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Next Friendship Souls Chapter Delayed · 7:37pm April 10th

Heya folks, sad news but I'm going to need to take another week to get this next chapter for Friendship Souls ready. Just been kind of a rough week and haven't quite been on my usual writing groove, so the chapter is only about halfway done right now. I thank you all for your patience.

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is there a art of the girls (Main 7 and Clover) in a more bleach-like version ?

If Grand Fisher had managed to get to full Arrancar status, chances are he'd have been taken out by the girls once they got back from Soul Society. Sweet Cider would have one shot him, much like Isshin did to the Grand Fisher in the Bleach manga, but it's equally likely the girls would've taken him down once he remerged.

I've never really had an issue with the more colorful skin tone palate the Equestria Girls series has.

Fenice is older than Sunset, similar to how Starlight is also older than her pony counterpart. There's just a slight time difference for some of the characters due to background story needs.

It's not impossible that Fenice could potentially "pony up" if exposed to the right levels of magic under the right circumstances, and if she did it'd also help possibly boost her spiritual powers. At the very least she'd get the same growth boost the rest of the girls benefit from due to magic.

also, technically, could Fenice "ponyed up" and got some boosts due to equestrian magic if she was to meet either Shinigami Sunset or princess Twilight ?

had you ever thought of the possibility of Grand fisher becoming a Arrancar ? And maybe having a big fight against sweet cider ? Did sometimes you wished having give to the protagonists a more human skin color instead of those various ones of equestria girls ? Also, Fenice look like she is 26-27 instead of 17-18 like our Sunset, right ?

Interesting question. I hadn't really thought much about what Sunset might be like as an Arrancar, although if I were to name her Zanpaktou I figure it would represent a darker aspect of her character. I mean, let's say she somehow had ended up trading places with Adagio and becoming a Hollow instead, she'd likely be motivated less by ambition like Adagio is, and more out vengeful anger at the Espada. So a good name for her Zanpaktou would be Vengadora, or "Avenger" in Spanish. If the title of the first chapter of Friendship Souls tells you anything, it's that I see the phoenix as Sunset's symbol, so her Hollow form prior to becoming an Arrancar would likely incorporate that motif. As an Arrancar she'd of course mostly look like herself, save that I'd say the romance of her Hollow mask would be flame-like phoenix feathers around her eyes that'd be bone white, but perhaps have some flame color at the tips. Her Hollow hole would probably be in the center of her collar bone, just below the throat. She'd probably dress more conservatively than Adagio does, but keep that punk aspect she favors, maybe with a white leather jacket over a white shirt, pants and tall black boots. Her Resurreccion form would bring back in all the phoenix motifs, and have echos of her Soul Reaper Bankai. White wings, dripping fire, bone white armor shaped like feathers coating her chest, arms, and legs, but perhaps her feet and hands end in more avian claws. She'd still have a sword and shield in this form, but the blade would be more like an straight claymore than a flamberge, with a curved blade-like crossguard as well. Thinking the shield would look like a large wing itself, with the feathers along one edge basically being serrated blades themselves. Her Ressureccion form would be all about going on the offensive, pure attack with little defense even where the shield is concerned. Flame based Ceros and Bala, with damage inflicted on any part of her body converting into energy to make the flames stronger.

As for possible names for Bankai if the Espada were Soul Reapers, I'll confess I don't have any idea right off the bat. I had never even really thought about what kind of powers the Espada might have if they had traditional Soul Reaper powers. Not sure on this one, honestly.

And sadly, there isn't really any art out there of the Espada or Captains, at least none that I'm aware of. There's a pic or two of Adagio out there, but that's all I know of.

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