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Dream Dusk

Little experience and unmotivated in writing stories ( even when I want to ) But my imagination and ideas runs wild :-D

Fave this human/pony

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Thanks for the fav. Please comment

Thank you for faving Two In Exile and keeping Twilight and Sunset company as they try to get by in the human world. :twilightsmile:

(*looks at your page* Hmmm, I wonder what might have gotten you to notice this story...)

2435963 Its a shimmy adventure story, thats all it need to earn a fave from me.

Thank you for favouriting The Worst of All Possible Worlds! :raritywink: I really appreciate!

Thank you for the favorite on "Sunset Shimmer's Many Demons" :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 27 - 31 of 31
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