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In the end, the prices we pay are worth what we receive in return - and none understand this more than a certain pegasus mare.

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Very well written, but depressing :applecry:

I regret reading this.... alot (that's a good thing)

Most of the sad/ slice of life fics are always about mortality. Don't get me wrong though, your story is well written.five stars!

Sad but very well done.

Sad :fluttershysad:, really great and I rate 5 stars

dont let them see you cry old boy .. dont let them see you cry ...:fluttercry:

My Little Dashie, Magic Never Fades Away, and This Fiction, are the saddest things in the entire fimfiction.com. Feel free to read them. I sobbed upon reading them. (No emoticon for sobbing so) (sob hysterically)

:fluttercry::raritycry: Possibly my favorite Fic. Cried so much.

I read this and I cried. I cried HARD :raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair:

Definitely my favorite fic so far.

Now the second time here and im feeling like commenting.:applejackunsure:

Well written, depressing and mde me cry 2 times now.:applecry::applecry:

Wow , simply wow.:heart:

Thank you.

I read a few sad/mortality fics to this day. Some of them made me cry, but surprisingly this one didn't. Maybe the source of my tears finally run dry. Or maybe reading after death/loss/mortality over and over again caused the topic to loose it's emotional grip for me. Or maybe this fic was written in a rather matter-of-fact way (I felt this way about it, at east) that it failed to carry emotions inside me. Well, at least to the level of tears, it was however touching nonetheless. :pinkiesad2: And well written too. :twilightsmile:
Thanks for sharing.

Saddest thing ever!2 *s:fluttercry::raritycry::twilightoops::ajsleepy::rainbowderp::trixieshiftright::pinkiegasp::derpyderp1::unsuresweetie::applecry::facehoof:

But 'a rose reverie'is sadder:pinkiesad2:

I am scootangel:scootangel:..

My friends>:applecry::unsuresweetie::twistnerd::pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::yay::duck::ajsmug::rainbowlaugh::twilightblush::trollestia::moustache:

Three montths of vwintah coldness
And awsome holidays..:rainbowkiss:

Been dreamin I been waiting,tobfly with those great ponies..:rainbowdetermined2:

Bringing home the southern birds,a pegausus job begins.and clearin all bthe gloomy skies,let the sunshine in.we melt bthe white snow---we will bring out vthe sun,sobits warmth and beauty will glo:rainbowlaugh:

Three DAYS!?!may as well be three YEARS!
Never fear,friendly neighborhood rainbow dash is here!
Are we gonna train hard?
Oh look,its gabby gums!

Tribute to rainb:rainbowlaugh:w dash^^^

Excellent story- well written, in character and beautifully executed.


Sweet Celestia my eyes :fluttershysad::fluttercry::fluttershyouch::fluttershbad::raritydespair::raritycry:

I've thought that loyalty would be the reason why she was the last one to go. One of the saddest parts of the story was when Rainbow was there seeing and feeling AJ's last heart beats and breath. I think I couldn't stand the thought of having a close friend of mine dying next to me or in my arms. :fluttershyouch:

Wonderfully written and you have definitely deserved a thumbs up!

So sad had to make giant tear on his page wish he would make more but see no way of contacting him offline for quite some while.

I am sobbing uncontrollably right now...

137020 I agree good read but very very depressing :fluttercry:

this is about the 8th story on this concept i've read, but i have to say you pulled it off beautifully.

A well-used idea, but still beautifully written.

Curse you! :raritycry:

995412 nobody does :fluttershysad:

That's one great fic you got there. It's REALLY sad :fluttercry:
You did in fact surprise me a bit with how and when each of the mane 6 passed away, but i was mostly busy feeling really sad :raritydespair:

Oh god you made me cry. This is a amazingly emotional story. Really sad too.:ajsleepy::fluttercry::raritycry::twilightoops::rainbowkiss::heart:

:applecry::fluttercry::raritycry::raritydespair:love it. I hate sad fic before to sleep. but it was soo good!:fluttercry::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::heart:

By Celestia, I'm bawling so hard. :raritycry: :fluttercry: :pinkiesad2: This was such a beautifully emotional story. I absolutely loved it. I would read it again in a heart beat.

It can't be even 20% cooler :raritycry: Awesome work, ty author :fluttershysad:

You made me lose some of my liquids remorse. Not easily done good job.

Now for fitting quotes.

Time heals all wounds, but memories never fade.
Come on Barnabeld. One more sunrise for old times sake.
- The Doctor(Time of The Doctor)
Tears shed for another person are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart.

Thanks for reading.

Amazing. It made me think about my life and my friends. Enjoy as much as you can while you live especially when you are young.

That was the most, sad but beautiful story I have ever read. I've been crying for almost an hour now,.....Great job.:fluttercry:

You made me SOB with that end when rainbow sees her friends... I haven't stopped crying there are tears on my face I usually cry on the inside when it comes to this kind of thing

I don't know why, but this story only managed to almost get me to tear up.
It came close, like a lot of stories I've favorited, but I haven't found a story that's actually gotten me to cry.

But I did feel an emotional connection with this story.

I know this is late but. ....

A very good try but I still didn't have tears in my eyes...:raritywink:

*tries to speak and fails**hides head and sobs*

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