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  • 3 weeks
    Friendship Souls on Monday

    Hey folks, going to go ahead and take an extra couple of days on the next chapter. Its not quite where I want it to be at the moment, feel like there's more I can do to flesh it out with another day or two to work at it. As always, thanks for you patience, and hope you all have a good weekend.

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  • 9 weeks
    Friendship Souls on Wednesday

    Hello folks, just giving you all a heads up that due to a bit of a personal issue that's cropped up this past week I'm going to need a few extra days to finish up the next chapter. Nothing super serious, just unexpected happenings in real life demanding my attention, so no worries, just need a bit longer to complete this chapter. Anyhow, hope you folks have a good weekend and as always thank you

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  • 18 weeks
    Friendship Souls chapter next week.

    Hello folks. Unfortunately my work schedule the past couple of weeks has slowed down my writing a fair amount. With luck, the work burden will ease in the coming weeks, and I can play a bit of catch up. As such, the current chapter is about halfway done, but should be done by next Saturday. As always I appreciate you folks' patience.

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  • 24 weeks
    Tentative Delay to Monday

    Hello folks, just giving you all the heads up that I'm taking another couple of days on this chapter of Friendship Souls. It's, like, 90% done, and I want to cook this one for a bit longer. Pinkie Pie fights are always a little wonky to write. I thank you all for your patience and hope you folks have a good weekend.

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  • 29 weeks
    Friendship Souls Holiday Delay

    Just a heads up for you folks, while I've been working on the chapter, the holidays have cut into my time enough that I figure it's necessary to take an extra week on this one. I do hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and has a great New Year, and I promise Friendship Souls shall return for the first Saturday of 2024.

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Taking an extra week on next FS chapter · 9:00pm Oct 25th, 2023

As just a heads up for everyone, this past week my family and I went on a trip, and while it was quite fun, it was also exceedingly draining between the constant running around and the jet lag from going coast to coast. As a result, I'm well behind on chapter progress, and while I'm mostly recovered from the jet lag and general trip exhaustion, it'll probably take me an extra week to get the next FS chapter ready (especially because this one might prove longer than others). So expect the chapter not this Saturday, but next Saturday, and I should be back up to full speed. As ever I thank you all for your patience and hope you folks have a good day. :twilightsmile:

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No problem buddy, sometimes these things take time. Look forward to when you do update

That's fine. Happy you had fun on your vacation.

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