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Under many delusions.


A thousand years ago he was turning Equestria into a hotbed of mayhem.
Five years ago he was growing moss and lichen on his shoulders.
Today he's asking Celestia out on a date.

Celestia didn't know such a creature as Discord would be able to change so radically without it being part of some elaborate prank. But what's more unsettling, she didn't know she'd be able to change just as drastically. As she finds new feelings for the Master of Chaos, she begins to have doubts toward the integrity of her desires, and suspicions of her sister's possible involvement.

Cover art is titled Thoughts, by PrincessSaross

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Nice story. A rather nice arty way of scripting this story with a great ammount of attention payed to details which is always nice to read. I could have read more, but ending was rather sweet.

The attention to detail and gorgeous prose made for a lovely read.

The artist is PrincessSaros on DA.
Original image [here]

I had to bite my hand to keep myself from screaming.

hnnnnnnnnnnnn I need more of this

Ah, perfect! Thank you for finding this!

that . . . . was . . . . FANTASTIC
Such a good little story
i love it!!!!
amazing what you did there with only 3k words ^^

oooooh maaaan now i want mooooore hahahah
damn xD

The ending is so sweet.

A story with clear care in its crafting. Poetic in the sense that every word is carefully considered in its import and implications. The ambiguity regarding the extent of Luna's involvement, that of the stars, and the difference between the two adds enough layers that, combined with the sweetness and the nuts, makes for one of the richest pieces of literary baklava I've ever sunk my teeth into. Thank you for it.

It wasn’t until she closed her window at night, sealing herself from the prying glare of the stars, was she able to wake early enough for her lessons.

LOL what? Maybe Luna just came through the window? Or maybe I'm thinking too hard about this...

You did a fantastic job with that flashback, and you did an especially fantastic job of that Celestia/Discord scene. I dunno how to put my thoughts into words, but this was incredible.

Beyond the balcony shadows slid over

Beyond the balcony, shadows slid

After a time having said nothing Celestia let out her breath in one profound sigh.

having said nothing, Celestia

When Luna was banished Celestia began to realize

When Luna was banished, Celestia

This needs an editor, badly.

Beautiful story-I'm not much of a Dislestia shipper myself, though I sent it to a friend who adored it. The prose and literary poetry makes for a stunning starlit masterpiece by the end. My only complaint would be that it seems a bit short. :trollestia:

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