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A crossover story between The Bridge and Friendship Souls, a tale of Hollows, Kaiju, and cross-dimension shenanigans.

Across the infinite multi-verse there are equally infinite worlds. Travel between them is rare, but when one is tossing around the word 'infinite' , then rare becomes inevitable.

In one world, a being of unimaginable power named Bagan has been building power and forming an army of kaiju drawn from one reality's Terra, while enacting schemes across multiple worlds.

In another world, rife with a war between spirit realms, an interdimensional incident has drawn Bagan's attention. When situations like this arise, where Bagan needs a job done, he has a group of trusted servants whom have yet to fail him; four power kaiju collectively called the Dark Hunters. The Xillians ultimate weapon, Monster X. The Nebulan cyborg mercenaries, Gigan and Megalon. And the mutant Hyper-Gyaos, Irys. These four are sent across the endless expanse between realities by Bagan to gather information on this newly discovered world rife with spirit energies.

Their mission; reconnaissance. Their destination; the realm of Hollows, Hueco Mundo.

Credit for the cover image goes to the talented FallenAngel5414

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The lake is magic, don’t drink!

Interesting. I like the idea and wish you good luck on this :pinkiehappy:

This looks fun. I'll admit, I haven't read the Bridge (yet), but you did a good job introducing all characters. I'll be sure to keep reading. :twilightsmile:

Also, that cover art is fantastic. (Much better then my art too!)

Finally, had time to read it. Good thing I've free days now . New Year resolution- start and finish "The Bridge". Somehow I can't find time for that.

Can't deny that at this actual moment I would rather know wthat will go at the Camp, this story is quite interesting. Can't wait for more. Hopefully, Di Roy will show how awesome he can be. In fight, I mean. Not his usuall, everyday awesomeness. We have plenty of that.

And, if I may ask, how "canon" is this? Like will characters make references to their little road trip, or characters appear in "Friendship Souls"? Characters like Tempest?

To answer your question on canon, I consider this story fully canon to Friendship Souls. That said i did write it with the intent that it would still function as a side-story that wouldn't necessarily be required reading for those who'd prefer just to stick to reading the main story itself. That isn't to say events here won't be referenced, or characters will crop up later, but when that happens I'll do my best to incorporate them smoothly in the main story so if someone hasn't read this one, they won't feel lost.

I’m in this solely for the Bridge.

However considering that Ghidorah feeds on life energy, how similar to that is soul energy? After all X is technically Kaizer Ghidorah even though that personality no longer exists.

Also what would happen if Irys took on her original form and attempted to eat a Hollow?

“Okay, what’s with the bleached outfits?” Gigan asked...

In the distance, one can hear a voice crying out in anguish. It speaks only a single word:

...there wasn’t a hint of aggression towards them from the short, feisty redhead. Just towards Di Roy. X still couldn’t figure what that was about...


I'm hoping Irys has somesort of extra spiritual awakening and requires a zanpakuto. The Dark Hunters need another edge to survive this

I'm here from Friendship Souls, and man, going to have to check The Bridge out too, this is quite interesting....

Ohhhhh So She was the kenpachi before Sweet Cider.

At this point I can except this as cannon to friendship souls with no problems!

I was hoping Irys would have gained a zanpukto but I guess that was too much

I do not want tempest to win because she is acaptain that bent knee to a joke character.

you nerfed the kaiju

I'd considered a few different ways to handle the Dark Hunters gaining Bleach-related powers, but ultimately I felt that would take away from them being kaiju and that it'd also require far more story-line to cover them learning how to use something like a Zanpaktou or similar power. However since in The Bridge the kaiju can power up to their natural forms with magic or other sources of energy, I thought it'd work that absorbing enough Hollow spirit energy could give them slightly Hollowfied versions of their kaiju forms. That way we could get some cool kaiju vs Bankai action going.

It's okay, Mugen, if you're not interested in reading FS, because I did try to write this so that this could largely work as a standalone story. FS shouldn't be required reading for keeping up with The Bridge, since this story wasn't written with any intent to be referenced or have a major impact on any Bridge events. Kind of like Shimmer in the Dark, this is meant to be individually enjoyed by fans of either parent story, without making them necessary to read.

Tempest's powers are awesome. I can see the inspiration Komamura had on her Bankai, but it is unique as well. I loved how Irys transformed, as well as everyone's tactics.

Finally finished reading the whole (as of now) of The Bridge, and man, it's an awesome fic, and gives more background to this one, amazing chapter, but man, I lost so much time reading The Bridge, and it even left me on a cliffhanger...

Nubian? It is Nebulan.

