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Break · 7:23am Nov 4th, 2014

I will Begin working on my story within the week

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Not a real problem just something I hadn't experienced before. I don't like being unsure of things and its always best to ask in those situations.

784876yes it was formerly why did this happen to spike? I felt like it needed a makeover and a clearer less confusing plot sorry if I confused you

I'm confused I was just on my phone and saw i had notifications. One was for an update on Spike's nightmare which i have Favorited. I'm confused because it only has one chapter and I don't recall the story name. Is this by chance a re-haul of a story by a different name? If its not I'm kinda bothered by it

Thanks for the fav on "Scratch in the Record"! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you!:pinkiehappy: im sorry itS taking long I have been working on some new ideas :twilightsmile:

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