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[Based on the EaW 2023 April fools update. Long Live the God-Emperor!]

As Projekt Kristellthron fails (or succeeds, based on who you ask), Grover the Fifith is reborn as the Emperor of Griffonkind, forever upon his golden throne. Despite betrayal from Dawnclaw, Dawnclaw's heresy only ends with the newborn Imperium of Griffonkind rising greater then ever. And as the years go on, the Imperium spreads ever further, until finally, in the mid 1020s, Griffonia, and Griffonkind, are united under one being. The God-Emperor of Griffonkind, the being who was once Grover the Fifth. For he is the physical manifestation of Boreas, Eyr, and Arcturius. Yet, as Griffonia is united and the Emperor dreams of greater conquest for griffonkind. He blinks... and his dream ends.

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Mmmm Interesting.... you caugh my amusement ...keep going please....

I like these types of stories, where you're from the future then regress a couple decades and make everything happen better or faster etc.
This story has huge potential

Well this is an interesting concept from an April fools update. I shall wait for updates with great interest.

This is some good stuff
I'm hooked!

Great, great chapter! I wonder however, if Grover is the only one who "remember" shift in timeline? Maybe one certain Lord of Chaos is also aware?

hmm, probably not Discord. More because I have no idea if I'd be able to properly write him

I have a few ideas... but those might stay on the drawing board forever. Maybe.

This story is going to be good with other without him) This event in the game, then heritics were trying to ally with Discord was hilarious!

Now i am confused than a barrel of fish :rainbowderp:

Its that is this a modified timeline or a reversed timeline? or Both!? Oooh my head ... :twilightoops:

How confusing will this story be? I won't read it if it's too confusing.

... are both timelines merging into each other?

Not completely, but... somethings are bleeding through.


also, when you going to update this GEM of a story?

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