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If you've been around this site for an extended period of time, you'll notice a big, big problem. All these stories are too good! Well developed plot lines! Interestingly written characters! Logical conclusions to stories! Good grammar! Actual effort! The horror! The HORROR! If you're anything like me, you desire something a little more mediocre for your reading pleasure. Not to worry, we have only the best of the worst here. Confusing plot lines! No plot lines at all! Grammar so bad you'll shudder in fear! Character development? What's that? And I give you my personal assurance that you will find absolutely no effort here anywhere at all! So if you are as dedicated to the utter destruction to the art of writing as I am, feel free to join us!

Don't believe us? Here are what some people said about our little group!

"Just plain bad!" Jasper Rolls

"Seriously, who had the idea for this, anyway? Even the Devil couldn't think of something so terrible!" Nostalgia Critic


"Put that cookie down! Now!" Arnold Schwarzenegger

Our Proud Anthem

The Rules
1. When one of the moderators discovers this group and tears it off FimFiction like the blood sucking leach that it is, don't protest too much. We all knew this was coming.

2. I like to believe that we bad authors share a connection on a deeper level, that we are all one big family. I could be horribly wrong about that, but act like it's true anyway! Treat others with the respect they deserve! Bad writers are people too!

4. I believe in the Discord method of running things. Therefore the comments and forums of this group are apt to be a wild, untamed wilderness, untouched by the hands of moderators. But don't go breaking the site rules! Knightly is always watching!

3. I'll be the first to admit that I have no idea how these group things work. So I am going to lay down some most likely redundant ground rules: people are only allowed to post their own stories to this group's various story folders. This is so no one's feelings get hurt. In addition, If your story is posted here and you don't feel it should be, send me a message and I'll see to it that it gets removed.

2. Please post your stories in the correct folder! And for the love of all that is holy, please put NSFW stories in the NSFR folder!

25. We reserve the right to remove your story from our group if it isn't bad enough! If this happens, we will also give you advice on how to make your story worse!

This group is 0% approved by Twilight Sparkle.

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like the blood sucking leach that it is,

You spelled leech wrong. Just sayin'.

Every time something from this group shows up in my feed, I burst out laughing. I find the title absolutely hilarious for some reason.:rainbowlaugh:

372130 Why can't it be both funny and sad?

Argh! I can't make up my mind if the two errors in the group name are appropriate and funny or just sad.:twilightoops:

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