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Quick Announcement · 2:47pm November 12th

Upon receiving several suggestions, I've made a number of bookshelves for the ongoing stories I keep cranking out. This should make browsing my stuff a fair bit easier!

There! I hope you're all happy with yourselves!!! :fluttershbad:

But seriously, I'm a lazy fuck and should have done this ages ago. Thanks to all of you who poked me about it.

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Don't worry about it, I kind of understand what it is like to have a crap load of work to do. Sometimes it ends up being late but that's just the way things are

Well, there does happen to be some face sitting in a piece I'm currently working on.

Can you to a facesitting story only

Uh, shit. Um, sometime soon?
Honestly, this is a huge juggling act of work, commissions, trades/collabs, and my own stuff.
Like, the pieces are all there, in my head, but I've gotta get it hammered out on paper google docs.

Sorry for the delay! :fluttershbad:

I'm sure you get asked this alot so I'll keep it brief
When's the gleaming Ascension sequal coming out? You said November previously and now it's December
I don't mean to sound like an ass it's just that I really can't wait for it to come out

  • Viewing 158 - 162 of 162
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