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Welcome to the official Equestria at War Fimfiction group!

Equestria at War is a community mod for the grand-strategy game Hearts of Iron IV, made by Paradox Interactive. We have made it our goal to create a high-quality, custom world of Equestria for the game, aiming to ensure a maximum amount of replayability and enjoyability.
You can find the mod here

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This group is dedicated to stories set in the world of Equestria at War and for its fans . We highly encourage creativity, and would love to support the stories people create!

The Rules are simple:

1. Normal Site rules and guidelines apply.
2. No extremism of any kind.
3. No Thread spamming.
4. Civilized behaviour, if you please.
5. Stay on topic. This group is for the mod, after all.
6. No self-promotion. If you wish to have a story promoted, consult an admin and we’ll see what we can do.
7. Post stories in the correct folders.

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Could have been removed by
1) the author for whatever reason
2) removed by group leader of any group posted to
3) site moderators (mostly for plagarism) or if author was kicked off the site.


Basically, this sounds like the same idea that the Fallout Equestria stories (different game, but same idea). Some of that is pretty good, so I'll take a chance on you guys.


Thanks appreciated, cheers!

See above, on the main group page here. The Discord's linked there.

Hey, hey!

The comments here are rather quiet (helped in part by them being kind of hidden and pointless for groups on this site).

I recommend you join the EaW Discord and check out #fanfiction-zone. There's plenty of enterprising writers and readers there who could help you! :twilightsmile:

Hey bronies , just made a new fanfic , can any review it's prologue? Will have some EAW lore in the future. Cheers.

Comment posted by Kingfisher deleted Aug 15th, 2022

We want to have Zebrica added in the sub folder.

I just realized somebody removed Landfall from fimfiction. why?

To me it was the depth of most of the countries that got me, the story and interactions with the nations around them and the different themes and struggles of certain regions

Can’t remember how I became a borny but I can say it wasn’t because of the show!

This is literally what's happened to me as well! You're not alone ☺️

Greetings I am new to this FimFiction but I hope we can be friends!

Out of curiosity for the country of Bronzehill, what inspiration was used for it's creation, are they more German or Irish when it comes to nationality?

......or not.
I will just assume that no such story exists at the moment.
I still love these stories here anyhow.:derpytongue2:

I feel embarrassed to ask this, but is there a story related to the nation [Ka'sa.] here yet?
I fell in love with its politics and characters.

Due to time constraints, I have had no time to read enough of these stories to navigate a possible location.

I would sincerely appreciate the help.
If not then I wold settle on a recommendation. :twistnerd:

Use Grammarly, it may help you a few.

Sorry for copying, but this question is really important to me, I am searching for help from your community. You won't regret it, I promise.

I want to make an announcement.
I was submitted my only work which called "Four comrades" in late may. It was posted in EAW group and it didn't become popular (even in this small community) and at the first time I didn't realize why it's happened.
To be honest, I can't entrust serious text translation to myself. My English isn't very good and I asked for help of translator. He did his job, but his translation turned up very rough and did not meet the requirements of English grammar. Now he is very busy, and I can't ask him for help. One user advised me to find some English-speaking people who probably could to edit it.
I can't pay for it with anything but my gratitude. Original of my work was written on my own language and my compatriots saying that my work is good and interesting. I want it to be well translated for you.

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