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Twilight Sparkle's parents ask her a big favor of taking care of her little sister for a couple of weeks. Seeing it as a way to bond with a sister she barely even sees. She takes on the responsibility only to find out that things are not as what they might seem. Can Twilight make a barely existing relationship between sisters into a proper one? Or will Twinkle be counting down the days until she goes back home?

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Twilight Sparkle has learned an advanced spell that took weeks to master and finally puts it to the test. It works like a DNA paternity test and tries it on her friends to demonstrate. But then she tries it on her family, she discovers something unpleasant. Will this be kept a secret or will it tear Equestria apart into chaos? Better yet will it ruin her sanity?

*Knotwist as editor/proof-reader*

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Twilight Sparkle finds her long lost brother and wants him to reconcile with the family. Only that maybe it was probably for the better that they haven't.

*cover-art by Morfonious*

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You learned that your wife had you under a love spell for three years, lied to and trying to play up a royal marriage. You left behind a different career, different friends, different life, different... fiance? Let alone add to the mix you found out you had a child with this other pony. Are you willing to give up your current life of being a well respected captain and husband to a princess just to fix the wrongs you done?

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One day you're the princess of love, niece of the ruler of Equestria, living a fairy tale life, loved by all, married to a well respected captain of the guard. But not everything is at it appears to be...

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