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Writing and Drawing: A Synesthetic Crossover Delight · 7:35am April 18th

Judging by my fairly limited life experiences thus far, I'd say I'm a very visual person. Learning a skill comes easiest to me when I can picture whatever the heck I'm learning in a physical sense.

For months now, I've had this story stuck in my brain that has so much trouble coming out on paper, you'd think it was a lost cause. I've written no less than SIXTEEN different introductions now. For this same damn story. Some of these have even made it through an entire first chapter. And yet the story still refuses to come out, yet I refuse to give up on it. For so long it's been haunting me: Have I been thinking about it all wrong? Was I never meant to write it? Have I put enough effort into it? Or too much effort? Should I roll with the first piece of dung that sticks?

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Interesting question. You probably take planes for a fly in the same way you take dogs for a walk, except with a longer leash.

Does anyone know how to fly a plane?

Never really thought about it. I just enjoyed the play on words. But indeed, I do dabble in TF2 from time to time. Let me know if you want to connect on Steam.

That username...do you play TF2 by any chance?
Edit: So I actually got off of my lazy butt and Google'd it, but I guess that "Rocket Lawn Chair" is way older than TF2. My bad heh

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