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Brief Friendship Souls Delay · 4:48pm September 2nd

Hello everyone, figured I should provide an announcement on this one since I have tried to keep a fairly regular two-week update schedule for Friendship Souls and people might get curious. Basically due to me being sick for a good chunk of the past week progress on the latest chapter got slowed down considerably, and while I'm working hard on getting it ready it won't be ready today. Currently my hope is to get it finished by Monday or Tuesday, depending on how things go. Apologies for the

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So, I'm sure you know about the legend ponies Season 6 has given us like Mistymane and Flash Magnus who all tie into the Legends of Magic comics. Seeing these characters makes me wonder if you'd try including them into Friendship Souls.

That sounds like it could be a fun little experiment to try sometime. I'm somehow tickled by the notion of Pinkamena and Orihime stuck in the same room for a night, or Chad spending a day on the Apple Farm and seeing who can out-silence who, him or Big Mac. Still, given all I've got on my plate for writing if I do anything like this it might not be for a good long while, but its a cool idea that I can put on the back burner.

Ever considered doing a side project to Friendship Souls wherein each chapter is a Friendship Souls character meeting and interacting with their Bleach counterparts? For example Scorpan meeting Yamamoto or the Humane 7 meeting Ichigo and company. Could make for interesting conversations and comedic opportunities :trollestia:

I like their show-canon parents quite a bit, and its possible if I had started writing Friendship Souls now instead of last year I would probably have used them. There's some slight personality differences that might've changed the flavoring of some scenes, but I think the overall plot I've got would remain the same.

Now that The Perfect Pear is out what are your thoughts of Rainbow Dash and Applejack's parents and if they out at the time would you have used them for Friendship Souls?

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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