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Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle. My brothers are Shining Armor, captain of the Royal Guard, and a dragon named Spike that I hatched when I was little. I have five friends that help me wield the Elements of Harmony, artifacts that protect Equestria from evil. I have a few other friends that are less important, but still great ponies nonetheless.

One catch, though. I am also a changeling queen, and the friends and family I just mentioned are all my subjects, and children as well. They don't even know it, but everything's working out alright, so no reason to tell them! After all, it's not like a giant wave of love energy could suddenly reveal all the changelings in Canterlot, right? Right?

Word of warning: A good portion of the logic in this story depends heavily on thick headcanon. I will try my best to explain everything in the story, but some small details just don't have a place there, so they won't be included in the story.

Here is a table highlighting every changeling Queen in the story, as well as their location, color, emotion, political stances, and Royals (not all are listed). There's some spoilers that may be major to people, so just be warned before you open the link.

Changeling Queen Table

May 11-15, 2017: Featured for over 100 hours straight...

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This is brilliant! A wonderfully fresh take!

Please do be sure and continue this.

Seven pings returned from behind me,

Seven? Who's the seventh? Assuming one through five are the other elements and the sixth is Spike.

8155503 Uhh. *counts hive* Ughnnn. *orients self in Canterlot* Oughnn... *ding sound* Yep! All accounted for! :trollestia:

I have seen this trope many times, of Twilight was actually a Changelling queen in exile or was a spy all along. So I hope it will have it's own twist to it to stand out of the rest to stand on its own.

Yo this looks great. Looking forward to seeing more chapters soon.

A nice intro, looking forward to how you will develop it.

8155844 I've seen lots of 'Mane 6 X is a changeling' stories as well. The twist here is that mommy Twilight is going to have to deal with a horde of changelings that had no idea that they were changelings, and Twilight's kids. (Sorry Night Light, you aren't the father.)

ok form what I read this look like good story,
also please continue this,
form look of it only spike and twilight knew the truth it going to be one hell of surprise when twilight show her real self off,

Comment posted by Vigriff deleted May 12th

Neat. Just a few weeks ago I was wondering if something similar had ever been done.

This is a really fresh take on the "X is a Changeling" genre. I'm looking forward to what's next!

This has earned my interest...

This kind of confused me. So...she's a changeling, but once it goes back to the Mane 6, it seems like she isn't one...and the same when she confronts Chrysalis. Is she a changeling or not? It felt like she was one for only half of the chapter.

8156338 Twi is a changeling queen, and the Elements, Spike, Shining and a few others are also changelings, but only Twi and Spike know this.

Twi has kinda accepted the point life, on account of living it for 20 years straight.

8156381 They are? I didn't get that there. Huh...guess I gotta try to read it again. I did not see that in this chapter.

8156388 I didn't outright say it in the chapter. The description, and small details say as such.

8156405 Oh, I thought that was being...nevermind. Guess I didn't take that literally. Sorry.

oh intresting if its anything like the irony of applejack im excited for this story

*looks at concept* Wut?

Ok, I'm not even gonna get into how this would never work.

I don't have a week to write out the entire 90-page thesis.

I'll just put forth the FIRST problem: The Elements would know Twilight was not who she said she was. They would never have chosen them in the first place, and NMM and Discord would likely be battling each other as we speak... or end up in some kinky villain romance.

8156644 *pushes glasses up with a flash of light* *cracks fingers* *activates headcanon mode*

The Elements of Harmony, I believe, are directly integrated with the concept of harmony, or the idea of things working in unison. I also believe that they have a view of the MLP universe outside of time, as in they can see just when they're going to be needed, who will be using them, and similar things. This would explain how the Element of Magic has always looked like Twilight's mark, it knew that she was going to be the Element of Magic.

When Queen!Twilight, or Citlali found the elements, they recognized her, and her species. They decided that they simply did not care, since Twilight and the other bearers were going to be using them to spread harmony, unlike Sunset Shimmer. So long as the bearers will use the elements to further their purpose of restoring harmony, the elements will attune themselves to said bearers.

Now for Applejack and Honesty, because I know somebody out there is asking that question. Applejack has lived 20 years as a pony, with no knowledge of anything before. In ways I won't describe because spoilers, she is just as much a member as the Apple family as she is a member of Citlali's hive. Her entire life is not a lie, and never was. AJ will not be decieving ponies, her job will mostly remain unchanged.

