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The Gillnetter and the Springtrap - by Twifight Painfully Absent Liquidation. · 6:47am Apr 3rd, 2018


I believe the appropriate presents for such are "recent roadkill" and "all the f*cks given". I eagerly await your showering affections! SEASON EIGHT FTW!


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This is so far outside the (few) circles of the brony community that I look into that I have no idea what this is, who Alumnx is, and came out of it thinking "yeah, it's ok."

I also spent an unreasonable amount of time looking for some indication of you in the Patreon credits, and... I got nothing.

Here. For the good of us all.


I hug Alumnx's AUS charity pillow every night. ♥️

miss you :heart: hit me up sometime

April 3rd. Happy 11th.

You're still here? lol

see, i did that scene as well, only i used Applejack and Rainbow Dash, but its not as polished as this one. I do alot of stuff in SFM. if you want to see any of it, i we can DM sometime.


I recognize Death's lines from when Dean first meets him in Supernatural. That scene was amazing.

I'll be here when you get back. :)

When you notice Twifight logged in recently.

Yeah, that's from G5. The initial movie is great... in a vacuum. But because it ties itself to FiM, it invites a lot of uncomfortable questions about the interconnecting lore that are at best worldbuilding opportunities for fanfic writers and at worst outright plot holes. So it's in that awkward position where it would be just fine if it was self-contained, but it refuses to be self-contained. The Youtube minisodes are hit or miss (and when it's good, it's good), but at their worst they exacerbate the issue of bridging FiM to G5 on top of either being hamstrung by the 5min runtime or just phoned in, and the Make Your Mark Netflix special was just vapid trash.


And we still love you too.

  • Viewing 1,440 - 1,449 of 1,449
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