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Opinion? On "I was a soldier" · 6:56pm Dec 28th, 2018

So yeah, in the back of my mind I've been debating if I should re-write this story.

I've stopped writing this long ago, mainly due to my lack of writing skills, disconnection from the fandom and when you read over this story critically, you'll find that it was rather edgy, unbelievable, the main characters character was pretty inconsistent and the story was pretty cringey with no real structure or plot.

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2364294 meh, would rather get a full version and not worry about it expiring.


2364199 free trial?

2363605 I know. I want to get my hands on it so bad. But I have no money. I need a job.


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Thanks for the follow, friend.

If I may, what did I do to deserve it?
Slainte mhaith!

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