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Happy New Year · 11:45pm Dec 31st, 2022

Happy New Year everypony.

I have been ill for the past two weeks and had a very painful christmas. I hope you all had a good christmas ^^

Thankfully i'm feeling much better and no longer in severe pain.

I had originally wanted to uploaded Chapter 2 for Christmas Day but from being ill i couldn't do it but thankfully i was able to do it for New Years.


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Thank you for adding Discord's Patchwork Adventure to your favorites!

Thank you for adding MLDC: The Justice League of Equestria to your favourites! I'm happy you liked it. :twilightsmile:

Thankie for the fav on All Misty-Eyed! :twilightsmile: In other news Fimfic’s been quiet as an old tomb these past few days. Kinda depressing. :ajsleepy: I hope I didn’t choose the worst possible time to publish any new fics.

It was a fun little read and Pip's interactions with Pipp were funny :)

Hi yea, I used to go by Fallout Brony

  • Viewing 211 - 215 of 215
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