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One hundred years. Twilight Sparkle is having a tough time stomaching that reality. She has lived a full hundred years in Equestria, and being an immortal princess promises only more centuries to follow. She's not sure if she's ready for the rest of her life.

But Twilight's lifelong friend and mentor has a special gift for her, something that will change her perspective about the future.

Lovely cover art is from Momomistress

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I can't decide if those two need to get a room or find a café where they can smoke Gauloises and sneer at people.

Some edits:

rest gently against Twilight’s mane

Two spaces between "against" and "Twilight's".

guard the same way when I first saw it.

End quotation mark.


Celestia snuck a hoof under the table, teasing Twilight’s thigh.

Twilight grinned slyly. “Supervise me?”

“Erm….well, both of us,” replied Celestia sheepishly. “Mostly me, but on paper it was for you.”

Definitely a room. But why not both?

This story was so adorable; it definitely deserves to be in that "Oh God, the feels" group. I love TwiLestia fics (and indeed, any princess x princess fics), especially since they'll be with each other for, well, the rest of their unnatural lives. This feels like a one-shot, so I'm kinda confused by the "incomplete" tag, but if you'll add more to it, I definitely won't complain.

That was enjoyably different. Thank you for publishing this.

Dengit, forgot to remove the "Incomplete" tag. Thanks for catching it! Yes, this story is a one-shot, but I ended up writing a sort of unofficial sequel to it with my other story "Changeling Heart". I published that story before this one, however.

Oh darn, it was still a great one shot. Thanks for putting it up for us!

8101849 you never once mentioned Twilight's friends.....she's the Princess of Friendship, you think being immortal would impact her views on friendships and how she would hate to lose them


Eh, if they live about as long as humans, they might have been dead for 10 or 20 years.

I also find it a bit odd that people would think that it would have an eternal and huge impact on her. We all lose friends, not necessary to death, but to life (childhood friends, school friends, work friends) and it doesn't (generally) fuck us up forever.

Well, they're somewhat mutually exclusive. The second type only has sex ironically — to demonstrate the essential meaninglessness of the pursuit of hedonic pleasure.

Damn it, I love these fics, really enjoy a different take on immortality and relationships

Listen, man, I have to tell you something about math... :fluttershysad:
So, uh... one hundred, right? It's a big number, isn't it? And, um, it's bigger by a good stretch than 80... and much bigger than 30... so... :fluttercry:

Wanderer D

Ah, good, I always like to read positive immortality fics instead of the dread-and-loss that people expect to cloud over their lives for eternity. Have an upvote!


Literally every single 'Oh no Twilight is immortal' fic on this damned website is 'abloobloo muh frens'. Either to the point she ends up killing herself to be with them, does some black magic to bring them back, or realizes that she's just got to get over them and move on, happy that she had the time with them but not sad that they're gone.

This is so refreshing that there's not a hint of 'Twilight's friends' aside from Fax Machine for just a second.

True, ain't it? I mean doom and gloom is fine, but we get enough of that in our mortal lives anyway. Thanks for your kind words! So glad you enjoyed it!


I also find it a bit odd that people would think that it would have an eternal and huge impact on her. We all lose friends, not necessary to death, but to life (childhood friends, school friends, work friends) and it doesn't (generally) fuck us up forever.

You're right. Time is the cause and cure.

Indulge me for a moment, then. How long do you think ponies live? :trixieshiftright:

8101917 Is it necessary to bring them up in every single immortality story though? For that matter would it truly impact her views on friendship in any negative way? My problem with this whole "friends are dead, I'm immortal" type of drama is that it's just unrealistic. We don't need to be immortal to experience the loss of family and friends.

My grandmother died eight years ago, my childhood best friend died fifteen years ago. Yet aside from them no longer being there and my missing them there wasn't any major impact in how I view relationships other than an "enjoy them while you have them" sort of viewpoint.

Years later I have made new friends. I still miss the ones that have died but the bulk of the pain is long gone.

Relax, Twilight. You're not immortal, you just don't age. Sooner or later that Tirek with your name on it is going to show up: in the meantime make the most of every hour. :pinkiesmile:

Added a "like". Good change of pace from typical "I'm immortal boo hoo hoo! My first friend died so I kill myself!".
Because obviously, while Twilight grows hundred/two hundred/five hundred/hellknowhowmanythousands years old she never makes any friend beside Mane Six. Yeah, make friend with other ponies? You must be kidding! Of course they all inferior to Mane Six, so why even bother?

