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26 yrs old, average american male. Closet brony. Just another face in the crowd.

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Hm....TBD? IT's either "To be Determined" or "Tinky Binky and Dinky."

I choose the latter. Tell Tinky, Binky, and Dinky I said hi!

Thanks for the addition, hope you like it.

Thanks for adding 'Animal in the bed?' to ur library :twilightsmile:

:pinkiesad2: Aw! Thanks, man!

You seem to love dinosaurs, do you?

Hey! Don't blame me! It looked interesting! If you don't want people looking, hide your shame!

Just kidding! Your story caught my eye, it looks like a fun read. Please to keep writing, comrade!

Also, I love your "Top Favourites" shelf! Great stories one and all.

  • Viewing 17 - 21 of 21
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