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A piece from my off screen writing "Frauen Korps" · 9:22am Nov 17th, 2017

"In 1945 I was promoted to Commander of the Frauen Korps while Commander Belinda was promoted to General, the war is over but if any future conflicts arise I will be there with my soldiers, I do not want to leave my love Erika for war but if the Reich needs me to I will, my duty is not just to my wife but my Fuhrer and country, times seem uncertain.........the Fuhrer is ill, I, General Belinda, head of SS Delina, Goebbels, Goering, agreed that the Fuhrer's wife Eva Braun would take over as

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So who is the one again

Whats happening here today?

Thanks for your interest! Hope you have many happy hours reading my stories :twilightsmile: Constructive feed back is always welcome and though I may not always choose to act on it I do take it on board. :pinkiehappy:

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