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So I've started writing · 5:04am Jul 7th, 2013

Yeah. So I've started writing again. It isn't anything pony but it's still writing nonetheless. I recently reread this crime/suspense novel about this psychotic serial rapist/murderer and I got to thinking, "Maybe I should try something like this."

So just a few hours ago, I wrote the first paragraph. I dunno if I'll write much more of it but I am proud of the paragraph I did write. It's writhing in nasty. It's pretty great.

Anyway, how are people lately?

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I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:


I think it's mostly a lack of motivation and interest. Not to mention I've been busy with work and I've really taken a falling out of ponies over the past few months

I might take a shot at it again. I do feel a little regretful that I've just sort of left it alone for so long.

Are you still planning on continuing "The House on Mayberry Hill" or are you lacking time/motivation to do so?


This is late as hell and I apologize. Which avatar? I can't recall which one it was that I had. But thanks bunches anyway :twilightsheepish:

Never mind the question; I suddenly remembered which one it was. It was the one of Aradia Megido I believe.

I lurv your avatar D:

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