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Welcome to the official Equestria at War Fimfiction group!

Equestria at War is a community mod for the grand-strategy game Hearts of Iron IV, made by Paradox Interactive. We have made it our goal to create a high-quality, custom world of Equestria for the game, aiming to ensure a maximum amount of replayability and enjoyability.
You can find the mod here

Also make sure to join our own Community Discord Server!

This group is dedicated to stories set in the world of Equestria at War and for its fans . We highly encourage creativity, and would love to support the stories people create!

The Rules are simple:

1. Normal Site rules and guidelines apply.
2. No extremism of any kind.
3. No Thread spamming.
4. Civilized behaviour, if you please.
5. Stay on topic. This group is for the mod, after all.
6. No self-promotion. If you wish to have a story promoted, consult an admin and we’ll see what we can do.
7. Post stories in the correct folders.

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Oh sorry. I sent you the old link. Here's the recent one:

I can’t, it won’t let me join

Hello! You will be delighted to know that we have our own discord server! About 95% of mod related discussion happens there so I encourage you to join! Also it is indeed true that some of the devs are here: Scroup is the mod's very founder, Cyrus and Feather are main developers and Lili (also known as Nico) is the mod's head writer.

Here's the link to the discord server, feel free to join anytime!

Hi, I just joined. I’m so happy to see other fans of the mod and even some devs (is it true that some devs are here?). I absolutely love the mod and you will never guess my favourite nation. Hope you have a good day, bye for now.

I just played a game of hoi4 EaW in its most resent update. And all I can say is HOW CAN YOU MAKE PRINCESS MOLLY SO CUTE!? She is literaly the most adorable character in EaW. How can this be legal?

Yep! It is true, Yard1 is the head coder for EaW and works on the KR team

(From Yard's Patreon)

I am one of the lead developers for GTA V mod Realism Dispatch Enhanced (although I am not nearly as active as I used to be), and one of the lead developers for the Hearts of Iron IV mod Equestria at War. I am also a team member of Kaiserreich and The New Order teams, and as a Representative in the Hearts of Iron IV Modding Cooperative, I have shared my knowledge and helped out many different users. I always like to push boundaries and trail-blaze - and I have done so in the past with GTA V and Hearts of Iron IV.

Everyone has their own opinions and yours may be different from mine and that's okay, but you really should give EaW a try, because it combines and amazing tech rework like OWB with beautiful art and a fully fleshed out and realized universe like KR to create one genuinely amazing mod.

I...don't believe that's true?

EaW is made by some of the same people who make Keiserreich

Was thinking of an idea for one but i never get round to writing anything

Equestria at war, more like Equestria at bore.

Maybe play a good mod like OWB or Kaiserreich like us chads.

You know. I havent seen any dread league fics.

Well I definitely look forward to seeing it. I'd definitely like him being unlocked through the new generals focus instead of starting out. I'll be thinking about what trait seems appropriate. :scootangel:

Oh, he doesnt have to be garbage. He can have a custom trait, even (so long as it's balanced). He'd probably be unlocked during the war through the "New Generals" focus.

Can I get that link too!? I would love to be put in the game. But secretly I want to be in the DreadLeague

426000 True, but what's the point of modding myself in to be garbage like the others? :rainbowwild:

Of course I completely understand what they're supposed to be and I certainly won't be trying to upset the balance. When he's in he'll be wherever he fits in the game. Although I really don't want him to have a one in every stat. :rainbowlaugh:

Sure! I'll send it to you in private. While you're at it, you might as well join our Discord, if you feel like it. Plenty of talking going on surrounding the mod. Fun stuff!

The starting Generals are supposed to be crappy, btw. Equestria doesn't really have experience with War, do they? :ajsmug:

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/cjVePY

425998 I definitely noticed, and Sentinel I was putting as an Equestrian general (because the ones you start with are awful)

Could you please send me a link? I get paid Tuesday and will definitely be donating a good amount. :twilightsmile:

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