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Chapter 3 of Rock A Rock Solid Family and updates · 11:46am January 4th

So chapter three is up and I'm planning on going back to make a few edits to the first and second chapters, mainly little corrections for spelling and punctuation although I may edit the phrasing in places slightly. There may be a fourth chapter in the works for this story as well regarding one Mrs. Cloudy Quartz as well. I've got a few stories I'm cooking up including: a vore fic, more Tekky x Leech shenanigans, a Thorax fic, a request involving hypnotism and wanton incest, and a story

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Une Montre, pour vous.

I love your Potion Maker series.

I do plan on writing some SFW content for this site eventually, although I have a lot of creative friends in the NSFW Pony community and they're a bit influence on me. I've written a number of things over the years including a book, and two others I'm still working on, but clop is just kinda fun. Anyhow thanks for the comment and I hope you stick around, there will be some SFW content coming here at some point. ^^

while I do like your works I wouldnt mind a none sex story from you maybe just a nice chapter where leech and the potion maker have a nice day hanging out but Be who you wanna be i wont stop you

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