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Chrysalis sent Twilight deep into the abandoned caves beneath Canterlot to stop her from interfering with her conquest of Equestria, but what if that was not the first time Twilight has been down there. And what if Celestia was not the first individual to take notice of Twilight's potential, nor the most powerful. What happens when the hunger for love clashes with the hunger for knowledge. And which will Twilight choose?

Cover by Santafer

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Elder scrolls is owned by Bethesda Softworks

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This is awesome. I eagerly await more.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Well this is getting intresting. Have a like :scootangel:

Twilight + Tentacle monster.. I think I've read this fic before :trollestia:

Thx let me know if I get something wrong
don't get your hopes up to much, rated Teen for a reason

I hope I don't disappoint

A fascinating concept. My only advice at this juncture is that you get an editor, as there were numerous typos and grammar errors scattered throughout, and the flow was a little wonky. If you can get someone to help you out with that, though, then I think there is potential for a truely great story, here.

I'll be keeping an eye on this for sure.

thanks, but unfortunatly I know no proof readers.

Pluse I am only doing this because I believe there arnt enough Skyrim crossovers

Grammer? Blame my autism.

Well, as far as acquiring a proofreader/editor, there are a few groups on this site you can use to look for one. I'll go ahead and provide you links to two of them.

The Proofreader group.

Looking For Editors

You could probably peruse those to find a good editor. Take it from me, as I speak from experience: Having an editor is invaluable to putting out a good story.

....I am trying to imagine Twilight dressed as Miraak and the mental image is absolutely adorable. Have a like :twilightsmile:

Hermaeus Mora is an egg head after all (A very dark one, I admit)

I can definitely imagine Twilight being Hermaeus Mora's champion in one universe due to her single-minded love for books.

My thoughts exactly

Oh my god, I haven't even read it yet and I can hear HermaMora's voice praising her thirst for knowledge.

Not bad, but this chapter needs some editing. Biggest thing being its 'realm' not 'relm'. It's not a dealbreaker but that mistake frightened me more then anything else in this chapter, tentacle included :raritywink:

"As I have said before, even the flow of time of Apocrypha is subject to my will," explained Hermaeus Mora. "In this case, I have made so no matter how much time goes on here, the splash of ink you left will not have had time to even settle in your world. "

The second set of his dialogue isn't bolded like the rest.
I love this so far. A few minor mistakes every now and then, but overall really good.
I do hope that you've got a plan for after she defeats the imposter though, I've seen great ideas/plots like this succeed for the first arc, but completely fall apart afterwards to either very rapid power escalation or complete loss of direction.
I've got high hopes for this story, its going to be great.

You know i have been waiting for someone to make something like this with old mora and twilight but no one ever seemed too

You made a couple mistakes. Relm instead of realm. Poor instead of pour.

Aside from that: Good idea, good execution. Art thou angel?

foreboding title. "Your relm?"


which I can extent a small portion


through the ether that exisis beyond


he had any disire to cause


so he could glem knowledge


with new intrest,


outside of this relm."


It's 'realm' and not 'relm', though i can understand how one could think that.

and wiggle with


the sight making discust mix slightly with Twilight's shock.


Until a great bulb of black gew rose out of the center mass

Hmm really don't know what this should be...

at stake then just your brother


knowledge with which you can you can use to combat your


Twilight herd the distinct sound


the creature before just stopped

before her

the two pedals on their


on their close and

hmm think it would be better with "near"

pressed not to poor over every


her horn illuminate an arched


flower pedal like objects


how she enter,


she looked intomthe black beady

into the

side, jestering to the lights


one had balck grill paneling


Twilight moved to accend the stairs.


intertwining back wire slowly


waited afew passes, counting

a few

below her form her new


Knodding her head to herself,


thanks for the corrections, extert is a good word but I feel it is to stronge fore the situation, Hermaeus Mora's Influence in Equestria is very weak.

thanks, expect more then than mistakes in the future, never could tell which belongs where.

Gew you know, slime, though I think its spelled goo

Much appreciate intomthe was the result of my m key being so close to my space bar on my ipad. I hate it, it happens alot

OMG, how did that happen? This story started as a simple vent. Thanks for the heads up.

Grumble... found another one...

band of her family exectly where the


Hmm it's just that extent is not a verb...
You may use extend maybe...

Me like, Me track, Me follow:twilightsmile:

Also I love the cover art.

people have made some pics of Twilight exploring Apocrypha though

interesting so far, looking forward to the next chapter

It's how I found the story and I love it so far. :twilightsmile:

See i wasn't going to read this after this first chapter...but then you had to cock slap me with my favorite Dedric God

That cover-art... Looks eerily familiar to a commision I did to my friend... Maybe just a coincidence.

She has no clue what she's getting into...i love it

An ellipsis only has the three dots, you got a couple extra here.

"How could you.....?

kept a....certain focus

will need to....join me....on

Also the 'how could you' is missing the end quotation mark.

couldn't decifer the words.


How I hope this arc ends: Twilight Sparkle spends a few eternities in oblivion, comes out having married a deadric prince and returns to her old life after remembering why she was there in the first place.

How this arc will probably end: Not how I hope.

Why is he your favorite out of curiosity? I myself find either Sheogorath ok but...

don't know too much of The Elder Scrolls but that image of the outer god of knowledge yog-sothoth looking over twilight who is reading the necronomicon, looks pretty badass I absolutely love H. P Lovecraftian horror

9432670 That's not Yog-Sothoth. That's Hermaeus Mora, Daedric Prince of Knowledge and Secrets. He takes that form in the time of the Last Dragonborn, and appears when you leave the frozen cave that holds the Ohgma Infinium.

Yah, even Akatosh doesn't compare

maybe, but I don't see Hermaeus being the marrying type

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