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Do most stories really need "sex" in them? · 11:12pm Sep 20th, 2016

There probably is no way to make a good opening for this, but I know when a good story can be either ruined or brightened up by just throwing in a sex scene. No, I am not anti-sex, hell more than half of the stories I favorited has the sex tag on it. If you can write a decent sex scene then props to you, if you really can't and just want more views just for the sake then you should really think twice about your story.

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2180685 thanks for writing something i can actually agree with on some schools

Thanks for adding Twilight Sparkle goes to Heritage Highschool to your favorites!

Thanks for the favorite on Finding Home :ajsmug:
I'm happy to see one of my stories could find it's home on your bookshelf, and not even remotely sorry for that pun :raritywink:

Thanks for adding Colgate's Rants to your favorites.

Thank you very much for favoriting 'Sweetest Day Ever' :scootangel::heart:

  • Viewing 227 - 231 of 231
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