Anything else?

8156683 Then these headcanon EoH's are even more inconsistent and easily subverted than the others. Have a villain spill it that they're all changelings, WHICH DISCORD WOULD HAVE FOUND OUT and pose the question if they'd be loyal to their own kind or to the ponies if push came to shove.

At least one of them wouldn't be able to answer for certain. Probably Twilight since she knows the whole truth. And Aj would be broken by the knowledge that her whole life was a lie.

Aaaaaand, since this time Discord wouldn't have even needed to warp their minds, all the friendship letters in the world wouldn't have helped.

Discord wins. Nuff said.

I certainly agree. The Equestria version of the loops is by far the best and funniest fanfiction i've ever read :pinkiehappy:

8156724 The 'Hey look those peeps are changelings' reveal will happen, but Discord will sadly not be able to enjoy it, as he is currently stoned out of his gourd.

Like I said, Citlali's hive has been living as ponies for the last 20 years. They're ponies in everything but blood. While yes, AJ is going to be shocked, it won't be because her life was a lie, because that is bull. She's lived with ponies, she's worked with ponies, she's done literally everything in her life with ponies. When the reveal happens, her steadfast 'this is happening, lets work it out' nature is going to shine, and she is going to make the best out of the knowledge that she has family in Twilight.

If an villain asked where their loyalties lie, it would most assuredly be with Equestria. 'Oh hey, look at that, we're changelings now, better commit mass genocide!' Yeah-- no. Citlali's hive is unique in the manner that nearly every 'ling in it is a master at blending in with ponies, because they've lived their entire lives, sans Citlali and Spike, as ponies

Discord is not going to be appearing in this story. It's going to be primarily SoL, with some dark tones when dealing with Citlali's hive's history.

8156753 So... they're all changelings... but don't know they're changelings... why? Why has Twiling gone out of her way to hide the truth from her own offspring for this long? And how has nothing slipped up in all this time? And how can the changeling unicorns cast unicorn magic and how was Shining effected and how did Chrysalis not realize they were changelings and... gahhhh!

I'm just not getting any of this.

Hmm...it's a solid enough of an idea...we'll see where it goes, I suppose.

My one big criticism of it is just it's approach. It starts out the chapter not really hiding the fact that Twilight's a changeling queen in hiding, and her proper relations to those around her, which is author's prerogative of course, but it also feels like it's assuming we the readers already well familiar with all the details of this when we don't really...no more than what the story summary gives us, which is honestly very bare bones. So it leaves points feeling vague and unclear, like we're not getting all the details for important topics presented as if we already do. I assume these missing details is all for later in the story, after the "big reveal," a plan which I approve, but you've still given us some details already that feel like they need the other details NOW in order to really understand or appreciate...basically, I feel like you've revealed just a tad too much that it's not flowing quite as well as it could. It manages well enough, but it's got spots it hangs up a little on.

Personally, I think a better approach would've been just not give the reader next to ANY clues (if that) about Twilight (and company's) true nature and just related events as if assuming usual MLP canon UP UNTIL meeting Chrysalis in the guise of Cadance, and even then any clues given only be given through character spoken dialogue, otherwise the prose continues as if things are still MLP canon, only now the reader knows there's something more at play, and to look forward to it. It still gives that hook you're looking for, giving tidbits for the reader to catch onto and be eager to keep reading so learn more, but at the same time not revealing so much that it feels...uneven.

If that makes any sense. I can try to elaborate if need be.

Otherwise, I think you do have a gem of an idea here. As I already said, we'll see how it pans out. :twilightsmile:

8156836 I'll try to explain this without spoiling anything. Normal sized changeling hives bring in enough love to more than make up for the amount of changelings living in the hide. This is because some 'lings get better and grander chances to bring back love, while some others do not. This means that a hive as tiny as Citlali's can't afford to have the usuall mix of workers, infiltrators, and soldiers. She needed her whole hive working to get love, which would result in no locational hive.