Besides that error, this was excellent. Loved Megalon reflecting on his place in the group and the discussion between X and Tempest.

Shit man, with X's reasoning for following Bagan being meeting Aria and his team, it's going to suck when that absolute bombshell of a realization hits that Bagan's master plan involves tearing everything X currently has apart.

This story is going fantastic so far, absolutely loving every bit of it! Keep. It. Up!

The irony here is that The Storm King is doing exactly what Adiago wants to do, but is to paranoid to let her in on it, despite the fact that this would gain him at least two Espada as allies. Perhaps D Roy can sweeten the deal, say let slip that Adiago knows how to turn lesser hollows into Arancar.

I also wonder how interconnected the underground waterways of Hueco Mundo are?

Will I need to read The Bridge in order to understand this story?

That shouldn't strictly be necessary. Reading The Bridge would provide some additional context for some of the characters, and is a good story that's worth the read, but I did write this story with the intent that it could be enjoyed even if the reader is only familiar with one side of the crossover.

Hey, don't want to be pushy, but it's been more than a month since last chapter. Everything's fine?

Yup, just had a rather distracting month. Next chapter is progressing, and should have it ready to go in the next week or so.

Well, I hope is better now. You're doing an amazing job keeping the 2 weeks schedule. Wish you health.

1 is this cannon
2 is this important

Ooh! This looks interesting. Having once been cast as Gigan for The Bridge dub, this has my attention.

1. Yes, this story is canon.

2. This story is written with the intent of it being entertaining to fans of either side of the crossover, but isn't meant to be plot-critical for understanding events in those stories. Any references to these events that appear in Friendship Souls will be explained in context of that story and shouldn't leave anyone confused.

Nice update, was hoping this story won't be forgotten, I love crossovers, and this is my first ever crossover of crossovers.

While I can understand your concern, I can safely say you don't have to read Friendship Souls to keep up with The Bridge, as this story is meant to be fairly self contained. If you just want to continue reading The Bridge, then by all means do so. This is merely meant to be an entertaining story for fans of either, and if they happen to want to check out one or both of the parent stories, they can, but it's not required. :twilightblush:

Well strictly speaking even this story should be self-contained enough that you don't necessarily have to read it to keep up with The Bridge.

Ah, my apologies then for the misunderstanding.

What, the red hair didn't give it away?

Hmm, I bet he can steal power like his pony counterpart

“Top that off with the Storm King using his power to enrich the land so we can grow food, and we don’t even have to hunt for human souls anymore,” Yang said, “Captain Tempest really did bring me and my sister to a good place, with a decent ruler. Way better than that bastard Tirek, who lets monsters like Grogar do whatever the hell he wants.”

So, hollows, arrancars at least can substitute spritual food for souls?

In this particular case, this is a power insinuated to be unique to the Storm King to allow the growing of these orchards.

Loved the scene where Megalon and Grubber were playing Yu-Gi-Oh. I also loved Tempest trying to flirt with X, then X staying loyal to Aria.

I like how you reference the source material in a different way. The Storm King's betrayal of Tempest is similar to the movie, but not an exact copy.

... wow, is it weird that I expect tempest to become a vizard

Holy cow, the Storm King's power is terrifying. Kudos, I didn't see that coming.

Man, I thought you might have been going a different direction with the storm king, but I honestly find your characterization so interesting, and terrifying as well.

I have to admit, despite knowing pretty much nothing about ''The Bridge'' side of this crossover aside from bare basics, I have enjoyed everything about this story. Now we're coming up to the climatic kaiju battle, so that'll be a treat.

Also, I really do hope Tempest does drop some biting remarks against The Storm King as they fight. Like saying after taking a good hit, "Pretty sure Tirek's slaps hurt worse." Just things to get under his fur and distract him further.

Tempest is such a mum. Hope they'll find their place. Sunset's group would be nice. Or one new under Tempest, but I guess she's more a Commander than Leader.

Shame about Grubber though.

You guys really know how to write epic battle scenes. Storm King, what a disloyal ass, no matter the reality.

Loved it, most awesome crossover. You and Tarbtano are artists, and I am both excited, but sad, that your team up has concluded. But I will hold on to a false hope to that someday you both will not only team up again, but you both will feature chapters in your actually ongoing fics pertaining to the other. It would totally blow my mind if Friendship Souls and The Bridge became joined together permanently, with both good and evil factions teaming up respectively for the final all out battle to decide the fate of all reality. I could only imagine what would happen if Substitute Soul Reaper Starlight Glimmer had to face off against Bagan.

That was epic. I was really sad when Tempest told X to be careful about Bagan, as it is a forgone conclusion that he will eventually betray the Dark Hunters.

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