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A crossover story between The Bridge and Friendship Souls, a tale of Hollows, Kaiju, and cross-dimension shenanigans.

Across the infinite multi-verse there are equally infinite worlds. Travel between them is rare, but when one is tossing around the word 'infinite' , then rare becomes inevitable.

In one world, a being of unimaginable power named Bagan has been building power and forming an army of kaiju drawn from one reality's Terra, while enacting schemes across multiple worlds.

In another world, rife with a war between spirit realms, an interdimensional incident has drawn Bagan's attention. When situations like this arise, where Bagan needs a job done, he has a group of trusted servants whom have yet to fail him; four power kaiju collectively called the Dark Hunters. The Xillians ultimate weapon, Monster X. The Nebulan cyborg mercenaries, Gigan and Megalon. And the mutant Hyper-Gyaos, Irys. These four are sent across the endless expanse between realities by Bagan to gather information on this newly discovered world rife with spirit energies.

Their mission; reconnaissance. Their destination; the realm of Hollows, Hueco Mundo.

Credit for the cover image goes to the talented FallenAngel5414

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An ancient and mythical prison, where the worst entities to ever threaten Equestria have been sealed away for millennia. No record remains of what happened there on that fateful day the balefire bombs dropped. This is the story of the Tartarus Facility and one of its Wardens who there, two hundred years ago...

Written as part of a writing prompt in the Fallout Equestria group.

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Diamond Tiara is a young filly striving to one day become a savvy businesspony who can help pull her family out of being poor. Even with the radical events of kaiju arriving in her world doesn't shake up Diamond Tiara's day to day routine of going to school and dragging her best friend Silver Spoon along on one money making scheme after another. One day such a get-rich-quick plan sends Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon to explore the Everfree Forest, where a chance encounter with a strange fox-like being occurs, and an unusual friendship is born.

Based upon Tarbtano's Amalgam'verse and The Bridge, and the Mirrorverse story Sound of Thunder.

Cover image and additional art done by the talented FallenAngel.

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Having survived their trail by fire as drafted soldiers of the Legion, Trixie, Blossomforth, and Coco Pommel have been assigned to a newly formed unit called the Underwatch. Its purpose; to investigate and counter the newly discovered threat of a race of giant underground dwelling spiders referred to in Legion folklore as the Lurkers. Now part of a patchwork unit made up of various Legionnaires from all across the Barrier Lands, Trixie and her friends must contend with the extreme personalities of their comrades as much as the danger they'll be facing in investigating the machinations of their arachnid adversaries.

This is a sequel story to Legionnaires of Equestria, and is based upon the Upheaval series by Visiden Visidane.

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Sunset Shimmer has finally decided to remain in the human world after the events of the Friendship Games, and has also resolved to study magic in her adopted home and defend it from any threats of dark magic alongside her friends. Then a mysterious incident leads Sunset and her friends to run straight into a dangerous world of supernatural beings that have existed in the human world for eons; twisted souls known as Hollows and the beings known as Soul Reapers that battle them. Where will this twist of fate lead the girls, and what secrets might be uncovered about their pasts in the process?

A crossover series between Equestria Girls and the Bleach anime/manga by Tite Kubo.

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A simple holodisk tape, old and dust covered, found among the many tucked away records that got sifted through in the wake of the Enclave's fall. Upon the disk, an audio recording of the testimony of 2nd Lieutenant Drizzledrop and her chilling account of the fate of her ship as it is assaulted by unknown, supernatural forces during what was supposed to be a routine patrol flight.

Written for the Fallout Equestria group's October writing event.

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Written as part of the Fallout Equestria group's Secret Santa writing prompt.

Red Eye is the unquestioned ruler and tyrant of Fillydelphia, in charge of a unified slaver empire that controls a large portion of the Equestrian Wasteland.

But that was not always the case. While many know that Red Eye took control of Fillydelphia through a combination of charisma, intelligence, and likely no small lack of violence, there are countless conflicting rumors as to how the enigmatic stallion actually first arrived at the slaver city many years ago.

This story depicts one such story of how the famed slaver lord first arrived at the gates of the city he would one day rule.

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When Cheerilee receives a strange package containing an seemingly old board game her curiosity leads her to inviting he friends over to check it out. It doesn't take the mares long to discover, however, that "Zone" is no normal board game, and they soon find themselves struggling to make it through the game's increasingly dangerous and otherworldly challenges.

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Based on Visiden Visidane's Upheaval series, which begins in Breaking Point, this story is non-canon with that story but written as a fan tribute to the series. I highly recommend checking out the canon series if you're a fan of adventure and military exploits.

Equestria is a peaceful realm, but one that has been kept in the dark about the price of that peace. The Heartland, as it is called, has been protected for generations by the Barrier Lands, a realm outside of Equestria that is occupied by ponies who make up a large army known as the Legion, controlled by the brother of the Princesses, Prince Terrato. This Legion has been fighting an ongoing war for centuries against a host of deadly enemy species that would gladly destroy Equestria if not for the Legion's efforts to keep them at bay.

After a series of events leads Twilight Sparkle and her friends to discover all this, the Barrier Lands and the Heartland are reunited, and the peaceful Equestrians told the truth. However this reunification is not entirely smooth and has with it a terrible price of its own; the draft. Equestrains who have never known a day of violence in their lives must now serve in the Legion, whether they want to or not.

Trixie Lulamoon, Blossomforth, and Coco Pommel are three such ponies, drafted into the Legion and sent to the Western Barrier Lands, where the dangerous bear-like race known as the ursans rule a vast realm of mountains and forest. Though their posting at Beartrap Fortress is meant to be a quiet one, out of the way of the main fighting, these three mares suddenly find themselves stuck in the forefront of an unexpected invasion. Ursans gather in numbers not seen in centuries under the rule of a new warchief, and it seems Beartrap Fortress is directly in the path of this new assault.

To make matters worse it seems there is an even deadlier new threat lurking in the shadows behind this invasion, one that could change the very dynamic of the Legion's struggle to protect Equestria.

Can a single company of raw, inexperienced Equestrian draftees make a difference in such a battle? Its time for the Legionnaires of Equestria to find out what they're made of, one way or another.

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Long ago the nations of the world faced a deadly threat from a powerful conqueror. Divided by their differences the peoples of the world nearly fell alone, one by one. But champions arose who exemplified the virtues of their cultures, and learned to work together to fight for the good of all. Inspired by these champions the varied races of the world cast aside their distrust of one another and defeated the evil that sought to grind the world under its rule. Though centuries have passed since that time the example of the champions was not forgotten, and to this day is honored by a special contest, held every hundred years: The Contest of Champions. Here, members of all races are chosen to represent their people and land in a series of games and challenges, for the sake of promoting understanding and harmony between the vast varied races of the world and demonstrate what each can be when at their best.

The call for champions has gone out, and Trixie Lulamoon and her friends, freshly dubbed Knights of the Realm and Bearers of the Elements of Harmony have been chosen to represent Equestria. It is an honor some of them are elated to bear, while others among the friends question if they can take on such a lofty responsibility. However they may feel about it the six mares from Ponyville shall travel to the Isle of the Fallen where they will face the greatest champions the races of the world have to offer; from veteran griffin soldiers and enigmatic zebra martial artists to mighty cervid warrior skalds and a kirin royal heir obsessed with obtaining victory by any means. On top of that, Corona herself has designs upon the Contest, and others attending the event may have plans that have nothing to do with promoting harmony and understanding.

Based on RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse, this story is canon and part of Season 2, taking place in the spring-arc.

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