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Bon Bon and Lyra are celebrating their anniversary with a traveling holiday. Their train from Manehattan to Canterlot is running a service on Hearts and Hooves day and turns out to be one of the CNER's brand new experimental locomotives.

What began as a pleasant happy day takes a turn when a fault occurs and could spell disaster for the train and everypony on board if nothing is done in time.

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Roddy, a young pegasus colt that dreams to be a Wonderbolt decides to race one of Equestria's new express trains.

(Equestria's rail network for this is based on British Railways before nationalisation where the railways consisted of the Big Four rail companies.)

(Please let me know if this requires more tags, I'm not sure what other tags are necessary)

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This story is a sequel to Fallout Equestria: Influx

Fruity finds an old bag of letters addressed to Crystal's mother which sparks renewed hope in the cybernetic mare that she may now be able to find out what became of her mother. This then leads to them discovering the Sierra Maredre Casino.

What had begun as a simple exploration to find answers evolves into a fight for survival against a pony determined to us them for his own gain, the poisonous environment and the local creatures of the old resort.

Can they survive the dangers of the Maredre or will they fall victim to the lure of what the Casino contains?

(Cover art was from my previous attempt at this before I abandoned it to write Influx)

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This story is a sequel to Fallout Equestria: Influx

The journey to find answers and to stop a madpony from unleashing an army of robots may have come to an end but now our heroes and some new ones have to live with the consequences and life in the wasteland.

Crystal and her family must content with life as wastelanders and Solaris learns what it is to be equine while protecting those that follower her.

(Chapters are now in chronological order)

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This is a Fallout Equestria (primarily) and Terminator crossover.

As the war between Equestria and the zebras pressed on, many members of the Ministries conceived of desperate strategies to end it through magical and technological creations of questionable nature. One of these was Project Infiltrator, a top secret project of the Ministry of Awesome. It's goal: to create a super spy that was the perfect blend of pony and machine. But just as its first subject was ready, the megaspells dropped, destroying Equestria and creating the Wasteland.

190 years later, Crystal Eclair awakens in a world of ruin and violence, completely clueless as to what happened to Equestria and herself. Her confusion grows into horror as she discovers that she is no longer a pony, but now a cybernetic zebra. With no other choice left, she sets out to find answers to her predicament. How will she handle the truth if she finds it? Will she find friends who can help her in a world that trusts no one? And what if those who have done this to her are still out there, eager for her to serve a new sinister purpose?

PS. This is not a Prequel to Broken Steel despite what a couple of websites that link back to this story say.

(Chapters 1 to 12 Edited by Alycorn~(CF), New Editor Double R Forrest. New description credit to Double R Forrest )

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