I blame them for that, seeing as the last time they opened their door was when raiders came calling.



Still think Wanfder is Vinyl, just with the Pipbuck linked back the the radio station for saves and broadcasts of updates?

As her identity is sort of key to her character, I wont spoil anything there. I will howeaver confirm that her pipbuck is just a pipbuck. Nothing special. Infact she would ditch it if she could.

So many alicorns without magical powers, mutations causing all extras externally without the extra reinforcing feedback internally for the higher power flows?

More like the original story shows that IMP is to be DRUNK, but the Goddess thought you dunked ponies in it because Trixie (the first entity to become part of the Goddess hivemind) she fell into a vat when the megaspell hit Mariponi and mutated into... Some kind of psi entity? It's not entirely clear. What is clear is we know she thought you dipped ponies into the stuff, but Twilight designed it to be drunk (and only in a TINY amount). Therefore the Dipped Alicorns are all... well, defective products. The IMP may also have been altered/damaged by the radiation exposure and therefore we cant be certain it would have worked properly if you did drink it. And since Twilight was the second person to be fuzzed into the Goddess hivemind... It knew you were supposed to drink it. Which indicates the potion itself was corrupted in the blast.

Heading to the next town will be walking, trade caravan, airships are extremely rare, more rare than the Crystal Empire?

As far as I know, only a dozen or so airships exist that are outside of Lith's control after the Enclave is defeated. This counts tiny 1 pony transports, as well as larger vessels as "ships". There is also no way for them to make more. The Pegasi shipyards were lost when the sky was unsealed.

The Hazmat trick failed because of so much wings? Or just because the Megaspell worked on more than just the fabric but the infusing magic fields as well?

The original makes it clear that Pink Cloud ignores solid mater. It permeates and infuses into everything, even stone. In the original Steelhooves was in fully sealed power armor when the cloud hit, but he was still turned into a ghoul by it. It's also stated many times that a hazards suit wouldn't work on Pink Cloud.

Since it's use on Canterlot was the second known time ponies ever encountered that particular weapon, it would be a logical to believe that a chemical warfare suit would protect you from a gas based weapon. Only in the case of Pink Cloud, it wont.

Is Ceaser dead? Permanently?

I have no idea. kkat didn't detail much on the Zebria's homeland. We do know it got just as bucked up as Equestria, but we do not have the details.
I haven't decided if I'll treat him as having survived... He wouldn't be the only pre-war leader to survive though. Celestia's still kicking around. Well, sitting around. Poor mare's stuck in a computer.


Two thousand, that's a lot of alicorns

It's a reasonable number taking into account how large the Goddess' army was stated to be in the original. It's also pritty reasonable for 5 years of constant slaving by Red Eye, as for the first five years of the 10 he worked for her, he sent every slave he had to her.

And now we meet the alicorn princess of administrative assistance!
The alicorn princess of shotguns, clearly.

I have decided that this is how Gears will refer to all Alicorns.
"That's Split Pin, the Alicorn Princess of fasteners."
"But I'm not--"
"Shhh... You are tho."

I'm not sure if its more painful that Kadidi got melted when one was trying to be a hazmat suit, or if they really were doing something else at the time. Think about it they could be potentially melted on the inside and out :rainbowderp:

So my only question about "Wander" AKA Vinle is how did she get out of the Stable?

Ah yes, the Alicorn race, thanks to Velvet for helping them continue on, I also agree that Gear is going to think every alicorn is a princess from now on, even if its only in her internal monolog.

This was just the tutorial? That means now we get to experience the one thing every Fallout game is known for, side quests.

“For starters, I know that zebras being able to kill you with a glance is horseapples,” Wander said


Why you do this to me? I burst out laughing in a Taco Bell on my lunch break and everyone looked at meeee! :rainbowwild:

The legends were true! My eyes widened with joy I had to swiftly tamp down. Pegasi really did do that

Huh. I take it no pegasi in the frozen north? Wonder why that turned out that way...


Huh. I take it no pegasi in the frozen north? Wonder why that turned out that way...

According to kkat, with the war on all pegasi were resettled in cloud cities to assist with the war effort as they were Equestria's airforce and air-supply. For my expanded lore, this includes crystal pegasi.
The only pegasi in the north is Black Swan, and she's been unable to fly or even move her wings since the accident that started her on her path to machine-life (even though they are now cybernetic replacements). Therefore, this is Gears getting to see that her mom wasn't joking about wingboners.


It's also stated many times that a hazards suit wouldn't work on Pink Cloud.

Since it's use on Canterlot was the second known time ponies ever encountered that particular weapon, it would be a logical to believe that a chemical warfare suit would protect you from a gas based weapon. Only in the case of Pink Cloud, it wont.

...and then there's the one where the hazard suit is keeping the Pink Cloud in. Oh, and did I mention the suit's talismans that in that particular model of suit try a liiitle bit too hard to keep the occupant "alive" using functions up to and including necromantic ones as I remember? :pinkiegasp:

9428289 Pink Eyes... I like it but it has two things that irk me. I think the idea was to adapt the Canterlot Ghoul foals Pip encountered that had a Pink Cloud breath weapon into a main character, but what I got from canon is that those were a special variant of Canterlot Ghoul as you know, only the fillies in that one location could do it. No other Canterlot Ghoul can breath cloud, nor seem to leak it when injured. It seems like the author thinks that all child ghouls made by Pink Cloud are like that and the shopkeeper in Stable City proves that's not true.

That's a real nitpick though, and I can completely forgive it. I only bring it up because of how odd it felt to me at first, but eh. NBD I still liked the story. The only ligitimant complaint I have about it is, well... Why the actual buck didn't the Ministries think "Hey, the AI in these suits meant for foals, let's make sure it speaks in words foals would understand. Yes, even in the backup mode."

At least it lead to good humor :3

Though I am 95% certain that Puppysmiles is actually intellectually disabled. She's not just "a little slow" she's seemingly genuinely unable to process her surroundings, unable to learn new skills, unable to understand things explained to her even when speaking in terms you would use for a child... There's something neurologically wrong with her. Which makes the story just so sad :c

Really good so far, looking forward to more!

9431364 You're in luck! There should be more tomorrow :3

I thought the stars the the zebras were so scared of were just a myth. Yeah, they were radioactive, but they were still just rocks.

9433262 They might be. But in one of kkat's blogs she mentions the zebras believed Luna to be one of the stars given flesh. So it was sort of a Holy War for them.

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