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Sunset Shimmer, personal student of Princess Celestia, had a falling out with said teacher. Escaping through the mirror, she found herself in a world ruled by war, where dragons rule the sky, and demons lurk in the dark beyond.

Intent on returning home, yet prideful enough to not want to have nothing to show for it, join Sunset as she climbs the ranks of the Kirin Tor and sets out to be the most accomplished magus of her generation.

Chapters (4)
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Any story going for the potential of Sunset as prideful, bitter and highly competent student of magic would always be appreciated by me...
I also consider the crossover rather ironic, considering that imao it's the most interesting point for both Warcraft timeline and Sunset's story, as far as writing an interesting story is considered..


Really digging this story so far, excited to see more.

Is sunset turn to be a human

I really like this so far! I hope you'll continue this story, I'm really curious how Sunset's involvement will change the course of Azeroth's history! :twilightsmile:

Will sumset join the order what class she Will take please let it battle mage
Also more please.

Kel'Thuzad? Well, that's a fine, upstanding example for an apprentice to aspire to.

On the other hand, he fits Sunset's goals of ambitious power gain with nary a worry about the morality.

Another great chapter, really enjoy how you're handling Sunset so far.

Ok now sunset join order so what Going happen next?.
Also more please.

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