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A Halloween short set in the Bridge/Amalgam'verse continuity family, however reading is not required.
(Just don't think too hard on when, tis just a short)

Their fates changed after their encounter with the kaiju and now back to normal, relatively speaking, life slowed down for the Dazzlings into the fall. The sirens more or less have adapted quick to the human realm, though holidays are often still beyond them. So when Halloween catches the youngest sea witch's eye, what's Sonata to do to try and get them into the spirit of things than layout the meaning of it all as she sees it?

Cover art by Faith-Wolff
Cover Art Link

Old cover art by EpsilonTLOSdark4
Original Picture Here

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Wow, I was pleasantly surprised to see another story from you, Tarb. It was funny to see how badly the Sirens are when it comes to holidays, especially their fear of Santa and the numerous weird thing about Halloween. I also laughed at the Sirens’ distrust for cats and the costume changes. The fact that Sonata came up with the idea to use their song for Halloween was brilliant and it’s sweet Adagio let Sonata have the center spot this time. Will be honest, when I saw that you picked a song from Hocus Pocus, I thought you were going to put the “Come Little Children” song from Children of the Night. Anyway, here’s your usual dose of favorite.

Textbook storytelling, as always.

What a marvelous idea. Thanks for the treat.

Adagio groaned and rubbed at her temple, “Sonata, the humans here make dozens of holidays, what makes this one worth getting worked up about? Some of them are already getting geared up for that winter one two months away before this one even started! I’m still trying figure out the one where they launch dozens of explosive bombs at the air to make the place sound like a war zone.”

So am I, Adagio. So am I.

“Duly noted,” Adagio nodded before turning her focus back to her little sister, “And I think we’ve had our fill of monsters and scares this year after all is said and done.”

“Well unless it’s X,” Sonata muttered, earning a grunt from a now red tinged Aria.

The purple siren started to leer at Sonata, “Rrrrreeepeaat thaaaat?”

Insert Die For Our Ship joke here.

She took the microphone and waved her hand as if casting a spell, “Iiiii put a spell on yooooooooou!~”

...in hindsight, I should've seen this coming.

So, why are they adverse to felines?

Hmm i was foolishly hoping for a Ghidorah to make a cameo as a ghost, but this one-shot is a nice little treat nonetheless.

“Well unless it’s X,” Sonata muttered, earning a grunt from a now red tinged Aria.

Whatever does she mean by that?

They're half mermare (i.e. fish-like) and cats eat fish so it's a running joke that mermares are terrified of cats.

When they first met X, they thought he was a monster. Now they know he is a Kaiju, so he's still a monster. As the end of "Dragon Knight" proved, Sonata is fully aware X and Aria are in a relationship.

I thought that initially, i was just a little confused by another user's comment on how a Die For Our Ship joke could be made.

Oh. You probably should have responded to that comment so that person could answer you.

Well, this was fun! Always love to see the Dazzlings

Sooo...I wonder where X and his cohorts be...

*Laughs uncontrollably*

That was great! I love the fish out of water stuff.

Especially the part with the cats! HAHA!

Cute little episode Tarb! Much in the vein of one of those EQG shorts going around nowadays. And I cannot promise that I won't also use "I'll put a spell on you" as a song if I ever have chance to use the Sirens in my works, it's just too much a gimmie.

Also, the definitive version of the song for me, is by CCR.


So when Halloween catches the youngest sea witch's eye, what's Sonata to do to try and get them into the spirit of things than layout the meaning of it all as she sees it?

They have Nightmare night. Not Halloween.

Sirens were banished before Nightmare Night became a thing, they arrived just after Nightmare Moon was banished. Took a few decades for the holiday to happen and by then they were gone.

EG is close alternate reality of world where Equestria is. They have the same name fot the holiday as in Equestria. The Nightmare night.

Had no canon to say so holiday wise and one of the EG comics offhandedly mentioned Christmas, so I decided "Eh, not a big deal".

The aversion to cats got me! Nice! I loved this!

I came up with the cat aversion as a carry over from my canon's mermares, of whom the sirens are descended from. For the mermares I mixed up a bunch of IRL mermaid lore and pop culture versions and one of them was being comically terrified of felines.

I mean, the Sirens are part fish, so it only makes sense! :pinkiehappy:

That was cute. Lol.

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