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She's da best. And quite possibly the hottest mlp babe around. JK, she's still a pony. But uh... Yeah! We can all adore her and clamor over her and post fanfiction about her. Even clop! But nobody's gonna read that mess so don't do it. I know what you're trying to do. Don't do it...!

This group is free for anyone who happens to be a fan of Sunset Shimmer. She's a girl who has touched all of our hearts with her time at Canterlot High School, and we welcome any and all stories about her.


1: The stories must involve Sunset Shimmer as the main character. Or at the very least, she must play an important role in the story.

2: You may only put a story in one folder, so if you have a story that caters to multiple genres, you must decide which one it fits the best.

2a: Please put stories in the correct folders. No-one wants to see an 'E' rated story in the 'T' rated folder, just like you don't want to see an 'M' story in the 'E' folder.

3: This goes without saying, but NO ATTACKING OTHER USERS.

4: Please place NSFW stories in the NSFW folder, and tag NSFW threads appropriately, so as not to disturb anyone who's not into that stuff.

5: Do not post any threads that aren't about Sunset in any way, shape, or form.

6: Be respectful about her. Don't make a thread that says you hate her.

7: Have fun!

Admins have the authority to give out bans to anyone who breaks any of these rules. However, we are merciful. One strike will only be the result of three warnings. A second strike comes after three more warnings, and a final three warnings will be the third and final strike, and grounds for a perma-ban. (However, we will give permanent bans whenever we deem it necessary- just because you got one strike doesn't mean we won't give perma-bans if any situation goes out of control or whatnot)

If you like this group, then be sure to invite your friends to it. There's always room for one more!

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Im sorry if this is weird but sunset shimmer is so hot

So, uhm, quick question after reading over the rules. I have a Sunset story I want to submit, set shortly after the first EQG, and it's supposed to eventually become a romance. But it's from the perspective of a student who... is having trouble accepting her reformation. Is that allowed here?

Tempting fate here as I don't want Cryosite to go after my ass, but...

At first, I didn't like Sunset Shimmer. Then the second EQG film came around and showed the world how you redeem a character on the moral AND meta level! Shimmer for life!

New guy here and hungry for some shimmy stories.


Sunset Shimmer is obviously the Best!!! she is My All Time Favorite Character Ever in the entire series!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

I know I'm 22 weeks late to this, but I'd like to legit ask why you hate me? Just wondering.

410456 :rainbowderp:

Ok then...thanks! :heart:

I love you in the most gayest way possible, full homo.

Nice use of memes.

Pretty much sums up what the intent behind this group is, as well as to stroke MargopoloGX's ego so he'll feel better about himself.

Like I said, hugbox.

Comment posted by Shadowmane PX-41 deleted May 28th, 2016

Another hugbox group, nothing more.


Ok thanks,

The reason I was asking is I wanted to add the sequel to Consequences how ever the issue I was having is that Sunset doesn't show up till chapter 3 and reapers in chapter five. So I was not sure if that story would work for this group. Thanks for helping to clear it up for me.

410079 Yes. As long as Sunset is one of the main characters, that story is good for this group.


What about stories where it bounces from her to other characters throughout the story like it does in my "consequences" stories

410069 Any stories where Sunset is the main, or one of the main characters is welcome here, be it pony Sunset or EQG Sunset.


Yeah, I'm not quite sure my stories would fit here either, but still, it is nice to join.:pinkiehappy:

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