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This story is a sequel to The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover

(Actually a midquel, but reading The Bridge is not required)

As the tales of the Bridge take hold, something else wholly the same and yet wholly different occurs.
After all, lightning never strikes the same way twice...

You guys are awesome! - 11/26/2015

Raiga made by Shinpei Hayashiya
MLP and FiM by Bonnie Zacherle, Lauren Faust, and Meghan McCarthy

Chapters (6)
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Good start, I like what you did with introducing Starlight and now the changelings. If you need a Changeling OC just give me a shout.
Other than that I'll be waiting for the next chapter in this story.

Uh oh...Starlight Glimmer...Wait, is she...not the crazy cultist leader of season 4 or is she?

Great way to start up a new story. How did Starlight manage to find herself under the tutelage of Queen Chrysalis?


Yep. Granted this is pre-Season 5 so no Our Town just yet.

This story is interesting. I got to say that I love Raiga's personality almost as much as blade Dancer. Her fighting style is amazing and her rough/tough personality already made her a likable character in my book, especially at the end. Congratulations on Faith for her design on Starlight Glimmer as she looks as lovely as an MLP antagonist can get. Still, Glimmer role in the story is intriguing as she hints to have been in contact with Xenilla and Chrysalis (Will the explanation about Xenilla's record be clarified in the Bridge or in this story?) and is clearly against Godzilla. Thanks for the entertaining story.


Maybe to further her 'evil counterpart' shtick? Starlight needed to learn some strong magic and she couldn't learn it from the likes of Celestia, Luna, or Cadance. So, evil ambitions seek the only other powerful teacher out there, Chrysalis.

Starlight - Twilight
Chrysalis - Celestia

I just want to know wtf is going on here

and Chrysalis’ correspondence with Xenilla were to be believed.

Xen's been chatting with Chrysalis?! How? When?! Damn it Xenilla I was starting to like you!

Very good start. Can't wait for more


Chrysalis’ correspondence with Xenilla were to be believed.

. When did this happen?!?!?! Tarbs, you got me lost there.

And another thing:

I-Ini Godzilla! Godzilla!"
("I-It's Godzilla! Godzilla!")
Several older coworkers whapped the junior on the head, having already noticed the beast's distinctions; shaking their heads and motioning with their arms.

That was from the Raiga movie wasn't it? That was a pretty funny scene.

Can't wait for more

One more thing, who's Agon? I never heard of him

Oh Hell, so let me get this straight, you put a Kaiju Combat Monster named Raiga into a parallel universe in Equistria where everyone is the Opposite like Good is Evil and Evil is Good and now in the Future chapters there might be a SpaceGodzilla who's a Good Guy and a Godzilla Junior as a Evil Tyrannical Asshole, that I guessed this right?

6326015 I'm just as surprised about Xen's correspondence as you are.:applejackconfused:


Yep, loved that funny line so I threw it in :raritywink:

As for Agon, he's a TV kaiju from an old miniseries that Toho re-released with some cutting as a film, 'Agon the Atomic/Fire Dragon'


Raiga isn't from Kaiju Combat, she's from her own movie :applejackconfused:


Oh ok, thanks. Keep up the good work, tarbs :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by SuperSaiyanGodzilla deleted Aug 17th, 2015


Yes I am still working on Bridge proper. This is a side project I can do on downtime when I don't have enough time to type out a full chapter of Bridge but enough to make a short chapter like this.

6326141 Where did you get that from, there is nothing to suggest this at all.
Clearly it's a drug trip. :pinkiecrazy:

I saw what you did there, you foreshadowing/ prophesying events that haven't happened yet in the main story. So Starlight is working with Chrasylis? And Chrissy has been chatting with Xenilla? Very very interesting.

Also it seems that Harmony is bringer over more kaiju to the party!

I'm in love with Raiga right now, she's so hilariously adorably badass.

6326010 so is that still set in stone or, is she taking a different path?.........hi.

Excellent work keep up the good work.:pinkiehappy:

Raiga?! She's in this now? Well that came out of the blue. THE DEEP BLUE!

So, before a few months ago, I had never heard of Raiga before. I still don't really know much about her, but she seems to have an interesting skillset. Kinda like a Godzilla-verse attempt at a Gamera type monster. And from what I understand, within this story at least she belongs to an evolutionary branch that broke away from a common Godzillasaurus ancestor, and adapted to life in der sea.
This side story opens to a harbor-borne battle between her and another "general kaiju-verse" monster. Though I'm not familiar with Agon either, (he's come a long since Westeros hasn't he?) the fight was well done, and very visceral. Tarb pulls no punches when it comes to the Kaiju style of violence, mixing supernatural abilities with animalistic savagery. Raiga's method of combat really remind me of a Gamera type protector, opposed the more familiar 'force of nature' Godzilla type. I assume that this is due to the retconned background of the engineered Kaiju protectors gimmick that Trab has established.
Interspersed, are scenes of the budding sociopath Starlight Glimmer, and her frantic attempt to flee and reach her magical mentor, of all creatures in Equestria, Chrysalis. That, and her knowledge of Xenilla and some kind of intelligence past between the two villains are all terribly interesting! Just when we thought Xen might be becoming a darkhorse, we learn that he is in contact with the maniacal queen of the Changelings. Excellent play Tarb, way to keep us readers on our toes and not get complacent.
So Raiga soundly beats Agon, helps mitigate the damage to the wharf, and swims off to mull her thoughts and memories of Mothra's admonitions against her rash battle tactics. It makes me wonder if she's dissatisfied being on the b-squad, not quite possessing the status to place herself among the great defenders, yet to make her bones in application for the Kaiju Justice League. Yet another reason to wish for the resurrection of Young Justice.
Then a portal opens near her as she lay on the ocean floor. Ok, I'll go with it.

