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Here's EAW's timeline btw

And here is an image of the map of EAW + Europe.

Technical summary:

Late Victorian era Europe of 1888 is inserted into the EAW universe in their respective year of 774ALB (Just after Grover I fails his invasion of Sicameon). Also, none of the Europeans remain human. Discord blushes.

Grover I, or the soon-to-be, "The Blessed," rests his creaky bones as he receives news of the defeat against Sicameon. Grover II will remember that. He pays little mind to this advancement, after all, he expected as much considering he only sent a meagre force mostly comprised of levies and Acquilean sellswords in his so-called 'military expedition,' though, he regrets the unifying effect he inadvertently initiated on the Parishes.

Across the sea, Celestia, as always carefully schemes and manipulates the fates of her neighbours, namely, Severyana, of which royal family and attached royal court she had been patiently nudging into a hyperbolic pit of Tartarus every generation or so to orchestrate a succession crisis. She figured they would blow up in 22 years. Of course, she could just ditch the mind-numbingly slow subtlety and just kick the Tzar in the flank and turn the boyars into ash, but she doubted the proud burghers and peasants of Severyana would appreciate that one bit.

Meanwhile, in Europe.

The Brits wept at the loss of their source of tea.

The Russians purchased a noose upon realising there was nothing past the Ural mountains.

The French erupted in civil disobedience, protests, riots; political and regular violence epidemic, Paris was in ru- oh wait, sorry, France was completely normal.

The Germans drowned themselves in beer. To their wives, 'it was because they had turned into mythical lion-eagle hybrids'. But really, they always finding excuses to get plastered.

The Austro-Hungarians continued to be a tongue-twister, and the powderkeg they sat on turned into a RBMK reactor with Dyatlov in charge.

The Italians surrendered to their mirrors when they awoke.

The Swiss became dragons.

The Spanish pretended that they had lost alot.

The Nords ate glue & paste.

The Balkans became Balkan-ier.

And the Portuguese... Uh, they existed.

Written on a phone.

I don't check my work. (It drains my motivation)

About my writing style: Why yes, I enjoy the mass assault doctrine. How could you tell???

I'm creatively bankrupt and have been playing an unhealthy amount of Victoria III and Equestria at War, and after my 9th playthrough of genocidal Suntail and Funni black flag Russia, I had the brilliant idea of writing a fic with the premise of Victorian Europe tryna scramble up the continents of Equus, Griffonia and Zebrica during their kinda-Renaissance.

It is very niche, but this story is mostly for me. I had to make a part of my brain shut up and unfortunately, my lobotomist got arrested, so I gotta do this now.

Yay, I got featured.

Chapters (13)
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I got, like, 6 more chapters saved up to post 'cause of my crippling anxiety withheld me so far to not post this shit.

Imma upload them piecemeal, unless y'all want them immediately.

Interesting premise... but the use of modern, especially Internet, language is really breaking the illusion for me

This is an interesting idea that I love, but from what I can tell right now is that your writing is below or just avarage, but ill read it anyway because the premise is unique.

I take back my word on how average this is. This is near high quality stuff right here and also Bismark setting the scene is amazing.

>Your Lobotomist got arrested
Already an interesting summary

thanks, you had me lowtiergod in the first half ngl

why arrest the guy they gave a Nobel prize to?

Are they stupid?

sorry brah, I'm too inflexible to learn old's speak


I honestly didn't expect this story to be uploaded this soon after your blog post but, hell, I ain't complaining.

Predominantly Kirins

Balkans: [...]

Ah, yes, of course. Making the entire region, known to be a powder-keg, a place filled with what is esentially walking, breathing and angry Chinese firework factories surely won't end horribly!


Also, are Albanians considered honorary griffons?

(E/N: Now that I've looked back at my feed and your blog posts, I can't actually find the blog I was referring to. I must be going insane, I swear I saw it! Anyways, good story nonetheless.)

