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This story is a sequel to Fallout Equestria: Influx

Fruity finds an old bag of letters addressed to Crystal's mother which sparks renewed hope in the cybernetic mare that she may now be able to find out what became of her mother. This then leads to them discovering the Sierra Maredre Casino.

What had begun as a simple exploration to find answers evolves into a fight for survival against a pony determined to us them for his own gain, the poisonous environment and the local creatures of the old resort.

Can they survive the dangers of the Maredre or will they fall victim to the lure of what the Casino contains?

(Cover art was from my previous attempt at this before I abandoned it to write Influx)

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I loved the other influx storys this is gonna be good

It's been awhile since I've read Fallout Equestria: Influx, but didn't she find out that her mother was dead? Or am I just thinking of Fallout Equestria: Pink Eyes?

thank you and i hope you continue to enjoy this as it progresses :)

Crystal's mother is dead but Crystal doesn't know what happened to her or where she had gone. Crystal wants to know these things so she can have closure.

Can’t wait to see how this one goes, was a huge fan of of the original Influx as well as Broken Steel and the side stories.

Thank you, I'm happy to know you liked them. I hope you'll continue to enjoy this story as it progresses

A solid start, i look forward to seeing where things go from here.

Truly the Sierra Madre is a den of horrors, not for the faint of heart... between the Ghost People who don't stay down unless you hack off their limbs, the pervasive hyper corrosive Red Cloud, and a myriad of other threats; that place will kill the unprepared.

You are indeed thinking of FOE: Pink Eyes, one of the most heart wrenching stories i have ever read; but AFAIK, completely unrelated to Influx, aside from both being FOE stories.

Don’t forget the Ghost people aren’t just downed by hacking off limbs but also by disintegration or being turned to goop by plasma weapons.

I was trying to keep it brief, my point was they don't stay down unless you get lucky, or go out of your way to destroy the body.

Ok thats cool epic and sweet, Nexus is in love!!!! And the idea of the "cursed" casino is cool^^ and the twins can speek and run, good potential to make Xians life harder and funnyer. And killyan is cool a mare hwo can defent her self^^ and nexus will repair her fake leg is so sweet. And i have a little hope that xian ill find her love to^^

Omg loved this chapter cant wait for more

Good story. Looking forward to reading more. :twilightsmile:

Thank you, happy to know you're enjoying it so far.

Chapter 3 has been started so the next installment will be soon

I really liked the "Dead Money" dlc for New Vegas.

It was pretty fun to go from being nigh-unstoppable, with enough ammunition and stimpaks to supply a small army.

Into barely having enough ammunition and healing items to survive a single careless fight :eeyup:

I also remember working way to hard to get all the gold out :pinkiecrazy:

Suddenly, there was a gruff cough, and an old, white-bearded earth pony stallion stepped out from the crowd.

“Here we go…” The bartender groaned and turned away.

“Everypony has heard of the Sierra Maredre Casino.

We all have. The legends, the curses.

Equestria’s most famous stars and performers had been invited to its grand opening. The invitation was supposed to be a sign of… exclusiveness.

The opening was supposed to symbolise the path to a better, brighter future. Not just for Equestria, but for everypony that came to its doors. A chance for anypony to start again.

The Sierra Maredre never opened, however. The War and the Collapse froze it in time, like a camera going off.

The Grand Opening, one big failure for equinity.

It’s still out there, in the Marejave Wasteland, preserved, just waiting for somepony to break it open.

Hidden beneath a blood-red cloud. A bright, shining beacon attracting treasure hunters to their deaths.

Getting to it isn’t the hard part. It’s getting out.”

...have you considered becoming a narrator my good sir :moustache:

“You came back? But your shop is…” I stopped when I looked back. To my complete surprise, his shop was there as we remember it. Run down, but intact with partially boarded up windows and all.

“What the fuck? I’m sure we just saw that building as a pile of rubble,” Fruity remarked.

Right Bleeding chuckled. “I think you two have been out in the sun too long.”


“Who I am is not important right this minute. What is important is that you and that Dustwing behind the fountain there listen, and listen well. You are here because of your own greed. You heard the lure of the Sierra Maredre Casino and thought you could take what’s inside for yourself, but little did you know, I was already here.”

"...dude I came here because of curiosity not greed".

Was basically my respons when I played the DLC... I did however end up spending a decent amount of time getting all the gold out of the vault at the end :trollestia:

“Another madpony’s scheme.” I sighed, I felt reminded of Colonel Ironside’s crusade from so long ago.

Pretty much yeah :moustache:

“The Sanctuary,” she said to herself. One of two alicorns on the other side stepped aside,

I assume this means that Solaris and The Sanctuary have, at least somewhat, patched things up between them :trixieshiftleft:

“They don’t know. They report that a red gas knocked them out when they entered some travel agency building.”

"red gas" you say :trixieshiftright:

"Somepony messed with my system and cut me open to stick a new chip in my neck!" I screeched indignantly. I felt violated. "I knew something felt off when I woke up."

That requires some pretty impressive knowhow :trixieshiftright:

The shadowy figure smiled triumphantly. "Excellent, everything is going according to plan." It then looked up at the bright monolith. "Soon, Fancypants, everything you worked for will be taken away from you." It spat.

And as expected I do not like this person :trixieshiftleft:

I focused on the snout and gasped when I noticed puffs of red mist coming out the armour's respirator. It was something we've seen on all Ghost Ponies so far which filled me with dread when I realised that he wasn't dead.

Well that's not good :twilightoops:

Ms Domino initially refused an examination, again reiterating that all she needed was some throat soothers. I explained my concern to which afterwards she reluctantly agreed. Examination of her throat looked to be consistent with previous reports and thus I gave her a prescription for the usual medication she has had previously. (Side note: Make an opticians appointment because I thought I saw a forked tongue in her mouth upon first inspection.)

Hmmm, a changeling in disguise..... wonder if that is who our mystery observer is :trixieshiftright:

The way the author beautifully describes Fruity's emotional journey as she reads those old letters is absolutely enchanting. You can feel her renewed sense of hope and determination to uncover the truth about her mother. It's incredibly atmospheric, reminiscent of the feelings I used to have while playing Fallout during those long evenings. Though now, I've shifted my focus to gambling with no deposit casino bonuses in Finland, which are easy to find at https://casino358.com/casino-bonukset/ilman-talletusta/. Still, reading this story made me want to experience those same emotions again and revisit Fallout. The intrigue and tension build up perfectly, leaving you eager to turn the page and find out what happens next. And the question of whether they can survive the dangers of Maredre or succumb to the allure of the Casino adds even more complexity to the plot.

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