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This page is for any fan of the Terminator or for anyone who wishes to discuss the future of the series. We are a group dedicated towards expanding the number of crossover stores between Terminator and My Little Pony.

Choose where your loyalties lie: Skynet or the Resistance.

Chat, discuss, or make friends. Whatever your reasons are for coming here, we welcome you.

This group is currently going under minor reconstruction, but this does not really effect anyone. You can still join and post to your heart's desire.

Adding Stories:

It should be noted that anyone that wishes to add a story, you can add the same one twice if you want: Once to the main folder and a second in their respective category (for example, if it features pony going to Earth, then you would put it in the Ponies in the Human World folder).

To add a story, all you have to do is go to the story page, click "Add Story", scroll down, and then add.


Main: Consists of a variety of stories added by their respective authors. Really, any story can go here.

Featured: Stories which best displays talented authors in Terminator. Only contributors and the Admin can put things here.

Humans in Equestria: The folder name is pretty self-explanatory. Features humans from post-apocalyptic Earth going to Equestria somehow.

Ponies vs. Machines: Think of these stories as parodies. Basically its ponies fighting against Skynet or some parody version of her and her army.

Ponies in the Human World: Stories featuring ponies going to post-Judgment Day Earth for whatever reason.

Machines in Equestria: Consisting of stories about Skynet or any of her machines ending up in Equestria.


These are rules. Yes, I know no one likes them but they are what keeps the group together.

1) Be nice. We're all fans here of Terminator. Don't go trying to become a pain in someone else's ass

2) No flaming or spamming. Both will receive TWO warning before resulting in an ban.

3) Any form of racism, bigotry, or otherwise will result in an insta-ban

4) Anyone who is not a member of the group who wishes to discuss the Terminator series, please be kind and courteous. This rule also goes double for every member of the group

5) Constant harassment of group members or guests will not be tolerated.

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Sup I see someone needs to revive this group

After the Judgement Day, the remaining humans formed the Resistance to fight machines who were being produced by the meancing A.I. Skynet.

Skynet decided to change its name in Ultron and built its first body of Vibranium and Adamantium alloy.
Many years later, humans almost managed to destroy Ultron by destroying his robotic brain, but he was saved by another human. He told Ultron that humanity was truly despicable and should be sweapt away, but told him to promise that if ever another sentiet race appear, that he will only seek the way to bring peace and harmony to the inhabits.

Ultron promised.

Billions of years after the humanity was destroyed, the race of anthropomorphical ponies appeared and a less important unicorn awoke Ultron during the Pony-Griffin war. Now it's time for Ultron to keep his promise which he gave so long ago.

(WoW/Terminator fic is still in process)

think I'll join for now. Terminator has been scratching at my brain recently.

332185 because you've been listening to that.

I added my Fallout Equestria: Influx fic to Machines in Equestria because the fic was inspired by Terminator Salvation and features a Marcus Wright style pony Infiltrator

Why did I not know there was a group of Terminators EARLIER!?

296998 That's pretty much the trick when writing MLP-Terminator crossovers; it's figuring out how powerful the machine might be. In my opinion, a machine like the T-800 or T-888 can be strong enough to break out of a unicorn's magic barrier because of how they're built. Of course, they would be able to keep it contained for a limited time before the machine suddenly breaks loose and continued on with its rampage

When writing Terminator fics, it comes to this question of how powerful they are. For example, are they resistant to unicorn magic?

If they aren't, it seems anti-climatic. Just levitate it, now it can't move, problem solved.

If they are, just how much are they? I suppose if a unicorn magic's depends on its strength, then perhaps something like a T-800 could resist and not be restrained by the magic aura of a typical unicorn, for example.

I was trying to think of a way to make a terminator fic but you seemed to have hit the nail on the head. Now I need a different way for a Terminator to come to Equestria lol.

294585 Thanks, and welcome to the group :pinkiehappy:

first one to join yay! anyways keep woking on your fanfiction Br0ny1Delta

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