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Thanks for the fave!

Thanks I won't let you down I'll turn this into a story you would not forget!
P.S I had the same thought.

2281301 the human adapts far too fast to being a pony whitout any help or external influence, you have to learn to use a body that you didnt have before with no muscle memory since it never existed before you the human was turned into a pony, this is specially harder if said human was someone who performed physical training on a regular basis since his/her brain is already optimized to work with a human body far more than normal people, the poor way is saying it is because magic or whatever half assed excuse, while the plainly wrong way is to totally ignore the issue. is akin to ask a cello player to play a guitar for the first time both are string musical instruments with similar shapes but both work on different ways

Plz define "poorly" and "plain wrong" so I can set the standard

2281149 usually because pretty much 90% of the time this is done poorly or just plain wrong among other issues, and a large amount feels that is ruins the whole human in equestria theme

  • Viewing 99 - 103 of 103
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