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Hello fellow Bronies and lovers of the OctaScratch shipping. Welcome to a group full of shipping of the two together, separate, and otherwise. All these great people have come together and made the group what it is today. Suggestions are always welcome in the forums. Make new topics as you please, but don't spam. It's an issue for me and all others. Enjoy your stay, and once again, welcome!

Disclaimer: This group does support NSFW but not in excess and will not be marked as an NSFW group. All stories of the sort will be put into a folder designated for this purpose.

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Good morning :twilightsmile:

Has anyone read the story Symphony for the Rival. any reason for why was it removed from this website.

i have a ship idea for any one how would bring the idea up

The story line is very similar, but sadly that is not the story :raritycry:
Thank you though

Is it possibly From Scratch? I can't post a link because I'm on my phone, but that's the one that I thought of first.

Octavia looks a lot like that fiddle-player from the Apple Family Reunion, don't she?

I wonder if anyone can help a fellow fimfiction reader. There is a story I encountered in the earlier years of this fandom that I never finished, and i would like to. I have scoured this website high and low for hours on end but this story seems to be in the deep deep corners that my searching has failed to uncover.

{This story started off with Octavia's career going down the drain, and to her knowledge it was because of the new trends in music (Dub-step & Vinyl scratch) and with here life hitting literal rock bottom to the point where she now lives in the gutter, she is then offered help form the "culprit" to her current situation. Even with her disgust with the DJ, Vinyl wouldn't take no for an answer and took Octavia into her home and later they realized that the cause of Octavia's career going into a downward spiral was because of her manager}

That's about all I remember, this is a really great story and I wish to continue it.

Help a brother out plz:applecry:

Lol that's my PC background

Vinyl and octavia is best ship ever:derpytongue2::yay::raritystarry:

My face when I add the wrong story :twilightoops:

Also Hi everyone :twilightsmile:

He guys/ girls
Look at this

380633 LET THERE BE WUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let there be MUSIC!!!:pinkiehappy:

agreed...wubs make everythign better

i think we need vinyl Wubs and Octavias dramatic cello<
or something like that :pinkiehappy:


I Super Support Vinyl and Octavia Together :heart:

Hey everypony great to see that someponies actually support vinyl and octavia...they need their own emoticons:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

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