Citlali decided to put her remaining eggs, and few changelings into positions where she could still be close to them, like family and friends, but still allow them to thrive in their individual situations. She hasn't really put effort into keeping 'lings hush-hush, she's just let things play out as they have. Nothing has slipped, because there's hardly anything to slip. The changelings don't know about their true nature, and as such have hardly developed their skills. They don't know how to shift, they don't know how to read emotions reliably, ect.

Changeling magic can be compared to the other forms of magic in this analogy: A power generator requires fuel to function, but then it can supply power to many different machines. Machines can be plugged into many different outlets, but still ultumately does the same thing it always has. Changeling magic allows for them to convert the energy in emotions into the required forms of magic, but unicorns draw from already-present magic in the air in order to cast their spells, for pegasi to manipulate weather, for earth ponies to do whatever the heck they do.

Shining is a changeling. Chrysalis has realized that they are changelings, but doesn't really care. She's a little ego-centric, and as such, believes a crippled, weak hive barely past double-digits cannot, in any way thwart her plans.

As for the Elements conveniently picking Citlali's hive, I repeat that they, along with the concept of harmony, don't exist in time. They know that Twilight and the others are usually the bearers, so they chose Citlali and her hive to be the bearers as well. As for the Rainboom, Dash was able to manage that event because she was subconsciously feeding off of the positive emotions of the crowd, which produced enough magical energy for her to create the explosion.

They all got cutie marks because A, I believe that blank flank disguises can still get cutie marks, but they aren't permanent. The six did realize their special talents, and they did earn their marks. Reason B is too spoiler heavy to actually talk about, but it still goes over what's necessary.

I enjoy answering these questions, and I'm sure others are appreciative as well, so continue if you feel inclined to do so.

8156880 Thanks for the critisism! I was a little on the fence about Twilight/Citlali being very frank about 'hello reader, I'm a queen', and 'i am very normal pone'. I think that shows in how reluctant TwiLali is in talking about being a changeling, which I will most likely correct.

And yes, I am planning on doing a big reveal once the love bomb goes off. Citlali's hive will be understandably pissed to realize that they're all changelings. (See my conversation with Alondro to see more reasoning behind why they don't already know, though that could be considered spoilers since I'll be going over it mid-story.)

In that case, I think having the story start out with Twilight just acting, speaking, even thinking, as if a normal pony would've fit in perfectly with that sense of reluctance to talk about her changeling-ness, but that's just my opinion on the matter. :twilightsmile:

I skimmed through the ongoing conversation between you and Alondro in brief already. I was going to stay out of it because it looked like you have a handle on it already, but I would like to point out that Alondro's apparent confusion over the story's premise does lend my earlier criticism some credence. This first chapter's flow is a bit clunky and it has the potential to cause confusion with readers rather than the desired intrigue. Additionally, while I trust you have a game plan to explain everything (I haven't read the in-depth explanation you gave to Alondro so to avoid getting spoiled TOO much, because, you know, I am still an interested reader wanting to read the story as it happens), he still raises a couple good points that still need to be addressed at some point in the story, and can't just be waived aside with mere simple explanations. Credibility comes in the details, so my advise to you is that, when you DO post the "big reveal," make sure you address every sticking point in depth as well as you can, and make sure there's a logical line of thought behind all of those explanations and no "just because" moments. AU though this story is doesn't mean that it shouldn't still keep in mind regular MLP canon. If anything, it should be taking that canon and simply building off of it and then going off in it's own directions.

At the very least, it'll be that credibility that will decide if this fic sinks or swims. :raritywink:

Concept is nice, but seemed a bit rushed. There was no build up to Twilight and Chrysalis confronting one another, it was like being thrown straight into the deep end.

Just my opinion on the matter.


As for the Rainboom, Dash was able to manage that event because she was subconsciously feeding off of the positive emotions of the crowd, which produced enough magical energy for her to create the explosion.

What about her FIRST Rainboom... the one she did as a foal when the bullies were mocking her and only her determination drove her forward?

There are just too many questions I have as to how all of this could go down, and making the Elements somehow aware of other dimensions/timelines doesn't help matters, but make them even more bizarre.

