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Con Weekend so Friendship Souls Next Week · 9:06pm April 15th

Hey folks, just a quick heads up that I'm at Sakura Con in Seattle this weekend so I'm delaying the next Friendship Souls chapter to next Saturday. Chapter is coming along, just don't have time to finish it until Con ends. Hope you guys have a good weekend and as always thank you for your patience.

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Woah, I think they're a perfect match. I hope I find someone as crazy as her. And thank you for the extra info.

At the start of the story I believe I have him at 16, although by the present point of the story he's turned 17.

I don't think even Binge knows for sure how old she is, but it's somewhere in the mid twenties, around 24 or 25 I'd say.

I really love the story. Everything is played out perfectly. The plot twists, the character development! The comical relief put in! Just perfect! My favorite character is Binge! The redemption of Raider Binge was amazing. I love that Longwalk got himself a pretty mare to be with.
Also, how old is Binge?

  • Viewing 58 - 62 of 62
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