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A Twilight Sparkle fanboy who also likes to write. The author of the Change series.


Following the return of the Crystal Empire, Twilight begins some intensive research into the history of the Empire and its late king. Modern historians know next to nothing about the enigmatic dark mage. Who was he? Did he have family? Loved ones?

The answers to those questions changes everything the Element of Magic knows about herself, and in doing so catches the attention of a shadow that yet clings to the frailty of life...

Cover art made by Skijarama!
Edited by RC2101_Copey.
Featured on 20/10/2018.

Chapters (13)

This story is a sequel to Change: Queen of The Hive

Princess Avia is looking forward to the Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville, having heard so much about the town in question from her mother. A grand celebration, seeing her mother's best friends, what could be better?

Unfortunately, where Ponyville in concerned things rarely go as planned.

Edited by RC2101_Copey.
Cover art by: SentireAeris.
Featured 23/06/2018.

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This story is a sequel to The Death Altar In Twilight's Basement

Twilight once tried to summon evil Sun Gods to teach them the magic of friendship, powering an ancient death alter with some weird magic crystals, only to find out that she had been conned by Flim and Flam.

Now Twilight has too much caffeine in her system and is going on a rampage.

How do these two things correlate? Well, Twilight needed some batteries for her coffee machine...

Chapters (1)

Discord, Discord Dos and special guest Discord TrĂªs decide to ruin your brain cells yet again. This time, Chryssi and Chrysalis meet Fluffle Puff.

Fluffiness ensues.

(Part of the Idiocyverse, many references will be had to past stories)
(Crossover between Bug in the Herd and Change)

Chapters (1)

It has been nearly two hundred years since the megaspells rained fire down on the world, reducing it to a tainted wasteland. The ponies of Equestria get on by, but only just.

A lucky few survived in great underground shelters, the stables. Among these is the lost, and almost mythical, Stable 84. It was said that the stable in question was home to not ponies, but creatures who could change their faces with but a thought.

But that was just a myth, there was no way that the Equestrian Hive was real. Right?

(Be warned, spoilers for Fallout Equestria, Project Horizons and Pink Eyes may occur.)

Fallout Equestria is by Kkat, and can be found here.
TVtropes page here.
Cover art by Skijaramaz!
Edited by RC2101_Copey.
Featured on 18/03/2018.

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This story is a sequel to Harmony Among The Stars

The ES Harmony has returned home, Princess Twilight has been reunited with those she holds dear and everything has returned to complete normality.

Then there is the mirror portal to Canterlot High, which she and the senior staff of the Harmony had discussed at one point in their journey, filling the Princess' curiosity. It has been closed for around two millenia, so who knows what could be on the other side?

And then there is Discord. He seems to know something, and urges the Princess through.

All this, so the Princess can meet some very enterprising people. Discord has brought the popcorn.

(Featured on 12/12/2017)

Chapters (2)

Little Wing and Cirrus Ramble are two young ponies, originally from Cloudsdale but spending time nowadays in Ponyville. When a new Daring Do book comes out Little Wing is determined to collect it first from the library.

When Twilight is revealed to be out, they decide to sneak in and snoop around. They promptly find Twilight's secret lab behind some random bookcase. It also contains an evil looking death alter. It's about as stupid as it sounds.

Based on a True Story, as experienced by Tom117z and Skijarama in Legends of Equestria.

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This story is a sequel to The One Where Maud Gets Excited

Before night is done, their plans will be unfurled. By the dawning of the sun, they'll dominate the world...

That's the idea anyway. If only their owners weren't so interfering...

That, and if only it was possible for a rock to move on his own without a scaly companion who likes to spout philosophical nonsense having to carry said rock.

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Everything dies. Sometimes, a life is left unfulfilled and with many regrets. The problem is, there are no do-overs. No second chances.

Not usually, anyway.

Sometimes, cosmic beings of unknown power just like to provide people with those second chances one such person thought impossible. Why? Who knows? All she does know is that she's now a small blue pony with wings.

A very young blue filly at that, and one who has to deal with the scars of her secret old life while living under the shadow of an older sister who doesn't know what to make of her.

Life is never simple, is it?

Inspired by: Gilded Sister by Kind of Brony.
Cover art made by Skijarama!
Reading can be found here.
Featured on 13/07/2017.

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In the aftermath of Maud moving to Ponyville (or close enough anyway) Pinkie Pie couldn't be happier! Not only does she live near the best friends ever, she lives near the best sister ever! It's like, the best thing ever!

Of course there is Maud's new friend, Starlight. She is super into magic, like so into it she experiments with all sorts of weird spells. And sometimes, just sometimes, somepony gets a little too close to one of those spells...

I mean, what could go wrong with two enchanted rocks meant to connect the sisters on a spiritual level?

Co-written by Skijarama
Link to reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axgwcv9BfeU
Featured 01/05/2017

Chapters (1)
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