Reading the explanation, I was then forced to wonder why Chrysalis didn't expose them to Cadance when Twilight freed her. That would CERTAINLY have made Cadance and Celestia uncertain and played right into Chrysalis' hooves. She could have quickly lied and said Twilight and Shining were working for her all along, but must have accidentally been hit with part of the mind spell she was using to prevent all the other ponies from noticing her awkward out-of-character-for-Cadance behavior. Even if it generated a few minutes of doubt, it'd be more than enough to give Chrysalis a HUGE advantage. See, there are simply too many potential places in the timeline where one of the villains could easily use the fact of so many disguised lings to their benefit. And they most certainly would because they're villains! Being bad and manipulating people is what they do!

The other question is: Where are the real versions of each character? They have large extended families in some case, especially AJ's. Given that everypony who'd have known them since birth still knows them and their relatives, how did all this replacement take place? Or were the ponies mind-addled to accept additional faux family all those years ago?

Really, I don't think you understand how difficult it would be to keep such a titanic and every-growing lie a secret long enough to even get to this point.

And then I have to consider Twilight's foalhood... her magic surge... her hatching of Spike... how did all of that still take place? Why would Queen Twilight fake a magic surge or that magnitude in her magic interview when Celestia wasn't even there and it was Spike jutting through the roof of the building that brought her? What was the purpose of that?

See, I recall EVERY SINGLE EVENT in series and character continuity. Every. Last. One. I can't rectify this with a rather massive number of them, and can fathom no reason why a changeling Queen would ever go through the same events the same way.

There is two twist from the usual formula here :
-Twilight is actually an ancient changeling queen (Rare in and of itself, usually her age isn't faked even when she is a Queen)
-All of the Mane 6 (and a few other ponies) are changelings (and don't know it)

The second one is a headache in the making for her, since she is going to be very soon on the receiving end of a few very confused and angry "mom, we need to talk". It also beg to question if she did anything to ensure that the Elements recovery went without a hitch, like manipulate her children to ensure that they got them.
The first one is interesting since it comes with a lot of implications. Do the princesses know ? Why was she Celestia's student (and acting the part so well, with all that came with it, notably Spike) ? Why was Twilight pretending to be a foal in need of a foalsitter ? (She could have pretended to be the mother of the familly...which she in fact actually is)....
And that's only those that came to mind on the spot :twilightsheepish:

8156979 That explanation goes for both Rainbooms. Both times, you can see ponies in the crowd cheering her on.

Also, ignore the Elements, the most screen time they get is in the title of the story, and when their bearers are referred to. Honest to goodness, they aren't important.

Chrysalis in this fic is just as competent as she is in the show, if not more. Since she didn't expect Citlali to be Twilight, she had no plans for her. This meant that she didn't need to get into Twi's head with the 'I'm evil, Shining protect me' behavior. If she had revealed Citlali and her hive, the wedding most likely would have been called off, and she wouldn't have had as much time for the crowd to love the bride while she was saying her vows.

Nightmare Moon didn't have a way, or reason to check the bearers to make sure they were ponies, Discord didn't really care, and decided to mess with them in the same way as he did in the show (Chaos is chaos, no matter what species the victim is.), and all the minor villains were just that: minor.

8156924 Yeah, the big reveal is going to be interesting. I'm going to have it in waves, so it's not just one massive info dump of exposition. I do have a game plan to explain everything in a way that (hopefully) satisfies the readers, and the characters. I agree that the first chapter needs to be fixed in some points, but I'm gonna focus on forwards instead of backwards progress.

I try to stick to MLP canon as much as possible, only breaking for the big things like 'oh gosh twilight is a xenomorph horse.'

Again, thank you for reading and giving feedback. And I'm talking to everybody here, thanks you guys!

8157001 No, I was talking about when Twilight brought Cadance out and Cadance shouts, "THAT ARE NOT ME!! THAT AM ARE CHERNGELERNG!! ERMAHGERD!!".

THAT would be the time for Chrysalis to go, "ORLY? Well Celestia guess what! YOUR STUDENT ARE CHERNGELRNG TOO!! ALL UR STUDENT R BELONG TO ME!! MUWAH HA HA HA!!"

That'd be right in line with her character. :trollestia:

But seriously, even the stupidly illogical Chrysalis in the show with her ridiculous plan which didn't even take advantage of her race's powers that well would think to spill the beans at that point, if nothing but for the shock value.

