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Apologies for the delay · 10:21pm September 9th

Due to some personal events, progress on the next Friendship Souls chapter has been rather slowed down from the norm. Its still coming along, and I'm largely recovered from said personal events, but I'm going to have to take another week and get the chapter up next Saturday rather than today. I never do like missing the two-week update mark, even though it's never really been an official thing, just a goal I set for myself. As always I highly appreciate you folks' patience and continued

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Another Day or Two for Next Chapter · 12:35pm August 12th

Tried to get this one out on time, but some unexpected time sinks, mainly helping a friend with their move, cut into my days off, so going to need a bit of extra time on the next chapter of Friendship Souls. Hopefully will be able to get it posted up on Monday. As always, thank you all for your patience, folks.

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Friendship Souls Next Week · 9:59pm July 8th

Unfortunately I'm going to need to take an extra week for the next chapter of Friendship Souls. Just a combination of factors piled up this week so didn't have as much time as usual to work on it, and it'll probably be a longer chapter than usual anyway, so another week to pull it together is going to be necessary. As always I highly appreciate you folk's patience and understanding.

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Chapter Delay · 11:18pm May 27th

Hey folks, just letting you all know that I'm going to need to take some extra time on the next chapter of Friendship Souls. Shouldn't take the whole week, thinking it should be ready by Tuesday. As always I thank you folks for you patience.

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Personal Loss and taking some time. · 1:27am March 9th

Hello folks. I'm sorry to have to say I'm going to delay the next chapter of Friendship Souls to next week. I've just gone through some personal loss, with a very close friend having passed away, and need to take a bit of time to process it. Rest assured I'll still be writing, just going to be slower than usual as I deal with things. I thank all of you for your patience and time. Means the world to me to have you guys, and everyone take care out there.

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Friendship Souls Next Week · 6:27am January 21st

Hello everyone. I do apologize for having to do this, but I came down with a bit of illness this past week that did a lot to impact my usual writing progress, and while I've recovered and feeling much better now, I can tell I won't be able to make up the lost ground by tomorrow. Figure it's best not to rush things too much this time and just take the extra week to slowly regain my progress and get the chapter out next Saturday in an actually decent state. I thank all of your for your patience.

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Brief Holiday Break for Friendship Souls · 1:29am Dec 24th, 2022

Hello folks, hope everyone has a good Christmas weekend. As a heads up, due to the holiday, the next chapter of Friendship Souls will be a tad delayed from the usual Saturday update. The chapter is coming along nicely, just taking a bit of time off for holiday stuff so it'll be a few more days to finish it up properly. Aiming for a Tuesday update at the present. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and happy holidays out there!

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Couple of day delay on Friendship Souls this week. · 4:29am Oct 29th, 2022

Hello folks, just another heads up that due to a combination of family related events and Halloween prep also cutting into things, I need to delay the usual Saturday update to probably Monday. Got it close to done, just need a bit more time to get the last of it together, and this weekend is just too busy for me otherwise. At any rate I do hope all of you folks have a great weekend and Halloween, and as always I thank you all for your patience.

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Slight Friendship Souls Delay · 6:44am Sep 17th, 2022

Hello folks, unfortunately I ran into a few creative hiccups with this upcoming chapter of Friendship Souls. I have ironed out the issue, but it's going to be a few more days to complete the chapter as a result. While I don't have an exact ETA, it won't need a whole week, so chances are it'll land sometime around Monday or Tuesday. As always I appreciate everyone's patience.

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Chapter Delay to Monday · 6:17pm Aug 20th, 2022

Hey folks, hope the weekend is treating you all well. Unfortunately due to real life being real life I'll need to take a couple of extra days on Friendship Souls' next chapter. Should have it ready by Monday, barring any additional unforeseen events. As ever I'm grateful for your patience and understanding.

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