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This is a group for a pony that seriously needs more love; Raindrops! Any story with Raindrops as a main or recurring character belongs here.

"I've got my own Wiki page, a tumblr, a large amount of fanart, I've been around since episode 1, and I even got a shout-out on EqD calling me Best Pony! Why don't I have a character tag? Fix it, guys!"

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You know, seeing as Raindrops was part of the inspiration behind the design of my own OC(most apparent in the design of the cutie mark), I should totally include her in my story about Rainstream.

170th member! Raindrops is epic!

It was definitely the Lunaverse that got me hooked on to Raindrops at first, but now she's just outright one of my favorite ponies, regardless.:heart:

Not a problem. :twilightsmile:

329596 So that's what the problem was. Thanks though.


(For future reference, Fimfiction's YouTube tag doesn't like the mobile-friendly URLs)

Raindrops is best pegasus. :eeyup: :twilightsmile:

Um hi everyone I just found group today and well right behind fluttershy raindrops is my favorite.
I also didn't see this song around.

No Raindrops Smile :raritycry:

302973 Well our glorious queen Raindrops will always need our affection. So this can just be where we store all stories that center around her majesty! :raritystarry:

Huh, I could've sworn I joined the group months ago...

298202 So... does this mean the group is no longer necessary? Or should at least be re-purposed?

I mean, given that the original objective has been achieved...

301775 Hehe, cupcakes anypony? Today our secret ingredient in raindrops :pinkiecrazy: JK :derpytongue2:

Sure! :pinkiehappy:
And as for cupcakes... it has bestowed upon me a fear of any cupcake that I didn't watch being made. I hate yet respect that infamous work of fiction :applejackunsure:

301771 Wana be freinds? Just be warned, I find stories like cupcakes shallow. You know what that story is, right?:pinkiecrazy:

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