Wait what species did France get turn into?

The remnants of the Ottoman Empire(Rumelia) are absolutely bucked.
Cut of from it's core population centres the first balcan war may come a lot earlier.
There were a lot of german settlers in the balkans and eastern europe before the second world war did they turn into griffons or were people turned regionwide??

And what happened to all the animals that got displaced :pinkiegasp:

Also Polish Ponies(Pegasus) because


Dude Russia is fucked, they completely lost the Caucuses, and Volgograd is just gone. I expect a civil war sooner than you'd think, this is the prefect opportunity for the Baltics and Finland to try for independence. Hell, Ukraine and Belarus too. It's now reasonably to invade Russia, if not through land than through sea.

ye, got a chapter unposted that briefly goes over what happens to the ottoman remnants

Split between griffons in the north (Normans) and ponies (Aquitaine) in the south. But mostly ponies.


But I'm gonna keep the Albanians as Kirins and watch the formerly Ottoman territories implode.

You get a thumbs up from your description alone!

also, sorry if ur not into long chapters. I tried dividing this up, but it ruined the flow.

Comment posted by Fishtank deleted November 21st

Well, the Brits at least have a plan. Every direction eh? I pity the Southern Expedition. They'll likely run into West Zebrica, whether that's Saddle Arabia or Abyssinia I couldn't say. To the north they're very likely to get to Southern Equestria before the Balkans do despite their proximity, given the wars going on. To the West... They'll likely run into Kiria and I think they're Pre-Silence given the timeline. Or Western Griffonia if they go more North West, which is Riverpony lands. Might see Grover II take a spear. Wonder where they'll try to conquer and where they'll just set up ports.

Don't worry some of us love reading long chapters, also this chapter was brilliant, I really love the scene of Parlimant, the ending was perfect it depicted the sheer madness of the situation with something so British.

Also good to see your engines still running ,thought you gave up the ghost after you canceled "The Iron Chancellor", hope your doing well.


still, its a very good story. it takes care of my Vicy 3 itch.

Same brah. It's a pleasure to write this

A series of interludes in the Balkans is coming soon...

They're still unposted chapters, so expect daily updates for now ig.

Kinda clueless on how to really write him though, so he's gonna be a bit AU.

Have you read the fic on this site called "The Blueblood Papers"? Something similar to that might be good, it's directly inspired by Flashman, Blackadder, and Ciaphus Cain.

Huh...interesting guess the Balkan are gonna have another war on their plate and if things go as is there is gonna be a huge crisis.

ye, so instead of the Balkan league of our timeline, they're gonna just kill eachother immediately to conquer their overlapping claims

Comment posted by MadhatterZack deleted Saturday



So a Balkan Battle Royale.

That was tense, surprising and hilarious all the same, this chapter was really amazing and the twists were the star of the show.

Grover's attempts to avoid another "history lesson" was also hilarious.

Keep up the good work.

this chapter took an uncomfortable amount of research to write...

Well research well spent in my opinion.

well, this is the last of my unposted chapters, so expect infrequent updates from now on.

in other words, from now, chapters will be written at the mo'.

So from what I can get

The fact that his gruff voice carried over made it even funnier, but now his tendency to overcompensate for his 'cuteness' was not found as humourous by his men.

Not gonna lie this gave me a good laugh

"How unfortunate." Kitchener quipped, catching Flash rising as well in his peripheries.


Mfw doc Mitchell from hit Fallout game, Fallout New Vegas makes an appearance in a Fanfic-

So how soon before the Brits do a police action against Saddle Arabia and establish a protectorate until the Saddle Arabians become "civilized" enough to govern themselves?

Comment posted by Radical Centrist deleted Monday

Damn, normally any references I make take months for people to notice, but I guess this one was either really obvious or there are a lot of amnesiac courier enjoyers on this website.

Fellow Vicky 3 punitive expedition enjoyer

Very soon

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