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This group is created to organize Alicorn Fluttershy stories. Submit any stories to uncategorized. WARNING: Adorableness may soon reach cataclysmic levels.

If you have ideas you can post them in the forum or below.
If anyone wants to help just pm me and you can be an admin. Just don't break anything or I will end you.

New folders will be added once enough stories are added.

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That sounds awesome if you do ever decide to write a series based off of alicorn shy I'll definitely read! :pinkiehappy:

Hey, y'all! I'm planning on writing a series of stories based on Alicorn Fluttershy. What do you all think about that?

Maybe you should find some more stories about it or find a better group. Better yet, make your own group better than mine and get more members.

This is an awsome group no doubt but i am highly disappointed, instead of finding a few great stories about such an awsome aspect as fluttershy becoming and alicorn and possibly going deep into her new found powers and abilities, i find a couple stories that barley cover it at all, im sorry but u call yourselves a group for alicorn fluttershy but u have nothing to show but a few pathetic stories that barely cover anything

hi can u add my story :))) thank

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