Star-swipe back to Starlight Glimmer dashing her way towards Manehattan to rendezvous with Chrysalis. Now, I always thought that Chrysalis is a great villain, from any franchise. and her ignominious defeat in the show I think, was a disservice, and that the story should have been a three-parter. So to find her at the center of a network of spies operating out of the major metropolis, is a delicious turn of events. But what in the name of Tartarus could she be plotting in talks with SpaceGodzilla?
And we find that Raiga has been 'friendshipped' into a Hippocampus. I guess that just happened. I do wonder, just how she's supposed to ambulate on her journey? Can she swim through the air, or will she drag herself across the ground like Herbert-The-pervert's aged dog Jasper? (Mmmmhhhmmmm)
I, and most of my body is ready for her adventure in Equestria. And I am of course interested if she'll ever encounter the Pacific Rim Kaiju. It would seem that she has a cousin in them, well, Raiju at least.

The Magnificent Machine requires more data! Until then, toe rockets and Spectrum beams will be withheld. Be diligent, the Simeons are watching. usercontent2.hubimg.com/2422985_f260.jpg

I already love Raiga; gets right to the point in a fight and brings the pain!
And I'm VERY intrigued at Starlight apparently being in cahoots with Chrysalis...

So, let's see if I have this right...

At about the same time Ponyville is dealing with paraspri...er mini Destroyahs, the future little miss cutie mark thief is considering everything the Changeling Queen has passed on from her conversations with Xenilla. And yet, in the main story, we have not yet (knowingly) seen said Changeling yet. Into this mess, a high end kaiju with the restraint of the infamous Leeroy Jenkins has been, for no readily apparent reason, unceremoniously dumped.

I look forward to the explination for this. If I was to guess about what's happening, I would think either someone we thought was a normal pony was in fact the Changeling Queen (unlikely; few are large enough for her to replace easily) or, more likely, this is why you came up with a mirror! amalgamated timeline a while back; in essence, Raiga is in the mirror! version of The Bridge, and not in the main story.

Of course, I could be wrong. Only time will tell.

Edit: Letters, not conversation. (I first read this story immediately after a triple feature at the local drive in theatre and was not at my most attentive when I typed out the above.) Since at no point in the main story has Xenilla written to any pony, any changeling, or anyone else for that matter, then this is certainly not the same version of Equestria as in the main story. This leads me to a theory as to how and perhaps why Raiga is there, but I shall wait to read the true version

Adding Xenilla to the mix, he's got a lot of explaining to do.

Comment posted by Smjames deleted Aug 17th, 2015

I can't help but think with some Pegasus allies to keep a storm going for her, Raiga would have almost unlimited charge up opportunity!

And is there an Equestrian Villains Monthly Club or something??? Because I can totally see all the villains except Tirek (cause he's a douche bag who'd drain all of them) and Sombra since he's pretty much stuck in the frozen north before Xenilla wasted him getting together for discussions on plans so they don't interfere with one another, griping about the Mane 6, and swapping skills to help one another.

A true blue kaiju out of water story? I like how the scale of this story is growing. You don't have to be brain sturgeon to see Raiga is gonna have a hailbut time adjusting to her Equestrian form.

But in all seriousness I'm hooked, I can't wait to sea what happens next.

A side story to the Bridge......... AWESOME!!! :pinkiehappy: And it's already off to a great start. Of course, that's really no surprise, considering the author. :raritywink:

Good stuff, Tarbano. Looking forward to where this story goes! :twilightsmile:

Is it strange that I was listening to casual Kenny Rogers and Bon Jovi during the fight and hardcore Motley Crue and AC/DC during the rest?

A very good start to Raiga's adventure. The fight between Raiga and Agon was well done, as have all the other fights in the Bridge thus far. The revelation that Chrysalis and Xen have been in touch with each other has me very intrigued and all the more interested to know when we'll see those two have their first conversation with each other in The Bridge, in addition to learning what made Chrysalis decide to become Starlight's mentor.

I don't know why, but everytime I read The Bridge, and now this midquel, I think of this song:

Anyway, great job. Can't wait to read more.

Did Chrysalis impersonate Blade Dancer? Was that how she had a long talk with Xenilla?

And now to find ANOTHER freaking monster movie in subtitled Japanese.

You know how hard that is?

I have NO who the hell Raiga is, but now i'm intrigued.... *looks it up* This looks good! I'll be back to read this after ive found and watched the movies!


I warn thee, it's a comedy spoof movie. Do not expect seriousness as it has what I think amounts to the closest imagining of real life anime characters XD

Me likey.... im following this!


See why I changed up a few things?

Hmm, I like Raiga. She's got moxie. Decided to track down the movie she's from on Dailymotion, because I've never actually heard of this kaiju before. It was a very... odd film. More a parody of the kaiju genre than anything else, though I did really like Raiga's design. I'll be interested to see where you go with this side story and just how it'll end up tying into the main storyline.

Okay this is looking interesting, one question, who is Agon- nevermind i'll find out myself.

still a bit confused as to what Starlight is worried/scared about when she left her home and why she is working with chrysalis and why Junior needs to be stopped

Apparently, Chrysalis was Starlight's mentor, kind of like how Celestia was Twilight's mentor, and Starlight thinks Chrysalis is a good guy. Her cousin Moonbeam Glimmer was that lady who appeared on the radio back in "Chapter 21: Old Problems, New Results" who denounced Godzilla and his kind as murderers. Starlight believed Moonbeam, which is why she's working with Chrysalis to try to get rid of him.

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