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Small Update · 9:10pm September 29th

Ok, so, some of y'all are probably wondering what's with all the OC related stories recently. To be honest, I've had a big patch of comms and trades I only recently cleared out and I'm pushing them to the front of my publication list.

I know some or most of y'all probably aren't into 'em, but they need to get published sooner or later.
That being said, I have a BUNCH of good stuff I think all y'all are gonna enjoy.

> Promo material for art packs

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Asimov was one of the titans. He left a legacy which will be hard to surpass.

I'm glad she passed Pern to her son Todd, but I miss her writing. And for Asimov, I'd ask him all about how he ended up tying all his series together so well.

Two good choices!

I'd love to talk to Anne McCaffrey or Isaac Asimov.

I just realized how fucking terrifying your profile picture is.

Like, it may not seem scary now, but imagine it with RTX.


  • Viewing 405 - 409 of 409
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