And see, it's comments like that one that makes me feel confident that you know enough about what you're doing that you'll be able to pull it off satisfactorily in the end; it's just a matter of seeing it through to completion now. :twilightsmile:

8157022 Ah, I see, my bad :twilightsheepish:.

That will be resolved in a way that doesn't involve Chrys going 'well shoot guess what ima changeling', and a lot more trying to save the situation. It always bugged (eh, eh?) me that Chrysalis gave up on her plans so quickly. Or perhaps that was part of the plan?

8157028 It's comments like this that actually make me confident that I have some semblance of skill in this whole writing thing. I'm glad you enjoy it, and I hope you stick around until the end.

Oh boy, I hope I can make this story finish satisfyingly... I have an idea for how to end it, but... *slaps self* Doubt is bad! Write first, revise later!

Into the thick of Headcanons I plunge, for I fear no headcanoning that is not of my own invention.

8157042 The whole Wedding episode was rushed and full of plot holes. Need we mention again a certain suddenly-absent Princess of the Night during the whole debacle?

I suspect they knew they'd written themselves in a hole and there was simply no possible way to reasonably have Chrysalis take on 3 alicorns simultaneously without backup, but they'd already written the story so she was in Canterlot alone... which makes no sense if you're ruling a race of shape-shifters the ponies don't even now exist. You could replace HUNDREDS of ponies and stage a sudden uprising, and mind-control hundreds of ponies at that! Heck, there are COUNTLESS ploys you could come up with as attacks, diversions, red-herrings... By the time anypony had any idea what was really going on, you'd have won. The ponies really wouldn't have stood a chance with a leader the plot permitted to be even semi-intelligent.

The episode was a terrible mishandling of an interesting villain species with astounding tactical and surveillance capabilities, relying on the most inexplicable Deus Ex Asspull climax in the entire series.

Interesting... I shall eagerly await the next chapter.
Till next time,
May the wolves guide thine steps, and the owl impart its wisdom into thee.
~ Eric Longtooth
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the city was visible in all it’s splendid glory

the train began to slow to a halt at it’s station

This city’s care for it’s rulers


You always were the best at telling ponies emotions

*ponies' or *ponies's

yeah its commonplace in the family

lets talk like the ponies we are

I know somethings up

"its", "lets", and "somethings" each need an apostrophe :moustache:

I can read every ponies emotions like an open book

*pony's. Also, I think this works better with "anypony's".

8157249 Oh my gosh. Thank you for that! My word proc's auto correct is very good, it even knows names, but some things like everypony's get corrected to every ponies. It's kinda annoying...


I see much potential. And a fave. And a follow. (Your story's awesome)

Interesting, and pretty good. I'll be tracking.

This day was going to be perfect

Famous last words, Chryssie. :rainbowlaugh:

I held off saying this before because it's really just personal opinion and nothing more...but I really think you missed an opportunity to have just written the whole story in third-person perspective instead of first, and just favored everybody's BUT Twilight's perspective, at least until after the "big reveal." It would've helped provide better control over what details to give when and in what context, AND only added to the intrigue and suspense for the readers. :ajsmug: But, you know, just personal opinion.

On the upside, the flow feels better this chapter, so that's good. And other than Cadance being maybe a bit too quick to trust Twi given the circumstances and perhaps the pacing of events being a bit too quick, things still seem to be going along good, writing-wise. :twilightsmile: I await the next chapter.


Moment I read that, I immediately thought of the real life Weather Channel and thought "yeah, that's not a phrase I'd ever think to associate with that channel." :rainbowlaugh:

8157462 Yeah, I have to say that could be something cool for a c-ling story. Don't show from the 'ling until hir's revealed. Remember that Cadence and Citlali can sense each others emotions, which meant that Cadence could feel the honesty, and earnesty in Citlali's words.

I love that Weathered Channel joke wayyyy to much.

this is quite enjoyable

Wait a minute...if the bearers are changelings, how do their families work?! Granted, you can kinda skip that with half of them, but isn't Applejack supposed to be all about family? Not only that, if Twilight's family are changelings, (Which makes the most sense out of everything in this) why is Twilight hiding this from Celestia? Just pure fear of rejection? I mean, this story shows Twilight is much more confident than the show version. Kind of OOC, but she's a queen, so its justifiable.

8157483 All in good time my friend, all in good time.

Seriously, though, I have set up an explanation for the matter of family.

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