Now that's the sort of 'eternal life' ponderings I can get behind. In stark contrast to Twilight's standing, I fully support drunken Celestia philosophies, and wish to see more of them! :D

ADORABLE! :heart:
That's one of the best Celestias I've ever read, by the way.
10/10 would read again.

“That’s nonsense,” huffed Celestia, a smirk growing on her face. “I have absolutely never been registered.”

Welp. That gets a fav.

This needs to be more then a single chapter story.

We need more of this Twilight's and Celesta's relationship.

Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to want more! May I humbly direct you over to my other story, "A Changeling Heart," which I'd actually written after this story, yet published before this one. In my mind it sits as a sort of unofficial sequel to this story.

This mostly comes down to taste, because the structure was good, no glaring grammar errors, at worst I think you accidentally a word once but... I didn't like it. Which is hard for me to say for a TwiLestia.

Immortal angst is stupid. There, I said it. It's just plain stupid. Oh I'm gonna live forever, wah. Props on using a new angle, but absurdism (which is what you were talking about, not nihilism) is just as dumb of a reason to say living forever is a curse as the usual family/friends angle.

And the ending just left an awful taste in my mouth. Haha, pedophilia is funny! I've read Molestia fics that treat the idea with more respect.

I really expected a lot more from something that's gotten so popular so quickly, but I guess it goes to show that something even in a genre you adore can rub you the wrong way.

Appreciate your criticism, and I know that my sometimes-irreverent tongue-in-cheek humor isn't going to be to everybody's taste.

Not usually a fan of Immortality Angst, but I enjoyed this.

Literally everything about this was amazing!

8101917 That has been so thoroughly explored in this genre that there is no point at all in doing it.


Between Winter Wrap Up (when Twilight mentions that Ponyville has avoided using magic to clean up winter for hundreds of years) and Family Appreciation Day (Granny Smith was around for the founding of Ponyville)...a few hundred years?

We have no indication that that is the case. Twilight's line in WWU is potentially hyperbole or the product of misinformation, and contradicts all other indications.

What specific indications are there of short lifespans?

8109851 It's been confirmed that ponyville has been around for at least a century or two, and Granny Smith has been there for it's founding, so ponies live for at least a hundred years.

Who knows how long an actual year is in Equestria. the concept of accurate timekeeping sort of goes out the window when the length of days and seasons is subject to the whims of living beings.

I started doing some research to try and prove my point, and found no evidence to suggest that what I had assumed was true. Even if you've only got that circumstantial evidence, it's better than nothing. Therefore I must conclude in the absence of further data that pony lifespans are not only considerably greater than their real-world counterparts, but that they also far exceed ours on average.

Yeah, that's pretty much where I'm sitting. The evidence we have feels like the writers just didn't make that connection themselves, rather than intending to say that ponies live for centuries...but there's nothing at all that contradicts that evidence, weak as it is. And there probably never will be, because I don't think that the show is ever going to go there.

That said, even without that evidence I'd still assume that magic horses would live longer than regular horses.

8111663 I'm gonna call Occam's Razor on that one.

The show barely flirts with the idea of even talking about death. Only because of the brief appearance of a funeral and the absence of old ponies do we know that they die at all, or that this is a regular thing. The writers aren't allowed to kill anypony onscreen. So we'll likely never know for sure. But... if they really did age at, say, half the rate of a human, and only start to become elderly after over a century or more... that'd make Equestria even more idyllic than I was assuming. So... that's my new headcanon. :twilightsmile:

Celestia snuck a hoof under the table, teasing Twilight’s thigh. “Eight years…..really? That long?” She watched, delighted as Twilight’s face squirmed and twitched from the intimate contact. “I seem to remember you coming around much sooner than that, Twilight. At least, you were very disappointed to leave Canterlot.”

Always space stuff after an ellipsis, and remember that an ellipsis is three dots and no more. I would strongly suggest editing those mistakes.
But I do agree with this comment about the ending. The rest of the story was great , aside from the grammar mistakes I mentioned, but those can be fixed. The ending just kinda killed a good chunk of the mood.

Thanks so much for the feedback! I will address those ellipses, and as for the ending, I think I can make a more soft-toned feel that is more appropriate. My eyes can't always pick up the most jarring sections in my stories, but now I'm starting to see this was one of them.

You're welcome! I'd say that kind of ending would be a bit more suited for a raunchy humor/black comedy Twilestia story or deconstruction fic then the tone here, but otherwise your writing is certainly quite good. Just try and publish some of the stuff you mentioned in the A/N a bit more and you'll be sure to improve as you get feedback. If you do work out a new ending, I'd suggest blogging about it and tagging your story.

Should it be rated "teen" ?

Thanks for the fic! It was cute!

wow, they're really dumb

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